Pakistan: Christian Girls Become Prey of Chinese Mafia

by Atif Jamil about a year ago in mafia

The girls and their families are lured with bright future in China, but in fact the mafia takes the body organs of these girls. The government agency reports that more than 1,300 girls were married to Chinese boys during last three years, very sad story.

Last year in the month of August, when I was traveling to help a Christian girl, who was abducted by a brick kiln factory contractor, I received a phone call from one Dr. Qaisar, who introduced himself as a Project Director for Pakistan China relationship. He told me he has been appointed in the department that connects the Chinese boys and Pakistani Christian girls for marriage. He asked me to identify the Pakistani Christian girls who are willing to marry Chinese boys.

I asked, "Christians only?"

He replied, "Yes."

I asked, "Why only Christian girls?"

He said, "Because the Chinese are Budhists, and Muslim girls won't accept them.

I said, "Do you think the Christian girls will accept the Budhists?"

He said, "The Budhist Chinese guys will accept Christianity to marry the Christian girls."

I said, "If the Chinese Budhist guys are ready to accept Christianity, why don't they accept Islam, and marry Muslim girls?"

Dr. Qaisar had no answer to this question, and told me that if I help him find Christian girls who are willing to marry Chinese boys, he will pay me PKR 100,000 ($ 1,000 USD) for each marriage. He also told me that he will also pay for all the expenses of the marriage and will also pay handsome amount to the parents of the girl. I got alert at once. I told him this sounds good in listening, but it creates serious doubts in my mind too.

I told him about the incident that happened in our village about twenty five years ago, when a Tanzanian student of Agriculture University Faisalabad took two girls from our village. He married one girl and took her sister with him too, saying that both the sisters will work and will send good amount back home. We never heard any news about these two girls until today.

Dr. Qaisar hung up the call and never called me again.

After that I kept on hearing the news that some Christian girls are being married with the Chinese boys. About ten days ago, late at night, an officer of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) called me and said he wanted to meet me, regarding the marriages of Chinese boys and Pakistani Christian girls. This officer came to my office and asked for my help to contact some Christian families whose daughters were married with the Chinese boys.

He said, "We want statements of the parents of these girls."

He told me that the girls who married with the Chinese boys are in very difficult situation. When they marry with the Chinese boys they have dream to become rich and their families back home will live better lives with the money these girls will earn in China, but in reality after they marry with the Chinese boys, they get caught in the hand of a mafia that abuses these girls in different ways. When these girls reach China, they are forced to work as sex workers, live sex videos workers etc. After that they are made pregnant and when they give birth to a child, the body parts of these girls are taken out to sell in the international market. I was stunned to hear this.

I said, "I will extend my full support for any legal action against this international mafia."

The officer told me that they have enough proof against this mafia and now we want statements from the victims or families of the victims. I helped FiA team, and we listened to horrific stories from the families of the victim girls, the families told us that after their girls are married with the Chinese boys, they can only talk to them once a week and after two to three months, these calls were stopped and since then we do not know where are daughters are?

The FIA teams arrested eight Chinese and their four Pakistani counterparts, who in investigations told that they select Pakistani Christian girls because these girls belong to poor backgrounds and they easily become prey according to their plans, and also being Christians their voice will not be heard when they would go for any complaint against us.

I was not shocked when I saw Dr. Qaisar (the one who called me last year) among the arrested.

I am a lawyer of the victim families in the court and the investigation is continued.

There is a need to spread awareness among the Pakistani Christian families about this mafia that uses the innocent and poor girls for their vested interests.

Atif Jamil
Atif Jamil
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Atif Jamil

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