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“Oh my god, a dead body.”

A murder mystery (sort of), where two young explorers find a dead body in an abandoned barn.

By Burnt BaguettesPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
“Oh my god, a dead body.”
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“Oh my god, a dead body.”

A murder mystery where to young explorers find a dead body in an abandoned barn.


Trigger warning:

Mentions of a corpse.

Mentions of death


Our story takes place in a barn. A barn that is in the middle of nowhere. It used to hold chickens, pigs, cows, and horses, but now it only houses the body of James Anthony the third and a few cobwebs, but the dead boy is our main focus. Kennedy and Devon were people who would explore abandoned places and then post them on youtube to spread awareness about not going to abandoned places. They scared their viewers half to death so they won’t go exploring abandoned places, but some just don’t listen.

“Why do I have to go in first?” Kennedy asked as he looked up at the rotting wood from the old barn. Kennedy wasn’t a big fan of abandoned places, which was pretty surprising considering the fact he made a living off of it with his best friend. Devon just laughed and he looked around. They both had go pros strapped on them. And it was about mid-day and there was nothing but overgrown plants and broken fences. And this run-down old barn.

“Because you didn’t want to go and explore the outside, so I am doing that and you can go in and look around,” Devon said and he walked over the plants. He had on pants, a long sleeve shirt, gloves, and boots. He was making sure he was safe. Kennedy was wearing the same thing. Devon picked up a sign. It had ants and termites all over it. It was a piece of wood with the number 1986 on it. He also saw three words on it: ‘Out of business.’

“Kennedy, look what I found,” Devon said and he walked over to his best friend who still hadn’t mustered up the courage to go into the barn. Kennedy looked at it.

“1986 was probably the time this barn-, or farm for that matter was used. Why do you think it got abandoned?” Kennedy asked. Devon put the sign down and he flung the bugs off his hands.

“Probably because of the serious termite problem and the fact the soil is very squishy. You couldn’t grow anything on it even if you tried,” Devon said. Kennedy nodded. Then the smell hit both of them.

“What is that smell?” Kennedy said and he began to make a big deal out of it like he always did. This time he had the right to make a big deal about it. It smelled horrible.

“I don’t know, but I think it is coming from the barn,” Devon said, which would be a big red flag for most people, but Kennedy and Devon were not most people. They made a living off mysterious and exploring haunted and abandoned places, so of course, they were gonna go investigate.

“Okay, now I want to go and check it out. It’s probably just some animal waste and it just been smelling up the place for a long while now,” Kennedy said. Animals had not walked on this land in years, so it was not animal waste that they were smelling. It was a rotting human corpse.

“Oh my god, okay, I don’t want to do this anymore,” Kennedy said and he walked away since he got disgusted easily.

“What is it-? Oh, not what I was expecting at all, uh I need to blur that out when I edit this video,” Devon said. There the body of James Anthony the third lied. He had three bullets in his chest and one in his head. He was definitely dead. The person didn’t even bother to put his body in a bag, they just left it there, out in the open so bugs could eat it.

“I did some research on him actually. That’s James Anthony the third. I can tell by the face tattoos. And the fact his name is also tattooed on his face. He killed four people and instead of sending him to jail the court thought it was a good idea to have a duel instead. With four bullets. But the duel wasn’t actually a duel since James wasn’t given a gun, because he was legally given the death penalty. So yeah,” Devon said as he grabbed his backpack.

“I am gonna tell the authorities about this and Kennedy is throwing up, on that note I think I am gonna end here. I will see you all next time for more adventures,” Devon said and the video ended.


About the Creator

Burnt Baguettes

I like to write sad, dystopian lesbian love stories. That is all you really need in life.

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