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Reason First: A Damned Man- Timothy McVeigh

by Skyler Saunders about a year ago in guilty

How could McVeigh had avoided his fate?

Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum

What more can be said about the deadliest terrorist attack against America carried out by an American citizen? Objectivity. One must hold Timothy McVeigh alongside some of the worst figures in modern day history. His selfless, self-destruction led to the demise of 168 people, 19 of them children.

The task is to look at the “why?” more so than the “what?” and “how?” McVeigh had become disenchanted with The United States following his stint in the armed services where he served in the Gulf War. What also fueled his evil remained the botched job at Waco Siege. His mindstate had become warped as a result of swallowing anti-American rhetoric and building up a stash of explosives and employing a large truck full of them as well as fuel.

His hatred gave way to wickedness. The brain which must have housed a spark of creativity and joy quickly spiraled into devastation and horror in the span of a few years.

McVeigh’s accomplice, Terry Nichols just aided McVeigh in committing this heinous crime. He received life imprisonment for voluntary manslaughter and conspiracy. Nichols laid on a gurney and experienced the chemical solution of death enter his veins on June 11, 2001.

Unselfishness and irrationalism worked in tandem in this case. McVeigh didn’t value his own life much less the lives of others. Had he been a rationally self-interested individual, he would have ceased his waywardness and looked to projects that promote productivity and prosperity.

Had he thought about the harm that he would do not to just the people in the blast zone but his own mind, he may have never concocted a scheme to murder scores of people.

With his disturbing way of going about things, it is no wonder that he received capital punishment. It was another example of clear and unquestionable death to someone so ugly in his soul. The might of the State came down on McVeigh with its most humane way of executing a person.

Already dead in his head, McVeigh showed that he was a despicable person through his actions. His body just needed to expire. His way of confronting reality was to smash, demolish, and set things asunder.

All of this stems from ideation. Mcveigh had the idea that he would kill and hurt people who he never knew. He wished to use these ideas to continue to reign terror on the people of Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. His nastiness should always be studied and taken into consideration for his sick actions and disgusting mind. Forever will he be known as the vicious killer of men, women and children.

McVeigh’s subjective way of viewing existence allowed him to devise the nightmare scenario that played out on that April morning. How could all of this have been prevented? If McVeigh had analyzed his placement in America and how wonderful this country is. Again, he had to have a shred of regard for the US for joining the US Army. But at the same time, and apparently, he must have just used the tactics that he learned to disrupt and destroy lives in the homeland.

With the power of selfishness and rationality coupled together, Mcveigh would have been a model veteran who would have had the entire world opened up to him. His paranoia could have been remedied. Whatever the case, lives were snuffed out in disastrous fashion.

To prevent such events from happening, it’s important to instill in individuals to be individualistic. With the primacy of the individual at the forefront, such acts would never occur. There would be no evil Timothy McVeighs. Such figures would use their minds to protect a country rather than commit atrocities on American soil. The Global War On Terrorism definitely could have included the Ku Klux Klan and McVeigh among other terroirst groups homegrown in the USA.

Skyler Saunders
Skyler Saunders
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Skyler Saunders

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