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Reason First: Delaware man shot by police, shifts focus away from COVID-19

by Skyler Saunders 2 years ago in investigation
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What are the boys and girls in blue to do?

If it takes a shooting of a man by a cop to divert focus away from the novel coronavirus, then maybe officers should train their sights on malicious individuals. Police ought to be achieving the peace from suspects just to keep their minds off of the virus. In Wilmington, Delaware, police fired at and struck a man in a suspicious vehicle at midnight on Sunday. After the officer shot the 21-year-old man, police administered first aid until paramedics rushed him to the hospital where he remained in stable condition.

It’s better that those on the frontlines treat bullet wounds instead of COVID-19 cases. The man who received shots should be glad that he has his life. The police officer that fired at the young man should receive recognition for drawing attention away from our “Brave New World.”

What was the man doing in his vehicle at midnight on Resurrection Sunday? How could he just sit there with the vehicle running? The officer performed their role as a professional and shot first and asked questions last. They all should be promoted. Every one of them involved in the shooting especially the one who discharged the firearm should be lauded and applauded.

While the majority of Delawareans and the rest of America and parts of the world stay shuttered behind the walls of their homes, police must still deal with the savages in the streets. Their ability to brave the mean streets of Killmington, Hellaware is a part of their work. It is important for anyone thinking of running afoul of the law to think twice.

Cops should make it their prerogative to neutralize threats that rise against innocents. They should practice safety measures that further the lives of officers. The more gun powder expelled from pistols of those trained at the police academy should be the result of gunning down someone who is up to no good.

Because of the way the world is now, cops have to be ever vigilant over the neighborhoods of Wilminton. People could cough or sneeze in their general direction. This should not be. If anyone should even feel the urge to sneeze, a cop should bring justice to the situation.

It is too dangerous out here in these streets for officers to take a chance on a young person who could be holding a gun or worse, COVID-19.

Cops should especially be the ones wearing PPE to guard themselves from the scoundrels of the city. Who knows? This young man could have contracted the virus and sought to spread it among the officers. The fact that he was sitting in this vehicle paints a portrait of someone who remained idle. Was he going to the supermarket at this hour, or did he have nefarious dealings in which to take part?

If the cop felt compelled to shoot this shady individual, he or she must've had good reason. He felt that his life was in danger. And a round to the body of the young man seemed to be the answer to that problem. Officers did extract a firearm from the suspect. See? that gun could’ve been used on police officers. That’s why cops should dump the steel into whomever presents themselves as a suspect.

This of course should not mean shooting people at random. a little old lady on the block who presents no harm to anyone should not be targeted. It’s the monsters in the neighborhood who make for living conditions to be hostile. It is up to the boys and girls in blue to ensure that the people of Wilmington feel safe in their own part of the world. May more officers shoot suspects in the name of preserving order, respect, and peace.


About the author

Skyler Saunders

I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster from Delaware. Investor. Objectivist for life. Instagram: @skylerized


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