Onision:The Exposure of Instability pt 3

The Saga of Sarah

Onision:The Exposure of Instability pt 3
15 year age gap, and a shady guardianship agreement. What could go wrong?

When Sarah was only 12 years old, she first came across the Onision YouTube channel. Jackson's videos pertaining to self harm and difficult teenage social situations connected with her emotionally, as she was having a rough time in her personal life and was struggling with depression, and she gravitated towards his content further. She was drawn by his ability to empathize and understand the plight of the modern teen, despite being old enough to have a teenage child of his own. This is a recurring pattern amongst many young people who became victims of Jackson and Avaroe.

Her association with him began through Twitter, responding to his tweets but mostly to his partner's. It was through Avaroe that Sarah began to be personally involved with the couple, initially through her responses to Avaroe's tweets asking their followers for hair color advice, or being shared as Avaroe's Woman Crush Wednesday choice. This was while Sarah was still a pubescent child, having a turbulent home life, and with a body wracked with the physical and mental metamorphosis of adolescence. Jackson and Avaroe's repeated attention filled young impressionable Sarah with a sense of value, of worthiness, and fueled her interest in them even more. Just as they planned. The duo were at the peak of their career, they had a huge Youtube following, a successful Patreon, and Jackson's web forums were thriving. I'm sure they felt invincible.

When Sarah and Avaroe first became friends, Sarah's mental health was very delicate. She had been contemplating suicide, already had experienced trauma and tragedy, and was desperately wanting something in her life to bring her joy and fulfilment. In the beginning of the friendship, Avaroe actively kept it hidden from Jackson that they were speaking to a 14 year old, fearful of what he would say or how he would react to finding this out. Jackson however had no strong reaction to the discovery, appearing indifferent to his spouse befriending someone so much younger than themselves. Sarah wasn't bothered by this, as she had already begun to dislike his video content and was more interested in Avaroe due to their budding friendship. After many years of feeling like an outsider, of feeling insecure in herself, she had finally found validation and self worth through this friendship. A person she had idolized for years was giving HER attention, out of thousands upon thousands of followers, and was actively friends with her. It's easy to see how she became so enamored with the situation.

When Sarah and Avaroe had started their friendship, Avaroe was still identifying as female, and straight, and because of this Sarah had never had any reason to suspect their friendship was anything but platonic and innocent. However when Sarah was 15 there had been a brief discussion of a possible future relationship while Avaroe had been on a relationship break for their former girlfriend, and another victim of the YouTube couple, Billie.

In September of 2016, soon after Sarah's 16th birthday, she went to Washington State for her first trip of 5 days to go meet Jackson and Avaroe. The legal age of consent in Washington just happens to be 16. This was not a coincidence. Jackson himself had made a point to be very up to date on the age of consent laws in just about every place he has ever lived or visited, speaking of it several times in his videos about how many countries have lower consent ages. He seems to bring this up any time he has been "called out", either in comments or other YouTube creators response videos, for his inappropriate conduct with people, specifically women, under the age of 18. After this visit, Jackson's involvement with Sarah went from zero to 100, from his previous indifference to suddenly being deeply involved with her personal life. This was the start of the couple grooming Sarah to join them in a polyamorous relationship, a throuple, while she was still an easily manipulated child. A month after the first visit, she would return to stay with them for 4 months, all with Sarah's mother's consent and financial support, and with her mother giving Avaroe power of attorney.

The 4 month stay was, in Sarah's words, horrible. Specifically Jackson was repeatedly mean and cruel, to the point of it be bullying, but only in front of others. In private he was more relaxed and amicable, as if he was scared of appearing "too nice" to her while she was still below the age of 18. His constant negging of her appearance and relationship history , accusations of lying, and mantra of "be an adult" were all to push her and pull her into what he wanted her to be. Sarah was living in their house as family, socializing with them and the couple's 2 children, helping care for the children and house, and yet Jackson thought it not only permissible but appropriate to treat her in such a callous and often confusing manner. Randomly touching her and making uncalled for comments about her body's appearance would make her extremely uncomfortable, and he would play it off as a joke if it was talked about. At one point he had walked into a room where she had been by herself, casually laying on a bean bag chair on her phone, and felt it appropriate to look at her and say "Mmmm, dat booty though." To a child.

The first time Sarah would leave the house was due to the actions of a concerned friend of hers, who had screenshots of Sarah confessing her romantic feelings for Avaroe and stating that Sarah was just biding her time until she was old enough to be with them, and her friend threatened to release them. Jackson, Avaroe, and Sarah all naturally panicked; something like this could seriously impact their careers if not land them in legal hot water, so Sarah's new guardians moved her out and sent her back to her mother. Avaroe attempted to change Jackson's mind, but he was steadfast and unwavering. Only a few months later, Avaroe would contact Sarah saying Jackson had changed his mind and wanted her to come back, but this time Sarah's return was kept a secret so that there wouldn't be any possible negative backlash online.

