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Reason First: Is B Will His Brother, Big Daddy Yum Yum’s, Keeper or Shooter?

by Skyler Saunders about a year ago in incarceration

Rapper B Wills sits in jail because his brother was supposedly, “talking to loud.” What really happened?

Aggravated second-degree battery was the case that they gave him. Rapper Brian Alexander “B Will” Wilcott shot his professional wrestler brother Byron “Big Daddy Yum Yum” Wilcott for allegedly “talking too loud.” Talk about sibling rivalry. The brother’s voice got too high apparently so B Will had to grab his gat and get to blasting. Big Daddy Yum Yum is recovering from non-life threatening injuries to his abdomen, thigh and wrist.

Is this how they do it in the Pelican State? Does raising the volume of one’s voice warrant being shot at by your own flesh and blood? In mythology, Cain killed his brother Abel. That story could’ve easily mirrored this tale had Big Daddy Yum Yum succumbed to his wounds. Fortunately for B Will, he has escaped being charged with murder. But the crime is still rather serious. To lift a gun to your own brother takes anger problems. Rapper Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter shot his crack-addled brother in the shoulder over a stolen piece of jewelry. Is this a common thread or just isolated incidents that occur not too often?

B Will emoted when he felt that Big Daddy Yum Yum was mouthing off too audibly. Instead of employing reason, he used his emotions to satisfy his distaste for his siblings elevated voice.

By not paying attention to rationality, B Will lost control of his mind and opened fire. Big Daddy Yum Yum had no recourse in the barrage or rounds issued from B Will’s firearm. In fact, when he told the police what happened, he said that he was struck outside of his doorway and did not know who struck him. An investigation later found B Will to be responsible.

The utter disregard for logic and reason stick out in this case. Law enforcement might find something more to it than the fact that the survivor spoke “too loudly.” There’s most likely something more, something hidden behind the facade of just increased volume. But this is all speculation. In reality, B Will should be tried and sentenced for aiming and opening fire on his older brother. This is feelings on steroids. Rather than to discuss, persuade, and reason with Big Daddy Yum Yum, B Will chose to shoot his emotions out of that gun. He could have just told his brother to “keep it down” “be quiet” or “shhh’d” him. He bypassed all of those options and headed straight for his pistol.

With little to go on, B Will made a mockery of being a gun owner. Firearms are supposed to be for self-defense, chiefly. They are not intended to solve arguments and minor disputes. They can be used for hunting and target practice but B Will showed that they can be misused as well. His own brother felt the hot lead enter his body like searing needles slicing through his person. Big Daddy Yum Yum’s protection over his younger brother shows how he figured it was valiant to protect B Will. This act of fidelity to family is at the root, vicious altruism. Had Big Daddy Yum Yum been selfish, he would’ve pointed to his brother without pause. In place of self-interest, he chose to be selfless and attempted to keep his brother out of the clutches of the law. Not only was this immoral, it obviously didn’t work.

B Will currently sits in a jail cell for his crime. If there is nothing more to the case, and if he is found guilty, B Will will have to remember for the rest of his days that he shot his brother over something so trifling. His bond was set at $500,000 but his consciousness must have be at a negative right now.

Skyler Saunders
Skyler Saunders
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Skyler Saunders

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