Reason First: Did Chief Keef Deserve to be Arrested?

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Why was Chief Keef arrested in Mexico?

Reason First: Did Chief Keef Deserve to be Arrested?

When rappers travel outside of the United States, things can get dicey. Snoop Dogg, for instance, was for a time banned from Heathrow Airport in London. The ban has since been lifted. Now, with Chief Keef’s cuffs locked on wrists in Mexico, it appears that the hip hop star has seen the wheels of justice spin out of his favor.

So, what is it with some rappers that feel that they can cross the border and behave in a manner which would lead to an arrest or worse? Maybe there should be a special of Locked Up Abroad which features only rappers. Whether it’s guns, drugs, or paraphernalia, the show should focus on these numbskulls who think that it’s cool to carry contraband or brawl or otherwise cause mayhem outside of the States.

Chief Keef’s arrest signifies the kind of treatment that rappers, specifically, black rappers have experienced over the decades. Whatever sparked the reasoning in the minds of border patrol officials, it must’ve been something serious for the steel bracelets to be used against Keef. This should serve as a reminder to him and other rappers that no games will be played while venturing out of America. They can try all that dealing and smoking and robbing and shooting and killing on American soil in places like Chief Keef’s hometown of Chicago, but the international authorities refuse to have it.

This is not to imply that Chief involved himself in all of these activities above, but there must have been some reason for agents to bring Chief Keef into custody. Speculation might serve someone. If he is found guilty on whatever charges that the country of Mexico presents before a judge, Chief Keef might have to kiss his chances of reentering the Neighbor to the South any time soon...or ever.

What can be learned from all of this? Hip hop artists ought to take care to leave the pistols and rifles at home as well as the marijuana and codeine. They should be ever vigilant and respectful of the courtesies and customs of a foreign land while going through customs. Rappers should use reason in their every action, especially at the gates to the country that they plan on entering. In order to ensure that an arrest never goes viral ever again, rappers’ teams, camps, and crews ought to secure weapons and drugs (if legal) in the United States.

Or maybe all of this was just a precaution against the coronavirus. Maybe the border patrol grew concerned about an alleged sneeze or cough that Keef may have issued. It’s possible that the rapper could’ve refused a test from the authorities and tried to break free from their hold.

Or it could just be Sosa’s long list of running afoul of the law in the US. Everything from unlawful gun possession to home invasions to a DUI, officers must’ve been on high alert. Chief Keef probably didn’t help matters either by not cooperating.

With a rap sheet as long as his, the rapper should be walking on a tightrope when it comes to law enforcement at home and abroad. If it is necessary, Chief Keef should undergo classes to deter him from a life of crime. His focus should be on career and romantic relationships. All that he has to do is face his demons in a way that would benefit himself. He should use rationality and selfishness to guide his every move. Instead of extending his list of run-ins with the law, Chief Keef should take hold of the reins of his life. He should be upfront and honest about everything. Maybe that will allow him to be able to go about the world worry-free and out of cuffs.

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