Reason First: The Same Toxic Coin-The Manson Family Murders

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The turbulent 1960’s ended in bloody fashion in Los Angeles, California under the direction of deranged male.

Reason First: The Same Toxic Coin-The Manson Family Murders

Charles Milles Manson died on November 19, 2017. This ugly emotionalist headed the Manson Family who brutally murdered nine people in the late 1960’s.

What few report in the annals of magazines, books, radio interviews, television programs, and movies is the idea that Manson wanted to engender a race war.

This war would have consisted of blacks combating whites and the melanin deprived factions losing to the more physical blacks. The blacks would then take over the halls of government and render the United States a black country.

Manson wished to have the blacks as too incompetent to run a government and that’s when the Manson Family would take over. Manson actually believed this vicious ideal so much that he unleashed dirty-brained people to do his worst for him. He felt that the distinction between white and black remained the intellect. This racist assertion marked him as mentally unclean and his killer mindset led to his ultimate life sentence.

The designs to initiate a race war became worse when the murderers under Manson scrawled “Death to Pigs” on the walls of the home of one of the murder victims, Leno LaBianca, in his own blood.

The sick-minded, Jesus figure in Manson clashed in his own Family when Charles “Tex” Watson declared to murder victim Wojciech “Voytek” Frykowski, “I’m the devil. I’m here to do the devil’s business.” This contrast between the two figures actually represented two sides of the same toxic coin. For Manson to say that he was Jesus was a spit in the face to believers and atheists alike. Believers have the highest regard for Jesus in terms of their salvation and atheists view Jesus as a life-hater, but not a murderer. The devil shouldn’t be reviled but the idea of Lucifer should be like a Prometheus figure in Christian mythology.

This war among the races has arisen through flare ups with white police clashing with men and women of color in the streets. Every time that there seems to be a case where the race war seems to be at hand, reason comes into focus.

So, Manson’s predictions have largely been bunk. His irrationality permeated through the decades. His utter incoherence and nonsense up until his death displayed a deranged, murderous, no-wit who wanted destruction for the sake of destruction.

The Family represented the scores of incidents where blacks have been blamed for vicious acts. The hippie culture and collectivist practices all contributed to messy scenes of unthinking and emotionalism.

The murders of these innocent people had nothing to do with Manson’s nefarious ideas. His ideation to speed up the day for a battle against black and white only stayed in his rotten skull.

His take on the idea that blacks lacked the intelligence to govern a country was blasted away with the election of Barack Obama. The inactive president had some serious flaws in judgment and governing a country but he was not inept, just immoral.

But Obama, as president, wasn’t immoral to the point of extreme and distorted virtues like Manson. This low-down excuse for a human being remained a fixture for all things, despicable, disgusting, and bloodily bizarre.

Manson’s obsession with all of the racial tension of that period of the 1960’s motivated him to continue to advocate for battles in the street based on melanin and hair texture. He wanted to see the warfare explode in the streets where he would ascend to be the leader of the nation. Thankfully, rationality prevails if given a chance.

The unrest that is going on today in the streets is mainly against police brutality, black white or whatever, even if it is misguided. The destruction of private property is of course insidious. But the unity of police and citizens is what Manson would have possessed rancor for in regard to such actions.

The Manson Family Murders will forever stain the tumultuous 1960’s. But as long as people fight for reason and individualism, thought and peace will always rule the day.

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