Reason First: How Can a Cough Lead to an Arrest?

A female finds herself on the wrong side of the law over an unprotected tickle in the throat.

Reason First: How Can a Cough Lead to an Arrest?

In these times where hand washing, sanitizing, and covering coughs and sneezes in the crook of the arm have become more important than ever, a woman in Hanover, Pennsylvania felt the need to cough on produce. Whether she contracted the COVID-19 disease or not, law enforcement stepped in and arrested the woman on several charges.

The 35-year-old suspect is accused of coughing on $35,000 worth of product at the Gerrity Supermarket. To go against thought and go on a whim as a prank or as a threat or whatever is truly vicious. Never mind for a moment about all the wasted food and the bill. Those are extremely significant aspects of this case. However, the fact that this female failed to think is the most crucial part of the whole affair.

Because she never took the time to actually consider not others but herself, she should be punished to the fullest extent that the law allows. Her irrationality could’ve cost the health and even lives of others, not to mention that it was a rude and crude gesture. Whether she has the novel coronavirus or not makes no difference. She willingly expelled her own bacteria (and potential virus) on the foodstuff. Her unreason could have led to the illness or death of scores of shoppers had not employees escorted her out of the building. This filthy female lost all control of thinking. She lowered herself to that of a brute. She was the opposite of a rational person. She chose to go against reason. Her entire focus was on throwing caution to the depths of Hades as she went about like a terror in the streets.

For her thoughtlessness against her own mind and almost against the bodies of others, this female should be condemned for her lack of couth and receive years in prison for this crime. What makes this story the most appalling is the fact that it all could’ve been prevented. Had this person enough maturity at her age to refrain from committing this act of selflessness, then there would’ve been no issue.

There are far too many ways that this woman could have devoted herself to herself. She could have stocked up on cleaning supplies, tissues, and fresh food. She could’ve organized a network of other individuals to combat the spread of COVID-19 in her neighborhood. These rational, selfish actions seem to have never crossed her mind. The female possessed the chance to bring awareness to other people while protecting herself. No, she did none of these things. Instead, she cost a grocery store tens of thousands of dollars in produce and made an entire whim-worshipper out of herself. For kicks, she emoted and couldn’t face reality. So, what happens when someone doesn’t face reality? Either moral censure or criminal charges occur. In this case, it appears that both outcomes have come to pass.

The co-owner of the store, Joe Fasula, wrote an excellent letter to his personnel and clients. Like his employees that forced the female out of the store, he is a hero. As a co-captain of industry, he selfishly commanded his troops to stay ever vigilant on this jagged cliff we call current existence. His poise and directness found in his letter exemplify a man of principle and morality. He has the money-making mentality. His ego has driven him to protect himself and his values. With just a few words, Mr. Fasula has shown himself to be the shining light of reason amidst a sea of cowardice and destruction. He is the prime mover that will lift his business from these uncertain times into a place of assuredness.

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