Reason First: Only Individualism can Save MS-13 Members

How can egoism rescue a gang member?

Reason First: Only Individualism can Save MS-13 Members

Speculation about whether women cause wars has been thrown around for millenia. Each instance where it would seem like a lady sparked a combat action is shrouded in mystery, even fallacy. But for the MS-13 and 18th Street Gang, like other rivalries, a female may have been the catalyst for the two warring factions.

According to former member Gerardo Lopez, he proclaims allegedly that the street gangs waged battles because of some above age teenage girl. This is precisely why these gangs ought to come to a stop. Whether it’s a smudged sneaker, a few choice words, or a malicious glance, gang members will find some way to draw bad blood against rivals. Like monsters devouring anything and everything in their path, so do these gangsters mow down people over the most trifling of things.

A fling on both sides of the gang divide led to the start of physical force? That’s appalling. The antidote to all of this is of course individualism. The tribal, collective nature of gangs ought to turn off any egoist who will shun the practice altogether. But these are mostly young kids being recruited who have no sense or little idea what selfishness truly means. It means not jumping over people to slash throats to get your ends nor allowing others to stab you in the back. It means asserting oneself by using one’s mind to create and seek out values. With the energy and primitive organizational skills exhibited by gangs, that same amount of effort could be purposed for build companies. 501(c)(3) organizations and corporations and the military would clamor for the young men and women who join these preposterous cliques. Instead of focusing on bloodshed and exacting revenge on rival groups, they should drop collectivism. By establishing themselves as individuals with a purpose, they might be able to fix their lives which in a gang may be “ugly, brutish, and short.”

Whether it’s over a woman or not should matter little. So, a young female allegedly two timed once “peaceful” gangs and caused the downfall of members on both is this rational? These hellions with no sense of direction and no sense of self yearn to be a part of the group. A thoughtful collection of individuals is the answer to their inevitable plight of either jail or an early grave. Ex-members like Gerardo are sadly and gladly dually the exception. It's sad because so few escape the clutches of their gang lives but it’s a good thing that Gerardo found a way out of “the life.”

How ironic that people call the Mafia and gangs the life. It’s probably because they’re supposed to be attached to the gangs for life. But the individualism ought to be instilled in these men and women and once achieve rational self-interest, laurels should be placed on their heads. By acting as individuals they will be performing as human beings with a penchant for knowing how to take their street mentality into boardrooms. Unity, cooperation, and above all selfishness will guide anyone who wishes to cease committing crimes.

Anarchy rules these groups. By not being involved in the police system, they run the risk of creating chaos with their every move. With individualism, these youngsters and the original gangsters alike will possess the power to overcome the group. They will be enabled to break the chains of collectivism and bask in the radiance of the self. For every man, woman, or child that has been negatively impacted by a gang, it is to their benefit to end all gangs all over the globe. Whether someone lost a mother or auntie or brother or cousin to gang activity, it is important to stress just how rewarding being an individualist can be.

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