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Ray Mirra Wife

by Ray Mirra Online 7 months ago in guilty
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You’re probably wondering why in the world would somebody give their child a lethal dose of pills and poison them.

A man that Ray Mirra Wife encountered she walked into the Santa Barbara Airport and there he was. She had never seen him before, but it was love at first sight for her. He had been waiting for someone else, but this didn't matter to her at all. She adored him from afar, and did not know yet how to attract his attention. To introduce the phenomenon of Ray Mirra, we first have to tell you a little bit more about Ray Mirra Wife. It all started while relaxing in Santa Barbra airport lounge. That day, Ray Mirra Wife was flying on a plane that had to make a landing due to an issue with its engine. But before taking off again, an announcement was made asking for a few volunteers willing to miss their connecting flight.

Ray Mirra Wife was a beautiful, yet complex woman who had a compelling sense of style. She began her fashion journey at an early age and wasn’t afraid to try something new. Gigi Jordan and her son, Jude Mirra, lived a life of luxury at the Peninsula Hotel — an Upper East Side luxury hotel overlooking Central Park. Jordan also owned homes in Greenwich and Oyster Bay, Long Island and a $1.75 million home in Beverly Hills.

Gigi Jordan, a wealthy New York socialite and mother of two, was recently convicted of first-degree manslaughter in the death of her 8-year old son. Jordan had crushed sedatives into a smoothie and fed them to Jude Mirra using an IV drip in her hotel room at the posh Peninsula Hotel on Fifth Avenue. Her defense claimed that she was overcome with grief over the divorce from Jordan’s husband.

Gigi Kill Her Son

Gigi Jordan rendered her son, Jude Mirra, motionless with morphine and other prescription drugs before placing him in a bathtub where she submerged his weak body under cold water for 7 minutes. This shocking act resulted in the death of little Jude Mirra. His heart stopped beating. But Ray Mirra wife Gigi has been lucky enough to get away with manslaughter charges and has killed another one of her children. It is reported that she has been released from prison after serving only 16 months according to a source familiar with the case.

Jude Mirra was found dead on July 25 in the bathroom of a posh hotel with his mother and her personal assistant. A bottle of crushed pills and a used syringe lay by the tub, prosecutors said. Jordan was arrested on July 28 at LaGuardia Airport after returning from Europe, where she had fled with her other adopted son, 14-year-old Alban. Alban is now in foster care and ultimately could be up for adoption.

In the high-profile case of Gigi Jordan, many take a step back, as if looking at one of those grainy photographs from yesteryear. Even after a jury found her guilty of an overdose that killed her 8-year-old son Jude Mirra, who prosecutors said died instantly on November 2, 2011 after being given a fatal dose of prescription pills at The Peninsula hotel in Midtown by his mother – she maintains that she did not kill her son. Jordan, a mother and prominent New York City socialite, was found guilty of giving her son, Jude Mirra and date-rape drug. For seven years she had hidden the fact that she killed his son.

25 Years In Jail

Gigi Jordan, 54, is facing the maximum of 25 years in prison after she was convicted of first-degree manslaughter in November. Her case captivated New Yorkers and went on to be featured in a two-part episode of “Law and Order. The trial revealed how Jordan who had been battling her own degenerative back condition, crushed Tramadol pills — an opioid — and placed them into applesauce and fed them to Jude. When Gigi Jordan found out her lover, Ray Mirra was divorcing his wife of 22 years and wanted to marry her, she went into overdrive to make it happen.

Here are her secrets and secrets you won’t believe. Gigi Jordan, 54, was spotted shopping and strolling around Manhattan on Sunday with husband Ray Mirra after almost a year in a maximum-security prison. Jordan, driven by a female friend in one vehicle and accompanied by her husband Ray Mirra in another, headed out early in the afternoon for brunch at Madison restaurant, A Voce's Cafe Fiorello. The couple then looked for upscale gifts for friends at Blu Pearl boutique before leaving their seven-year-old daughter at their palatial home several blocks from Madison Square Park.


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