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Reason First: Cop Hater Gets Caught

by Skyler Saunders 2 years ago in fact or fiction
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How the cops tracked down a maniac and nabbed him.

Irony wrapped in sarcasm and delivered on a bed of a twisted sense of an enigma fueled the details of this story. Aaron Swenson planned to go on a cop hunt. His misplaced hatred for the shield yielded him charges including terroristic threats against a police officer. The 36-year-old is associated with a group called “Boogaloo Boys.” This name stems from an Internet meme that slaps on the word “Boogaloo” to anything that ought to have a sequel. In this case, the second in a series according to these “Boys” is the American Civil War. It’s also a reference to the film Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo.

This far right-wing group has designs to track down and harm officers of the law. This is so heinous that the perpetrator in question, Swenson, should see decades behind bars. The man even led the cops on a high speed chase before he eventually saw capture.

What all of this spells out is the irrationality of the individual. Swenson possesses a low esteem for the very people that have sworn to protect him and whatever property he owns. To go against law enforcement shows a feeble mind and a weakness of character. Swenson represents the vicious gangs of numbskulls who prey upon the people that step on the frontlines to protect their individual rights.

Swensen shows how the extent of a person’s will to do evil is exacerbated by the lack of thinking that goes into their actions. So Swenson wants to have a second Civil War? Maybe his cronies still on the outside could do like George Carlin said and reenact key battle scenes with live ammunition.

The crux of this wicked man is his complete disregard for the letter of the law. Without respecting the legal system, he placed himself in shady territory. He used Facebook live to rush a cop and to take his or her life. Now how many brain cells had to be knocked off in Swenson head before he concocted such an evil scheme? Texas police easily located this monster and apprehended him. As a measure of the stupidity of such a person, Swenson never for a moment considered that he might be discovered with all the technological capacity that law enforcement agencies possess. It’s either that or he didn’t care.

Police officers remain the vanguards for preserving peace and order in the streets. Swenson is just one in a long line of scumbags that fails to embrace life. Instead of being a rational, selfish individual, Swenson's disrespect for boys and girls in blue led him to commit not only crimes but acts of immorality. His twisted ideas led to actions that can only be described as malevolent. Every ounce of his puny being he dedicated to trying to hurt or harm a policeman or woman. Never for a moment did he stop to think, “maybe this is a bad idea.”

In his spiral downward, he held onto his notions of a second Civil War. He gassed himself to wonder what one would look like had it been played out in real life. The complete lack of thought that is involved in Swenson permitted cops to run down on him. His mind, as corroded as it might be must be understood from an objective perspective. Because he could not strike out as an individual possessing his own ideas or adopting rational ones, he chose to follow a collective. This decision brought him to this low point.

So what now? As the charges seem to be able to stick, Swenson won’t have to worry about attacking any members of the police. He should rot in a cell in prison. And the cops should remain ever vigilant against Swenson’s ilk.

fact or fiction

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Skyler Saunders

I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster from Delaware. Investor. Objectivist for life. Instagram: @skylerized


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