Reason First: The Serial Killer Albert Fish

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This cannibal deserved his punishment.

Reason First: The Serial Killer Albert Fish

Upon the occasion of your execution you say that it would be “the supreme thrill of [your] life,” then that points to a vicious, horrific excuse for a human being. That man who said that was Albert Fish. He liked to abuse young boys and girls. This monster even ate the flesh of several children for the thrill of the meal. This sick person then committed self-harm through flogging, burning himself, and sticking metal pins through his genitals.

This is self hatred at its worst. The psychological distortion that must’ve gone on Fish’s brain must have disturbed him so that he couldn’t deal with reality. This detachment from the truth led to his vicious streak.

This brute carved up a young girl named Grace Budd. It took him over a week to devour her flesh. The unreason that led to this wicked criminality stayed in Fish’s mind. He went on to pen a letter detailing the ugly actions that Fish committed against the twelve-year-old girl. Fish also raped Grace. Law authorities followed the evidence of the letter and nabbed Fish.

Now, while Fish was brought to justice and rode the lightning, the chair malfunctioned because of the metal inserted into his body.

Sometimes, the human mind can be so sordid and distorted that a person can be so treacherous. The lack of a purpose is again at the forefront of this case. Had Fish been able to develop himself into a virtuous individual, he would not have been able to commit these crimes.

From his days of engaging in coprophilia to his meals on the flesh of the human beings he killed, Fish had been mounting more ugliness within his spirit.

He murdered a young boy for the boy’s ample posterior. His way of taking to these young people was not methodical, smart, or the workings of a mastermind. Instead, Fish was a bloody, disgusting brute who failed at life. His death signaled to other people that he was the lowest of the low. There is no room for Fish to be coddled through the years of law enforcement studying him. They should be taking this case as serious as colon cancer. There’s no room for allowing this beast to receive any shine by way of showcasing his story.

It actually took time for Fish to want to indulge on human flesh. He had to develop a taste for it. He specialized in children probably because they had no way of really fending off his advances. This coward preyed upon the weakest amongst us. The most vulnerable members of society could not fight him.

Fish represented the man who never was and could never be based on his actions. His weakness extended itself from his inability to be a real man. And not only that a righteous individual of morals, ethics, and principles.

The way that Fish went about his way of killing people under him is just a testament to how someone without guidance in life can ruin it. He had no way to demonstrate how to be a proper man. By murdering young people, Fish felt the excitement of having taken the lives of these individuals. This is like counterfeit money. He was a billionaire in the world of virtues all based on money that never was real. He played his hand by leading a bloody trail of corpses. By bypassing his moral compass, he stopped all of the opportunities to be an upright person. His devious acts should be condemned for now and forever more. Though he would not be the last to commit similar crimes, may the future see none of these acts ever take place.

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