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by James MJ 14 days ago in fiction

About a woman forced to save her family by delivering organs.

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“I got a Heart ready to be deliver to the next client.”

“Ok, got it.”

Samantha hung up her phone and drove back to her shop for the last delivery route. While driving, she was sweating profusely like a she was running a marathon. But the only thing Samantha was running was her anxiety and stress over this delivery she’s about to do. This was no ordinary drop off she was doing, she was delivering a heart, a heart that was previously inside of another person’s body. “Damn it, Damn it", Samantha said to herself, she continued cursing to herself at the predicament she was forced to do. Even though she’d been doing it for over a year now, she also knows that what she was doing is illegal and could face a heavy prison sentence. But most importantly, lose the life that she’d build for over 12 years, and the thought of losing it all terrify her even more than what she’s doing at the moment. When Samantha arrived at her destination, she got out of the van, gone to the back of the van, and retrieve from the freezer potted white lilies. She walks up to the front door and rings the doorbell, a few seconds later the door open and a man in shades was standing in the doorway. Hesitant for a moment, she cleared her throat before starting to talk, clearing this air of awkwardness around her.

“Did you order the potted white lilies, sir?”

He nodded in response

She handed him the potted plant and say “Thank you for ordering and have a wonderful day.” As she was about to walk off, the man grabbed her shoulders to halt her on her track, he takes a few steps back and pulled out the lilies from the pot. inside the pot was dirt and ice mixed together, he dug his hand inside and retrieve the heart covered up in three bags to ensure its safety. As Samantha watched him the entire time, trembling in fear like witnessing a killer ripping an organ out in front of her. The man got up and without saying anything at all closes the door in front of her. She stood there silently for a few minutes until the fear in her subsided and walk back to her van. When Samantha got in the van, she placed her forehead on the steering wheel and tears begin to fall down from her face to her seat.



She stayed in that spot for a while, reflecting on everything that lead to do using her flower shop as an organ delivery service. She looks at herself in the rear-view mirror, all she sees was a shell without a soul. Only to be a slave, following the devils bidding even if it means using her love ones as a lifeline. And Samantha’s lifeline to her family was severed for what felt like so long ago that it was too late to repair the damage that devastating.


A year earlier, Samantha’s ordeal began when an unexpected visitor came in her store one night. She was about to close up and a man walked in and approach her at the check out counter.

“I’m sorry, but we’re closing up right now. You can come back tommo-“

She stopped midsentence, petrified at the ghost from her past that re-emerge in front of her. As she stood there, unable to speak at the man that had caused her so much pain and tears in her life many years ago. Finally, she found her voice and spoke to the ghost that had appeared in front of her.

“it’s been a while, Jacob.”

“indeed” Jacob replied

“I’ve seen you’ve done well, Hailey. Real well.”


Samantha shouted at Jacob in anger, she look down at the floor at the shameful past associated with that name and the suffering along with it. At age 15, she ran away from her abusive home and lived on the streets for a few months on the scraps she could find anywhere she could find food. She meets a friend name Rose, and suggested that she can join her in doing some sex work at a brothel. Rose brought her to a house where other girl prostitutes were and their pimp, Jacob, who was in the Irish mob and the person in charge of the brothel. Before he could put her to work, he forced himself on Samantha to break her in since she was still a virgin. She cried and screams but nobody came for her rescue or try to stop him for raping her. From then on, she prostituted any place where guys are looking for sex like corners, hotel lobbies, and gas stations where truckers can relieve there sexual frustrating for the right price. For years, sex and money had become a regular thing that she became devoid from such thing as happiness in this world. On October 12 2002, her friend Rose was murdered from one of the clients she was with by strangulation, there was an argument over him not paying his money and he was never caught for her death. This heavy loss caused great in her heart that it was then that she made a plan to escape this purgatory for good. She made a false promise to her client to help her escape her pimp and they can truly be together. When Jacob came to collect the money, her client tackles him and started throwing punches to his face. There Samantha escaped the room and continued to run as far a as she could from Jacob’s grasps. She never looked back at a miserable life she left behind and she spend years rebuilding her life from scratch to have a life full of joy. Samantha got married and had a daughter, which brings happiness to her soul. And a flower shop, where she owns and does delivery services. She was a peace with herself, until the devil shows up to collect on her soul, which Samantha feels that there’s no escape this time around.

