Reason First: The Power of Snitching Part II

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What does it take for you to become a snitch?

Reason First: The Power of Snitching Part II

The tiny First State has big problems. While Delaware Online reports that the number of shootings and victims and deaths has been down since the year 2017, it is still a major concern for law enforcement officials. One woman and three men received rounds just before the weekend in the State of Delaware. There are no suspects in any of the cases. This is why snitching is so crucial. Somebody knows something. There is no way that exactly zero individuals saw nothing. The power of snitching should lead these people to aid the police in doing a job that entails the most legitimacy. They’re not concerned with drugs. They’re not concerned with violating rights-respecting individuals. The police are trying to do their job that is completely in line with rights.

For change to come about in the state of Delaware, it would mean that the laws would have to be changed. A greater hold on criminals and the penalties that they face ought to be at the forefront of lawmakers’ minds. Though the numbers may seem small, that is still someone’s son or daughter, nephew or niece, cousin or friend, that had their right to life stripped from them. If there is supposed to be peace and order in the streets of Delaware’s most populous city and the state’s capital, Dover, then the focus ought to be placed on the idea of seeing something, saying something, and allowing the police to do something.

All of those vicious phrases like “snitches get stitches” only apply until someone’s relative is gunned down in a hail of bullets. Then, they might change their tune to consider the fact that criminals commit irrational acts. The more that people keep mum about the lost lives of their friends and neighbors, the more that this emboldens criminals. Those who perpetrate the heinous acts find it easier for them as they know that that horrific ideology about informing on people still stands in most neighborhoods.

In such a small state as Delaware, it is crucial to inspect why these shootings occur in the first place. Criminals enjoy not being caught so much that they will just go out of their way and mow down anyone for the thrill. They get a rush from the idea that the no snitching feeling hovers in most people’s conscious like a spectre. Even with rewards of cash money and other perks, folks still reject the notion of informing on vicious and wicked people. Now, there is understanding of retribution for speaking to police. That’s undeniable. But the fact that most police departments allow the snitch to remain anonymous is beneficial.

Just imagine the thousands of homicides that have been committed ever since the state of Delaware formed. How many of those unsolved cases could have been closed if someone, somewhere had spoken? The latest victims remain the glaring disparity between private citizens and law enforcement. If people trusted police to not be dirty and carry out justice, then there would be a groundswell of support of the shield. However, the day has not come yet for people to fully recognize that the “men and women in blue are friends to you.”

Lasting struggles over the power which the gun and badge have in the thoughts of the citizens of places like Wilmington and Dover have people on high alert. The mistrust, still, is misplaced. There are far fewer corrupt cops and agents than there are scum who wear a uniform. The sentries of peace and justice ought to be respected for their good deeds and reprimanded for their vices just like any United States citizen. Except, the law holds officers to a higher standard because of the power that they wield. Private citizens ought to still be vigilant and ready to drop a dime, spill the beans or their guts, whatever cliché is appropriate to delivering the culprits up on charges.

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