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Reason First: Part II of the Charles Cohen Murder Story

by Skyler Saunders 2 years ago in guilty
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The story deepens as Cohen becomes a druggy on the devil’s candy.

It has been said before...cocaine is a hell of a drug. Now, obtaining it and using it doesn’t mean that every user has or will brutally murder their own parents like Cohen did in Hockessin, Delaware. But this did mean that Charlie Cohen would do just that after the misdeed had been committed. He damn near decapitated his mother upon inflicting so much damage on her with the pocket knife that he used on his father, as well. After knocking both his father and mother, respectively, over the head with a ten pound dumbbell, Cohen started stabbing them both as life escaped from their bodies. Not for a moment did he show any remorse or a compassion or guilt to the very people who loved and cared for him. He reversed the saying to read, “you brought me into this world, and I’ll take you out of it.”

His brazen, scatterbrained approach to taking his parents’ lives only shows a young man given too many tries to make something of himself. As innocuous, if unusual, as attending five colleges in six years appears to be, for Cohen this might have been some sort of way of saying that he needed more stability. Any young person already an adult should be able to make decisions that enhance life, not destroy it. The time that he had planned out these murders could’ve been consumed with perfecting his artistic skills. Alas, he dropped the pen and brush and picked up the dumbbell and the knife and did his worst.

The ransacked house and drug deal gone wrong

After committing the premeditated murders in the first degree, Cohen then searched the house for money, jewelry, and other items that might have had some value on the street. He headed over to a Newark apartment in a Nissan where he knew a cocaine dealer. The pusher didn’t have the right amount of drugs to satisfy Cohen’s jonesing for the white stuff. So, they ventured to Chester, Pennsylvania where the drug deal went bad. Cohen then returned to Hockessin and snorted and freebased the substance with what little supply that he possessed.

He tried to sell one of the family cars, the Nissan, but the dealer switched up on him and floored the car away before Cohen could make a sale.

Throughout all of this, Cohen had the presence of mind to do lines with his murdered parents by his hand, still upstairs. Though rattled by what he had just committed, the drug helped to relieve some of the anxiety he had been experiencing. This revelation tells the heights of cocaine use during the mid to late 1980’s in America and the world. Cohen certainly fit into this picture if only in a vicious way.

How the escape came about

Cohen took it upon himself to use the Ford LTD, the other family car, as his getaway vehicle. By not having his mother’s purse money or his father’s wallet, he was in a sort of bind. Rather than wait for the authorities or neighbors to come looking for his parents that he murdered, he took the LTD and traveled to Los Angeles where the attendants had impounded the car. Through duplicity, Cohen appeared as if he should reclaim ownership of the car in front of one of them. He was granted the opportunity. Once again, Cohen evaded capture through tricknology.

This underhandedness should have been spotted before Cohen murdered his parents. The LTD then showed up in San Francisco. Were there no signals or indications that he could commit such heinous crimes? Despite all of such queries, Cohen is being punished for his wickedness. Prisons take in contraband, too. Has he had the chance to do any cocaine lately?

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Skyler Saunders

I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster from Delaware. Investor. Objectivist for life. Instagram: @skylerized


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