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Netflix "Lover, Stalker, Killer"

Twists and Turns Makes for A Must See.

By Robert M Massimi. ( Broadway Bob).Published 9 days ago 3 min read
Robert M. Massimi.

In watching the Netflix "Lover, Stalker, Killer" it is one of those gems that has a ton of twists and turns. The stories plot is about a mechanic that recently gets divorced and tries to find relationships on a dating site. Just coming out of a marriage he tells the woman up front that he doesn't want a serious commitment.

The many reasons that I liked this "documovie" is that it gives you the nexus from David Kroupa's point of view. He moved to Omaha, Nebraska because his ex-wife had family there and wanted to be close to his children. As a mechanic, he had little trouble finding another job; he did want to meet new people which led to him to the dating site.

Kroupa readily admits that he was kind of a geek when he was younger. He asked out his wife who worked at the same place he did. What led to the couples downfall was that his wife began working at nights. They would eventually grow apart more and more leading to there separating.

David Kroupa for the most part is a likeable person; at other times he comes off as selfish, other times he comes off as uncertain about how his life is changing. What is always apparent during the performance is that he just wants his life to be smooth with little confrontation.

Where the documentary/movie gets real good is when a woman (Farver) he starts dating... it doesn't really work out and he moves on to another woman, Liz Golyer. What seems like reality is fiction, and fiction is reality. The plot twists, and it is based on a true story, are incredible. The realization that it is true what happened to everybody involved makes it better than any Hollywood written screenplay.

As time moves on, Kroupa becomes worried not only about his ex girlfriends well being, but his and his families as well. After all, houses are being burnt down, the culprit isn't even seen, only heard from via texts and emails. She seems to have a beat on David's life, however. She knows when he is eating, knows when his ex wife has their kids (she let's her know through texts that she sees her and can get to her).

Unable for the police to actively move against the woman that they believe is the culprit is when this show gets at its best. As a "sitting duck" Kroupa and everyone in his inner circle are under siege and little can legally be done to protect them. As GPS's are used and observance, everyone starts to become in question. We start to believe that the culprit could be anyone. The police question everybody and they feel everyone is a suspect including David Kroupa.

The music, the cinematography and the direction are all very well done. The camera angels, the tense music and the interaction between people makes it well worth your time to view this documentary. Trying to guess the ending is useless, it can't be done; it is just that incredible of a story. More effective in that if it was done in movie form, people would be disappointed with the ending because they would think that it is not believable. The other thing that adds value to it is that it takes place in the Midwest; the police really struggle to put the pieces together and at many times they are dumbfounded over stranger and stranger things happening.

As breaks begin to happen we start to see what happened and who did it. Up until the last fifteen minutes or so, the fault laid on one main character. As it it unfolds, the viewer can only look on in disbelief.

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