Reason First: Florida man is released from prison, commits serious crimes

by SKYLERIZED about a month ago in incarceration

How could anyone ruin a get out of jail free card?

Reason First: Florida man is released from prison, commits serious crimes

When you’ve done dirt and you’re about to get cleaned and splash back in the mud, you deserve every shackle and fetter than can lock down your liberty. 26-year-old Joseph Williams tasted the sweet strands of freedom in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. As an inmate brought into custody for drug charges, Williams was let loose like a bull in a rodeo back out in the world...where he allegedly committed second-degree murder with a pistol, rifle, or shotgun.

To be released from prison and commit vicious crimes is a testament to the “Florida Man” mentality. He will lie. He will cheat. He will kill. He may even feast upon the face of a rival or any passerby. In Williams’ case he seems to be of unsound mind. If he had a shred of rationality he would have taken the opportunity to better his life. He could have bought a laptop and some recording equipment and started his own podcast. He could have begun a series of business classes to help him rinse the drug money that he allegedly accumulated.

Instead, Williams chose none of this. It is a slap in the face to the correctional facility that released him. He didn’t commit heinous crimes to get into prison. So he had some heroin and a few materials related to the substance, where’s the fire? Now Williams is going down in flames, as he should. He received the chance to set his life straight and then he turned around and actually committed grave offenses.

Williams is just another example of someone not manipulated by the system or the product of a rough background. Plenty of people rise up from their environment to achieve amazing things without having to go down a path like Williams.’ He is the result of his own failure to think and to reason with others. He set himself up for disaster.

What is his mindstate right now? What are the synapses firing in his head telling him to think at this very moment? If anything, his mind should be reeling at the fact that he possessed a lust for whim-worship. He thought on the range of the moment with no positive short-term or long-term goals to speak of at all.

And what about the novel coronavirus? Will Williams fall victim to the illness? Whatever pain should be his own. If he catches it, may it stop with him and not someone locked up for minor crimes. He should suffer for his evil deeds. The people that set him free had a good sense of what they expected of Williams. For him to go against the outline for him to keep his nose clean and act as a rational individual is a sign that Williams might not have a firm grasp on reality.

He has apparently let his mind drift. In place of critical thinking, he has led a life of depravity and disgrace. This “Florida Man” is a prime example of a savage who wouldn’t know a good thing if it tapped him on the shoulder. His rights to life and property are the only things he has going for him, again. With the advent of the prison systems allowing low-level offenders out on the neighborhoods and their homes because of COVID-19, will they think again? Williams represents the wicked male who cannot be given the sweetness of freedom. He should spend the rest of his days in bitterness behind bars. He should be able to experience the bare minimum of existence. He should toil for pennies and be forced to complete various tasks around the prison for little or no reward.

Williams did his worst. But if he is good behind the wall, he’ll receive air conditioning in the summer, heat in the winter (if it ever gets cold in Florida), and correspondence courses. All of this could have occurred under liberty. Alas.

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