Quiet Explosion - Chapter 4/5

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A Short Crime Story

Quiet Explosion - Chapter 4/5

Chapter 4 - All Is Not Lost

Steve turned up at the flat to find it surrounded with police, he could feel the rage rise within himself, now having to deal with another complication.

“I told Dan I would do this my way, why on earth did he involve the police,” he muttered under his breath.

“I dunno boss,” came a voice from the back seat.

“I didn’t mean for you to answer, idiot, I wasn't speaking to you! It's time to use some of our fine merchandise.” Steve calls Peter Hollis on his mobile

“Pete, are you close by?”

“Yes boss.”

“I think the police are chasing a white van along Thornton road, can you get a lock on any mobile signals that are moving at speed?”

“I will try, give me a minute." A pensive moment passes, waiting expectantly.

"I think I have them,” finally came the reply

“Good, follow them and let me know their location once they have stopped. I am going back to base, I am going to need extra gear.”

“OK boss.”

On the way back, Steve thought through his plan and what he was going to do to Bobby once he had caught him. He didn't want to give Bobby the satisfaction of a quick death, he wanted to make it prolonged and gratuitous but that might depend on how big the shoot-out might be.

He couldn’t blame Dan for calling the police; for some reason he really liked Dan and could not bring himself to hold a grudge against the father of his most treasured possession. Jill was his life, and without her, life meant nothing.

Dan had set up some of the black market equipment that Steve spent his entrepreneurial skills selling all over the world, for all those people, reprobates or villains, who wanted to spy on other people. It seemed right that he should use Steve's equipment against him to get the information he wanted. With these technological marvels, Dan was able to track all communications coming through Steve’s base, and it wasn’t long before he had the location of where Jill was being held hostage. Dan knew he had to move fast; timing was going to be key if he was to wrap up this whole mess any time soon. He knew Steve would try and swarm the place at night. Dan was going to be smart and have the advantage by getting there before anybody else had chance to notice.

Dan made his way to the cricket club, it was starting to get dark, but thanks to Steve’s electronics, this wasn’t going to be a problem. Dan put on his night vision goggles and slowly approached the pavilion, being aware of anybody that may be making a security sweep. All he needed to do was locate where they were holding Jill. The club house was a large building which would give Dan an advantage for his plan to most efficient.

Steve walked up to Bill and demanded an inventory.

“We have night vision, stun grenades, communication blockers and fully automatics for all the team.”

“Good, I am not going to leave anything to chance. Everybody listen up, we want to be in and out as quick as possible, spare nobody but choose your shots carefully, I don’t want Jill getting hurt. Anybody who harms her will find a bullet in the back of their heads, OK!”

Everything was packed up and off they went to cricket club, three cars, twelve men and a whole lot of ammunition.

Dan called the police station to move the next piece before his checkmate.

"Sir, we have a call from a person called Dan Stathom, he told me to give you this message." The Inspector opened the note and began to read.

Gordon, I have followed the gang who took Jill. I am sure Steve will be on his way also, this could get bloody if that happens.

Have a team ready and make your way to the Beck Heath Cricket club.

“Sergeant, get the assault team ready, we need to move; fast!”

Dan waited patiently in a crawl space under the cricket club, directly under a small room at the back where Jill was being held captive. He had spent the last hour observing the guard walking up and down the room getting nervous while keeping an eye on Jill. Dan made a mental note of where the weakest point of the floorboards were. The floor was well worn and old, they had not gotten around to refurbishing the place in a long time. He heard cars arrive and people moving around the pavilion. It must have been Steve as there was no attempt at communication with Bobby. This was soon to be affirmed as the sound of gunfire filled the air. There was a fierce exchange of firepower while Dan was trying to keep his nerve together waiting for his opportunity. After fifteen minutes of bombardment, neither side was any closer to winning. Bobby had laid traps outside for just such occasion, even though he didn’t expect to be using them, and Steve had greatly underestimated the whole situation. Steve knew he had to make a move because Bobby would already have reinforcements on the way, so the timing was critical. As Steve made his move, the police turned up with a fully armed squad and helicopters, illuminating the place with their searchlights.

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