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My Beloved Nasir

by Jeffrey Morris 11 months ago in fiction

With death comes new beginning

My Beloved Nasir
Photo by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash

Hold on let me tell you who I am and what is going on.

My name is Gently. My mother got the name from some movie she watched right before I was born and blessed me with the crazy-ass name. My people call me Gigi tho. late one night when ah bitch was half drunk, high, and dick deprived. I got a call that fuck me all the way up. My close friend and brista. Nasir was in an accident or some shit. I honestly think some piece of strange dick might have tried to kill his ass. But anyway back to the phone call. they ask for Gently Maire Morris (in the back of my head I’m like who gave this mothafucker my whole damn government name that ain't for the streets to know.) I had to snap into my black girl professional shit.

Yes, this is She. How can I help you?

Ms. Morris this is officer Jones I must inform you that your brother. Before I knew it I said, my brother. ( in my head I’m thinking I don’t have any goddamn brother. Yes, Ms.Morris your brother Nasir was in a terrible car accident about an hour ago. My heart instantly sank to my feet before I could say anything he told me to come down to centra health to the emergency dept and ask for Nurse Mary or himself Officer Jamal Jones He asked did I have a ride (in my mind I said naw muthafucka imma walk) Yes sir I have a way there I’m on my way.

Looking like a whole hot ass mess, I finished off the drink I had on the table, rushed to the bathroom, washed my face, swoosh some mouthwash, came out, grabbed my keys, purse and jacket while flying out the door.

Driving like a crazy bitch looking for her baby daddy, I finally pull into the parking lot of the hospital. Nervous as a prostitute taking a pregnancy test I walk through the doors of the ER. I reach the counter and ask for nurse Mary or officer jones. Hearing me mention his name a man walked up to me and said, Ms.Morris. I twirl around to see who was saying my name with a voice that sounded like sex. It was a tall chocolate-covered man with a nicely cut fade with teeth so white they looked like cocaine skin smooth as a new Hershey bar with hazel eyes.

I felt my kitty start to purr. I had to snap back into reality and realize my best friend somewhere in this hospital fucked up and I'm here thinking about having sex with this police officer in the closet somewhere

I pick my mind and coochie up and out the gutter so I can pay focus on the words coming out of his mouth. He told me Nasir was in a serious accident. It seems someone forced him off the run him off the road and over an embankment near Hollins Mill rd going towards Rivermont. His car was found over the embankment, by someone walking the trail. I feel tears slowly start to fall down my face, screaming in my head why lord why him. I quickly wipe my face and ask officer Jones to take me to him. He takes my hand. It's more Ms. Jones. Call me GiGi, please. He goes on to say he didn't know how to tell me. I look into those hazel eyes of his and tell him just spit it out tell me what da fuck is going on with my brother

Well Gigi your brother is in a coma from the trauma of the car wreck with a lot of internal injuries. I hate to tell you that He is on life support. The doctors moved him to the neuro- ICU unit until the family could get here. Sir, he doesn't have any family, I'm all he has. Yes, we know that by the papers we found on him. That's why we contacted you. Let me take you to him. We get to Nasir’s room. I immediately broke down and started to cry. Officer Jones tells me this is not the time I had to be strong for my brother. He wiped my tears off my face with the back of his hand saying I know it's hard but be strong. I sat down in the chair he told me to stay right there while I go tell the doctors you are here,

A few moments later officer jones comes back up the hall with this young ass-looking Lil Doogie Howser-looking, little boy. The doctor introduced himself as Dr. Kelso. He went on to tell me he has been taking care of your brother since he arrived from the er. Can we go to the conference room and speak privately about this? Me being black and forgetting where I was and who he was I blurted out. We don't have to go to no damn conference room just tell me what the hell is going on with my brother. He said your brother suffered severe trauma. His brain shows no activity. Which means he is basically being kept alive by a machine. After you have some time we will be taking him off life support. But right now let me take you into his room. I look back at officer Jones. I guess he could tell from the look in my eyes I needed him. He stepped up and took my hand. I squeezed it with all the fear in my heart. Dr. Kelso slides open the door and pulls back the curtain. My heart drops to my feet and I just begin to cry at the sight of my brother laying in the bed hooked up to all those machines. All the beeps, dings chimes took me back to a conversation we had a few nights ago when

