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Reason First: Killer Charles Cohen Just Wanted Some Chicken

by Skyler Saunders 2 years ago in guilty
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Delaware Online has revisited a grisly tale to highlight one of the state’s most infamous cases.

This white boy murdered his parents over thirty years ago in Hockessin, Delaware. The cops let him sit up and enjoy a bucket of fried chicken and a drink of soda. Would the same treatment be given to a person of color? There’s no such thing as white privilege but there is such a thing as racism. Did the cops not see this or did they just want to make Charles Cohen, who is now serving a life sentence in Vaughn Correctional Center in Smyrna, Delaware comfortable and as the article states, not reach out for an attorney? The News Journal has picked up the story again to highlight the wicked details of three murders. Charles Cohen had also murdered a man named Conrad Lutz.

All of this points to a man who planned out his murders and carried out his evil deeds. Cohen represents the spoiled suburban brat that couldn’t leave it at that. He felt compelled to leave a blood trail. His father, a mental health doctor and his mother, a disabled former Broadway actress provided a beautiful life for the vicious Charles Cohen. Much like Hitler but of course on an extremely miniscule scale by comparison, Charles Cohen failed at art. Whether this is a sign of impending psychological doom is for pencil pushers to conjecture. Maybe it’s just coincidence.

But the ideology is the same: both men served no purpose. Whether it’s massive genocide or three meticulously planned murders, they share the idea that the purposeless man is the most dangerous. They have little to look forward to other than destruction.

Charles Cohen tried to involve himself in bands and showed interest in women. However, his romantic relationships soured and he never got the chance to fully assert himself as a musician. It was not hate but evil that drove him to commit parricide and an isolated murder against Mr. Lutz.

The seconds, minutes, and hours since Charles Cohen bludgeoned and stabbed to death Martin and Ethel Cohen have passed. Among “America’s Most Wanted,” Cohen eluded police for over a year. This time away from being caught by law enforcement may have been planned as well. Maybe Cohen wanted to bring some sick, twisted shine to the state of Delaware.

Psychiatrists and a psychologist diagnosed Cohen with paranoid schizophrenia and depression. Now, this does not mean that everyone with these conditions will go on a murderous route which would include striking down his or her own parents. Rather, Cohen just wanted to assert his position and to show that he could rule over other human lives. He wanted to demonstrate that his lethal intentions could be made manifest. His thinking was to annihilate the very people who gave him life and another man whom he could take out of existence, as well.

Charles Cohen’s no mastermind. No murderer is. He just saw an opportunity to disrupt the normal way of things and seized it. Instead of dedicating himself to a profession or a hobby, he made it his feelings to extinguish three life forces. He wanted, for the moment, to assume a position of authority over these three lives. He knew that he would be locked up behind bars for the remainder of his life. That’s not the point. He couldn’t dare approach the charisma and charm of Ted Bundy. He even lacked the controlled sloppiness of John Wayne Gacy. And of course (gladly) he didn’t post numbers like these serial murderers. Cohen’s modus operandi remained to confine his slayings to those closest to him and an unfortunate man who became a part of his malevolence.

As the story is revisited, be prepared for a young male who couldn’t deal with reality so he cancelled it for his parents and Mr. Lutz. He is not to be venerated or celebrated but studied like material for a test.


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Skyler Saunders

I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster from Delaware. Investor. Objectivist for life. Instagram: @skylerized


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