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Reason First: Was this Wilmington, Delaware Ex-Councilman Greedy?

by Skyler Saunders 2 years ago in investigation

What does the word greed mean to you?

Greed is good. And no, it’s not in the sense of the 1987 Oscar® award-winning film Wall Street. The speech from that movie regarding avarice remains to be one of the most monumental oratory deliveries in movie history. But it falls short. It doesn’t explain the intricacies and the profound value of what it means to be greedy. Most people confuse greed with gluttony. The difference is that the former is about production and the latter is about consumption, particularly destruction.

Former Wilmington City Council President Theo K. Gregory knows about destruction. He has demolished his entire moral structure. The Delaware Department of Justice charged Gregory with “profiteering” and official misconduct. Now, profiteering is a loaded word, too. It, like greed, is often misused. It means to make unfair profit. Unfair to whom? And for what? Because economic equality is unfair, shouldn’t everyone be a profiteer? Doesn’t this mean one who uses his or intellect to gain large amounts of money? Now, in Gregory’s case, what is meant as unfair should actually be nefarious.

Once power-hungry people like the ex-councilman seek office and obtain positions and advance to even greater levels of influence, they tend to be not selfish (yet another loaded word) but self-destructive. If the man had been truly rational and self-interested, then he would not be facing one year in prison for each of the offenses and a $2,300 fine. If he had been truly selfish he would have thought about not just the negative consequences, but the reality of living a beautiful life unhampered by suspicion and deserved guilt. It’s like a fire that could either provide light and warmth or be used to burn down private property. Gregory is accused of using the fire to scorch the lives of dozens of people.

The unreason that the man showed in his decision to be a “lying, cheating, stealing S.O.B.” (as Dr. Yaron Brook Chairman of the Ayn Rand Institute would puts it) begins in the mind. He didn’t start off as a fake and a phony and a thief. He had to devolve into a state of dishonesty in his own brain before he could try to force corruption against anyone else. This is completely unselfish. If he had thought for a moment of how ugly and despicable life would turn out to be, he would never had committed the alleged crimes. A selfish man seeks to conduct himself in a manner befitting a human being. That means that attempting to make reality a fallacy is totally off limits.

Greed means that you make, create, build and to a large extent. Those who have produced massive amounts of money more often than not are or have been thinking people who are or have been selfish and not gluttonous or dishonest or treacherous or destructive and have allowed value to enter the market place. For Delawareans, Americans, and the rest of the world, let it be known that greed is the key to life. It sustains the soul and permits a person to maximize his or her opportunities, not make excuses as to why they can’t be wealthy while others bask in cash.

For Gregory, let his case serve as an example. He embodies a small time crook who sought to be a big player in the game. His ways demonstrate that he is a disgusting instance of what it means to hold a position of power in the second smallest state in the Union. Let his misdeeds be a reminder that if you want to be a fraudster and a liar, just follow in his footsteps. But if you want to have a full, flourishing life, be selfish, be greedy, be human.


Skyler Saunders

I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster from Delaware. Investor. Objectivist for life. Instagram: @skylerized


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