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Parasitic Paradise

by Emily Nichole Lewis 2 years ago in fact or fiction
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"MADDISONNNNNN" She could hear her mom yell up the stairs, "Maddy it's time to get up! YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE TO SCHOOL!!!"

"Sheesh, MOM I'M UP" Maddison yelled back "Give me five minutes!"

Maddison, a junior at Oceanside High School wasn't ready for the day to begin. It's her first day at the school and seeing how she’s accustomed to changing schools often. She has googled everything she could about this "NEW" high school, not exactly her type.

"Oh GEZZZZ" She grumbles as she rolls out of bed "MOM!! it's only 6:00! I don't have to be at this new HELL HOLE until 7:30!!!"

"Maddison Elizabeth! Don't talk about a new adventure like that and watch your language little lady you're only 16!" She proclaimed as she ran down the hall getting ready for work. Same thing every day torn up jeans and a hippie t-shirt!

"Mom why do you have to dress like that! Don't you know its 2016 the peace core isn't all about hippies now!"

"Maddison don't tell me how to dress! Until you have a sense of style that isn't baggy jeans and a 1980's band t-shirt that you know nothing about! I didn't even see INXS in concert!" as she pushes huge hoop earrings into her ears and trips over two boxes trying to get to Maddison's mirror.

"You need to move these before someone dies!" She looks back at Maddy.

"MOM!! why do you have to judge me...." Maddy snares. "Don't you think us moving around all over the damn earth makes up for me never knowing what in the world to wear! Besides it's my own style so shut it!" She said Throwing her dirty t-shirt on the ground and grabbing a clean one from the box her mother had tripped over.

"Why should I unpack? Aren't we moving again in six months like we always do!" she scoffed

"Well Maddy, we're going to try to stay here as long as we can! I'm so tired of moving around as well.

"I doubt it" Maddy whispers under her breath.

"What...?" Her mother throws her a quick glance

"Nothing," Maddy smirks

"UH-HUH! Anyways would you just look at this view it’s amazing!!!" As she flings the curtains open exposing the beach and crystal blue water. "I can't wait ‘til this weekend we’re gonna go swimming!" smiling at Maddy

"Mom, It's December!! We can't let them see us being shoobies!" She said embarrassed.

"Maddison? Are you ashamed of your mother?" She said in a joking tone "Do you think we're shoobies? 'Cause last I checked our last HOME" She air quotationed like a child "Was a trailer in the middle of Hicksville, USA! This place is heaven!" she sang out.

Maddy shook her head and laughed, "Okay we will go swimming, not like I'm gonna make any friends in five days anyways!"

"You never know sweets," her mom sits down on Maddy's bed "It only took me three to meet your dad in high school!"

"Oh god mom please don't start!" Maddy turns to walk out the room, and head downstairs to the kitchen.

"Maddison, your father was a good man at one point. I did love him too ya know!" her mom hollered at her over the railing,

"Mom, we are not going there today!" she yelled Back as she walked down stairs.


Yea, yea, yea. I'm not even hungry, why does she always have to bring up dad? I haven't seen him in like thirteen years...I don't know why she uses that as a motivator. She grabs a bowl from the counter and unwraps the newspaper off of it. Should I wash this? Naw...she's right I should eat. She thinks to herself as pours lucky charms into the bowl and adds a little milk from the fridge.

"Maddy, I love you, I have to go to the office now, but first does this look better?"

She had changed her clothing into a nice pair of slacks and one of Maddison's Old pink dressy shirts. Accompanied by a half up pony and diamond earrings.

"Wow mom you look great. That's perfect. Way to make a great first impression! go get 'em tiger!" Maddison smiled and kissed her mom on the cheek.

"OK girl, the high school is only three blocks from here so you should leave here at 7:20." looking down at her watch. "Gives you 30 minuets to pick something out that doesn't make you look like a hobo." She laughed and shoved a donut in her mouth getting powder everywhere.

"I GRLOVE YEOU, BYRE" she said with a mouth full as she ran out the door.

"LOVE YOU TOO MOM!!!" Maddy laughed and yelled out the door after her!

Awwwwhh, alone time. Time to throw on some jams and get ready for school.

let's see how about some Metallica, that sounds like a plan.

She plopped herself down on the couch and ate her cereal.


"Humm, wonder who could be texting me?" She says as she unlocks her phone "'Hey! How are you?'" The text said, from a number she had never seen before. "'Who is this?'' She replied back, suspicious.

who is this? I have never seen this number before and it's from a 772-area code, we haven't lived in Stuart since '08.

DING! DING! The phone went off again. "'If you don't know then I won’t tell'' The text said, I have no idea who this could be should I even reply?

DING! DING! Again? "'I guess I don't mean a whole lot to you =('"

who on god's green earth could this be? "'Again, I ask who is this?'"

"OH CRAP!" she had lost track of time it was 7:15 she had five minutes to get ready and leave. she ran upstairs and threw on a pair of jeans and her converse completely skipping socks. Flew into the bathroom, slapped some eye liner on and threw her hair in a pony. grabbing her backpack as she flew out the door. . . . . . .

fact or fiction

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