Reason First: Is Target Practice Worth Going to Prison?

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Detroit rapper 42 Dugg remains in custody for felony firearm possession.

Reason First: Is Target Practice Worth Going to Prison?

Life is but a series of choices. These decisions we make ought to be based on logic and reason and experienced through our emotions. Sometimes we think about what we do. At other times, we fail at that effort.

Detroit rapper 42 Dugg has failed. He has been held without bond for a firearms charge which placed him at a firing range. Being found at a range would be all well and good except that 42 Dugg became a convicted felon for possessing unlawful weapons and carjacking in 2010. These serious crimes speak of a twenty-five-year-old who is still trying to figure things out for himself. So far, he’s been on the wrong side of what is legal and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Stemming from the November 8, 2019 Stoddard’s Range and Guns site in Atlanta, a surveillance camera eyed 42 Dugg holding, packing, and shooting a 9 mm Glock pistol. Why does common sense usually have to be uncommon? Wouldn’t someone in 42 Dugg’s camp be willing to stop the young man from committing a crime? Whatever the case, 42 Dugg represents the “do what you feel like” generation.

Instead of evaluating facts and what could possibly take place, young people like 42 Dugg evade reality. Whether it’s from lean and marijuana or a sober mind that never truly developed in the sense of morals, ethics, and values, youth today seem to be in perpetual peril. Often, they bring it upon themselves. 42 Dugg should be forced by the judge to do hard time and in the process show other young folks that there are consequences to their every action.

To be on the rise and allow knuckleheaded choices to curtail his ascension is what may be the saddest part of this case. Rather than focusing on his musical career, finding romantic relationships, and studying the game, 42 Dugg could be sentenced to time on lock down now. This all could have been avoided had Dugg only thought about his actions and the future. What would possess a twenty something to possess firearms as a felon? Why would he go to a range with eyewitnesses and eyes in the sky watching his every move?

The rappers today who run afoul of the law deserve their punishment, oftentimes. By engaging in behavior that would warrant time locked in a cell, it is the role of the government to employ coercion when these kinds of crimes occur. 42 Dugg should be grateful to law enforcement agents who could’ve shot him at the range. He is a felon who could’ve chosen to open fire on the officers. Instead, Dugg appeared in court to say very few words to the judge.

Dugg did his dirt in Atlanta. The alleged mecca of African America and a relatively high crime area, Dugg had two things against him: being black at a gun range and living as a convicted felon. He should be concerned with the amount of dollars he will be missing while still in custody. A scheduled appearance at a concert in Detroit with the likes of Yo Gotti, DaBaby, and Kash Doll now is in question as Dugg faces more legal proceedings.

If this young man is to mature, he needs to know his boundaries. If he’s a felon, it would be wise to stay away from firearms. If he seeks fame and the road to riches and diamond rings, Dugg should take stock of the man that he his and ought to be. His drive should be on continuing to be a producer who builds, makes, and creates. He should banish all thoughts of crimes and hone in on self-improvement.

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