Nasir grabs my phone out of my hands, shoves it between his legs, and starts preaching to me. Hunni yall bitches be all wrapped up in those damn phones for nothing. Shit, that's why most of yall ain’t got no man, Ms.Thing, hopefully, sooner than later you will realize you need to live in reality and not phone land. Nasir starts to dig around in his big ass purse and pulls out a little tattered black leather book with his name scratched across the front of it. while waving the book around in the air when I die burn this bitch here and put the ashes in my casket. I most certainly don’t need any half-wit trying to piece my life together. Like they miss Angelia Lansberry. This little book of mine will take you to the bank hunni. Who the hell knew what he even meant by that at the moment but Nasir’s phone starts buzzing, beeping and chirping in all kinds of ways. Bitch who is that I asked him? He said with a wide smile little girl that's money and a good dick calling.. In a flash he grabbed his coat and purse with the speed of a superhero, he was out the door yelling see ya bitch I love you as the door slammed behind him.

Now here we are in the damn ICU with these machines keeping him alive, what da fuck is really going on. I walk over and take Nasir's hand knowing he couldn't hear me. I started asking a million questions and just rambling on and on in the hopes he would hear my voice and wake up in a daze I sat for hours a nurse comes in and tell me it's time I just start to cry again

I mumbled ok, the pastor and doctor came into the room. The pastor prayed over Nasir then it was the doctors’ turn he slowly turned down the dials to the machines. Officer Jones peeks his head in the door and says,I need to give you to give you his belongings. It was Nasir’s purse and phone.

I sat close to Nasir through his transition to the other side. I sang little songs we had always messed the words up too. Now was no different. I whispered to him to tell my grandmother I loved and missed her, and to keep you close. I got out. I love you, and a few moments later the doctor touched my shoulder and softly told me he had passed on. I sat there with him a little while longer got up kissed my friend and said my final goodbyes. Then I gathered my things and his bag and I made my way back home. I go straight to the fridge and start drinking from the bottle to relax my nerves a bit. Sat on the sofa with my head in my hands for God knows how long. I must have drifted off to sleep but was awakened by someone yelling in the hallway. I go grab Nasir’s bag off the table and sat back on the sofa. I start digging and pulling things out, keys, phone, and papers. He has more shit in this bag than an old lady. Oh, shit, I pulled out a roll of hundred dollar bills with my eyes wide I just dump the bag on the floor in front of me. I hear a loud thump, it’s the little black book Nasir wouldn’t let me get my hands on. So I scoop it up out the floor and get comfy. I open the book and a phone falls in my lap. Picking it up I start to look through the book. It’s a bunch of numbers and dates. Finally flipping to the last page it's my name Gently. Sis if you are reading this just know some bad shit has happened. Go over to your bookshelf and grab the book I gave you for Christmas a couple of years ago. It seems like I jump from the sofa to the bookshelf. I grab and shake the book and the letter falls out. It’s a bunch of instructions and pin numbers. GiGi if you got this letter, I’m damn near dead.. The code to the phone is your grandma’s old house number. The phone has different accounts that you will be able to access. Let’s just say the world is yours now. Go look in your closet grab the box with those damn Jesus sandals that I hated. Again moving as fast as I could, I’m digging and pulling stuff out of the closet. I get my hands on the box, I rip the top off, and cash just pours from the box. I grab the mound of money and count it. I wonder to myself, how did this bitch get 20,000 dollars in here without me knowing. Shaking, I go back to the sofa with another note saying baby girl this is just the beginning.


Jeffrey Morris

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