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My Boss Mom

by Shemina Moore about a year ago in celebrities
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Luminous Vivian

My Boss Mom
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Start writing...Mom you are the EPITOME of LOVE, LIGHT, and LIFE... The kind that TRANSCENDS TIME AND SPACE... You are our modern day ancestor, EVE (Earth's first Mother/Grandmother). Mother Nature also known as Mother of Nature, Mother of the Universe...Mother Earth and Mother of Earth. A RESTORER of PERFECT DIVINE ORDER AND DIVINE NATURE, a Life Giving Spirit. Mom you are the first of many, just like Earth's first Mother EVE... Nothing or No One ENCOMPASSES or EMBODIES YOU, PERIOD. I'm so thankful for the example and blueprint you laid out before my siblings and me, honestly the world. One of unmatched and undeniable strength, poise, eloquence, elegance, grace, and always understanding who you are and whose you truly are. Always walking in pure genuine love, with such a Infinitely Divine Radiant Golden Aura that shines brighter than the morning sun. Your Transparency of Truth, Infinite Wisdom and Divine Intelligence Translates the Source, Transitions Consciousness, Transcends era's and realms, Ushers in Infinite Freedom, Moves Mountains Spiritually and carrie's from generation to generation, ensuring a rich royal bloodline INFINITELY. Mom you have fed the hungry, clothed the poor, housedthe homeless, accept the rejected, help widows and orphans, single mothers with children, saved nations, healed a multitude, lead a people to Infinite healing, wholeness and peace that surpasses ALL human UNDERSTANDING. Mom you are our example of a Balanced Infinite Conscious MIND. You have MASTERED the Art of Finding Infinite Balance also known as PERFECT ORDER, and Manifesting it's Completion by marrying the two into a ONENESS INFINITELY... Teaching us that we are no longer Operating from our lower self, but from our ABSOLUTE higher Infinite self. Creating your own happiness and heaven in your you have taught all those around, you have led and lived by example that, INFINITELY WHO THE SON SETS FREE IS FREE Indeed. Also that our HEALTH is our wealth. You have showed us how to stand, fight, march and rally social injustices, inequality, inequity, a advocate human rights and activist for civil unrest, black on black violence and for all marginalized community's of color. You have always been so prominent in our community, a civil rights and human rights leader, voice for the voiceless, you're such a staple and pillar in our community, so well respected and loved by ALL that is GRACED with your PRESENCE. Mom ALL that I am or will be in this life and beyond is because of you, your love, faith, devotion, dedication, hard work and SACRIFICE... You are the MOST BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING person I know mom, you have Such a ZEST and ZEAL for LIFE that's unparalleled.... Mom I love you too LIFE...#Boss Mom


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