Another incident that got Sarah kicked out of the home was her bringing up the disgusting comment Jackson had made earlier. At the time the allegations against Kevin Spacey had recently come out, and when Sarah mentioned The Comment, Jackson flipped out. Yelling and stomping like an angry child, he kept repeating that it was "just a joke" and comparing his plight with that of the rightfully disgraced actor. After stating that it "could ruin his career", he swiftly decided she had to leave again, and within a day she was gone.

For a while after that departure Avaroe had repeatedly told Sarah that Jackson wanted nothing to do with her, and it was unclear if they and Sarah were still going to be friends through the aftermath. Out of nowhere, and with no action taken on Sarah's part to try and influence the decision, Jackson decided that "the plan" was for Sarah to move back out there again, after she had turned 18. Naturally she was unsure and skeptical, and in a phone call between her and Jackson that was intended to be a discussion about her concerns, it was turned into an opportunity for Jackson to be cruel and hurtful all over again. When Sarah called Avaroe to tell them she was not intending to put herself through that again, she was emotionally manipulated into agreeing to return to prevent another infamous "Kai is crying" moment. These seem to be a running theme every time something doesn't go their way. Jackson will get aggressive, and Avaroe will cry. As Sarah had recently gotten a job and her first car, which would have made moving back there a hassle and delayed her, and Sarah suddenly received a long text from Jackson stating she hadn't been talking to Avaroe enough, talking of grand plans they had for building a business with her, and telling her they didn't want her to come anymore because Sarah "wasn't the friend Kai thought she was". Sarah was still only 17 at this point.

Jackson changed his mind, yet again, and this time followed through, but it was not smooth sailing. From Sarah's flight out being moved ahead of the original departure date by a full month, to an unexpected and unsettling hug fro Jackson, when he had screamed at her the last time they saw each other in person. A few weeks after her arrival, Jackson started in with casual statements about how Sarah and Avaroe would make a great couple, saying it would be hot, triggering a small break down from her. She had still been dealing with unresolved romantic for Avaroe, and Jackson's comments were feeling like sarcastic jabs at her ego and her emotions, intended to give her false hope.

One night in January of 2019, after Sarah had turned 18, the 3 of them had been watching a movie in one of the bedrooms, and at one point Sarah looked over and saw the couple making out. She continued to watch the movie to give them privacy, but soon after the 2 were engaged in full blown intercourse. Again, even though now uncomfortable and unsure of what to do, Sarah continued to try to watch the movie, when Jackson pulled her closer to them and told her to begin performing sexual acts with the couple. Sarah stated she felt pressured into the situation, and she believed Avaroe was too, and the mixed emotions she had to deal with afterwards kept her from what would have been a peaceful sleep, had it been a regular day. The confusion, the emotional overload, and the deep feeling of being used simply would not cease. There would be more yo-yos of Leave and Come Back from Jackson after she left yet again, always with the intention and follow through of him having sex with her.

After 7 years of her life being give to these people, Sarah has suffered again and again, including her education suffering and most unfortunately lasting psychological damage. She describes experiencing emotional panics, if she thinks too much and too deeply about everything that happened to her, her arms tense up, her shoulders lock, and she begins to shake uncontrollably until it finally passes. Trust issues understandably abound, to where it is difficult for her to make new friends, and she finds it impossible to be romantic or sexual with anyone, and hasn't since the incidents with Jackson and Avaroe. Her schooling, which she had been slated to graduate a year early from when she was living with her mother, was derailed by moving to Washington and starting online school. When she had moved back she couldn't reenter normal high school, as her online school's curriculum was vastly different, and she was widely known now as "the girl who moved in with Onision".

Avaroe had been instrumental in the entire process of luring Sarah into their web of victims. They had actively built her up with positivity and affection, and whenever things didn't go the way they wanted, they would literally cry to get what they wanted, like a child who's dropped a half eaten ice cream cone. Had Avaroe not done this, Sarah would never have gone out there. She never would have lived with them. She wouldn't have delayed her graduation. She wouldn't have ever had sex with either of them. She wouldn't have her name and her face all over the internet getting slandered whenever Jackson got bored and need content for a video. She would have had a normal life, with normal and more healthy relationships with the people around her. All we can hope for at this point is that she can get closure and move on from this to a healthier future.

At the end of the stream, Chris Hansen revealed that Jackson demanded $350,000 to appear on the show when Hansen reached out to offer him an opportunity to come and defend himself and his actions. Most people could buy a small house, renovate it, and still live comfortably on the remaining funds for a year or two with that kind of money. Where does he get off thinking this is ok?

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