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By Jason ShipleyPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

What can be done when you have no will or any ambition or want to accomplish anything? Such as if being lazy was an Olympic sport you would have the gold, silver, and bronze, you win everything .

That is the dilemma faced on the daily round where I stay and call home; Of course, I have no say or option of what is known as mine, not even if I'm alone

All kinds of different people has that right to choose for me; On everything from taking a shower to if I have a tv

Sometimes they will tell you have to earn any such rights; Other times you might get woke up and surprised in the middle of the night

Just like everyone in this God forsaken world, no one can eva just make up their mind; Not with out trying to show what power they have over others at the time.

The position we are in makes no difference in the long run; Being human means nine out of ten fragile egos must be stroked by someone

May be by the significant other or by someone within close proximity; Maybe by your boyfriend in here but don't bring that stupid shit to me

Something as trivial as that can lead to a full blown war out on the yard; People always try to insinuate they do more but when push comes to shove are you hard

Put they backs against the wall to see what they truly are made of; Around here that happens in first 48 hours unless you walk in here like you are so tough

When that occurs they will instantly end up on the wall or the fence; Depending on who puts them there will help determine how bad it may get

If it is a big dog or a heavy then Lord help the fresh fish newbie; I've seen some wheel chair bound in first 30 minutes after arriving on the scene

Seen some things that make most men drop to they knees asking for forgiveness; Not for something they personally done buy for what they happen to witness

The atrocities that can come from a human hand is just terrifyingly horrific; And that is not even with me mentioning the sick twisted ones who call themselves satanic

Seen the well versed educated type quickly, as in overnight; Turn into an unrecognizable monster with no cares of wrong or right

Seen the quietest, most docile individual incarcerated you could meet; Become a maniacal sociopath literally plucking eyeballs out to chew on and eat

Seen an underage juvenile tossed into the cage with the bears and lions; Just to walk out completely unscathed except now he has an extra 70 years

Seen most unassuming one on the entire yard unexpectedly plus out of nowhere; Become a walking weapon taking out several guys to let it be known he is the one to fear

All anyone here wants is one of two things or possibly both; That being fear and respect with top dogs wanting you to fear them the most

I'm simple and easy being totally content if you have a healthy respect for me; Especially if it is born out of fear of how you be left if you don't open your eyes and see

Ones like me have our own code we consciously choose to live by; Normally not violent but when I am the result will be impossible to escape your mind

That's the general idea if it must be done then prove an enduring point for respect; So next one that has similar thoughts will just go ahead and break they own neck

You better smacking God than to even think of disrespecting me; Plus I have an army at my disposal ready to kill or die in my name if need be

I don't ask I demand as well as receive total loyalty with no questions asked; If given a job to do, don't hesitate just simply carry out said task

Doing that can help you to live a longer life where I be; I am the cell block boss of any jail or prison in cellblock D


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