Chapter 3

“That was quite a clever trick you pulled with that client of yours, having him help you escape my reach. Sadly, as soon as you ran off, one of my associates found him and shot him twice in the head, so as you can see plain as day that I’m still alive, Hailey.”

Samantha was terrified at the sight of the devil, who was about to give her great suffering for abandoning his prostitution ring.

Samantha asked “Are you here to kill me?”

“Lucky for you, I’m not here to get rid of you.”

Jacob replied.

“I’m here on something else entirely.” He added. “I’m running this underground organ market where people who can’t wait to be moved up the transplant list go to when there’s no other option left. But we need a way to transport them in broad daylight without raising no suspicions from the eyes of concern citizens. Which is where your business comes in handy, the perfect place to set up a organ delivery. What do you say, Hailey?”

“What makes you think that I’m going to help you with this heinous plan of yours.” She replied

“You might as well kill me cause I’m not going to help you make another profit out of me.” Samantha exclaimed.

Then Jacob reached for his pocket and showed a photo in front of her, when she saw the image up close, she froze up in silence. The photo was of her daughter and husband tied up at a undisclosed location with thugs surrounding them in black mask.

“You get it now, don’t you?” Jacob said

“If you want your family back, you’re going to do what I say and when I say it. And if you get any funny ideas like last time, they’ll be the ones that will suffer the most.”

She buckled down on the floor, at the spell the devil had casted on upon her. From then on, Samantha was forced to work in the shadows of society and was dropping off organs to people as part of her florist delivery service. And since then, Jacob has been keeping her husband and daughter captive for about a year now. Not knowing if they’re still alive or not, and this hurt her day by day reminding her that it’s because of her sins that they’re the ones suffering the most.

Chapter 4

“Will I ever see them again?” She asked herself, but no answer came to mind. Samantha hadn’t seen her family in so long that she doesn’t look like herself anymore. The only thing she eats now are chocolate cakes from the gas stations because she feels that cooking a meal without her family is a betrayal to them. And she’s on the verge of losing her house and flower shop in a few weeks and was struggling with all this by herself in silence. With everything almost taken from her, Samantha has had enough and decides to call Jacob on the phone. The phone rang for a few second the came an answer at the other end.


“Jacob, it’s Hailey” she said

“Can we meet up at the flower shop? there’s something I want to ask you?”

“Sure.” He replied. “I’ll be there in an hour"

Samantha drove off to her shop to wait for Jacob to arrive. It was 10pm when Jacob arrived, sporting a new Armani suit to show off his deeds in front of her. She knew in her heart if she asked this question, the fantasy would have become reality and that was terrifying. But she asked anyway with a brave front in front of the person responsible for her misery.


“Yes?” he replied

She stood there for a moment for summon the courage to say the word she dreads of saying.

“My family, there dead, aren’t they?”

She stood in front to Jacob, waiting for an answer that can give her hope or give her anguish.

“Your daughter, she’s still alive” Jacob said.

“But your husband, he’s been dead since last year. And your daughter was sold her off to a wealthy client, so I don’t know where she is now or who that client was. But one thing for certain.”

He looked at her with a smile so hideous that it wasn’t for this world.

“Your daughter was much more enjoyable than you were when you were 15 years old. And I enjoyed every moment with that teenage daughter of to yours.”

Jacob laughed for a moment then he suddenly stopped laughing at the tense pain in felt in his stomach. He realizes that he was stabbed from the blood in his hand, then Samantha tackled him to the ground and repeatedly stabbed him in his upper body. Blood spattered everywhere in the store as she kept going until Jacob was dead. He died about a minute ago but she kept stabbing and stabbing and stabbing as to release all the pain, all the suffering she felt for so many years finally coming to an end. Samantha stopped and looked at Jacob’s bloody corpse, with blood still oozing out of the holes. She looked around her flower shop and knew all that her world of happiness was gone for good. She looked up at the moon, wondering how something up there can be so beautiful while down here she lost it all.

James MJ
James MJ
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