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Mystery McKeesport

Death, Mystery and the Mandela Effect

By The GirlPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Small towns are small towns. Everyone knows everyone and everyone thinks they know everything. McKeesport is no different. What is different about McKeesport, is how a rumour spread so viciously through the community that twenty years later some of the population are still convinced that a murderer is running free.

McKeesport is small city outside of Pittsburgh, steeped in American History, McKeesport was born of immigrants, coal mines and steel mills, a beacon of light in the Steel heyday, ultimately creating the impoverished area that it is today.

On a hot July day in 1998 an Electric worker found a decomposing body, pants around the ankles, lying face down in a local cemetery. Too decomposed to determine the cause of death, 14 year - old, Kimberly Krimm's death would become a mystery that locals would talk about for many years to come as other circumstances would bring Kimmie back into the spotlight.

By all accounts, Kimmie was a wild child who did what she wanted, was a scrapper, running away often and hanging out with the 'wrong crowd', experimenting with alcohol, drugs, sex. She left home one June day, supposedly to get some hair dye and go to a friend's house, took a shortcut through the cemetery near the local housing projects, and met her demise.

No one knows who, when, or why.

According to her mother, even though the Coroner did not list the death as a homicide due to lack of evidence, the local police told her they believed Kimmie was murdered because 14 year-olds don't just die. Her mother has lived the last 23 years assuming that as fact.

Depending on who you talk to, what neighborhood they are from, or who they know, you'll get a few different theories of what happened to Kimmie that hot summer day 23 years ago. Some folks believe she just met a bad actor who assaulted and killed her.

After 2006, when the Tanya Koch case broke, many people believed Thomas Hose, who held Tanya captive for a decade, was a perfect suspect. He was already a child predator, his home was within visual sight of where Kimmie was found, and he worked with Kimmie's mother who stated Kimmie did not like him. Thomas Hose was never charged with anything related to Kimberlie Krimm and everyone quickly got bored with that scenario.

The most popular theory, the one talked about in bars across the city back then, is the one where Kimmie was having an affair with a married police officer. She threatened to tell, he murdered her, the whole department helped him cover it up.

There are people in the city who will swear that they watched two McKeesport police officers being arrested on the news for the murder of Kimmie Krimm and another young woman, Liane Evans (who was found brutally raped and stabbed in her apartment, completely different scenario than Krimm). These folks will also insist that the Mayor and District Justice were shredding documents and 'covering up' the Officers involvement.

None of those things ever happened, yet twenty years later, if Kimmie is mentioned, people would still whisper about the cop that killed the little girl and got away with it.

Then, in 2019, Kimmie's niece was shot dead in Pittsburgh. No suspect has been arrested, leading to yet more gossip and speculation.

What I have always found to be utterly fascinating was that although there was no evidence to suggest a homicide, no one in the community has ever suggested that maybe, just maybe, it really was an accident. Maybe Kimmie was partying, maybe she had to pee and wandered off to do it where the boys couldn't see, like so many of girls have before her.

Maybe, just maybe it was accident, but from what I can tell, that scenario doesn't really fit a grieving mother or a community who thrives on gossip and the pain of others. The psychology of that is as much worth investigating as the death of this little girl.

Maybe, just maybe, if people really cared, all of these years her mother could have known peace instead of living in a community where speculation becomes fact and facts are irrelevant.

Rest in Peace, Kimmie.


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