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Mobile Banking Today

by Katherine Valdez 2 years ago in product review
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Is it really better?

Mobile Banking Today
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There is a problem with our banks today. The convenience of the changes are great. The convenience is because of mobile banking. What a wonderful invention this was. Now we can cash checks with a picture. We can transfer money in minutes to another account. We can pay all the bills in minutes just by a couple clicks of a mouse. This is the positive side of banking.

The negative side can cause some serious nightmares. I have been victim myself of fraud, unrecognizable charges, and fees and charges that I don't know where they came from. Things that definitely would deter anybody from banking anywhere. You want all your money and you want all your money accounted for. If someone on the other end is taking advantage of you it doesn't feel good. If you call them and they say too bad it doesn't feel very good. You are then forced to find another bank and let's face it, it just isn't an easy thing to do. There are negative articles on several banks. Watch the movie, "The Net" with Sandra Bullock. I watched this movie back in 1998 at UMUC while I was stationed in Italy. I was taking Criminal Justice with my Ex-husband and I was only 19 years old.

Just recently, I have been frauded. I got a call and was told to download the app- Hero Jobs. The caller said I would get a job if I applied. I did that and right away I got a job at Instacart. I worked two weeks for them and made about $500. A week into that job I got a text just like Instacart did, and it said I got hired for the Walmart Shopper job. I thought I would be doing the same thing as Instacart. He said wait for your welcome package in the mail. A week and a half later I got the package. I text the man that I got the package. He coached me through the job. He said go to the bank and cash the check and then go to Walmart and follow the directions you got in the package. I did that no problems. When I finished he said my next job was in the mail. I did three more jobs just like the first one. My earnings was $1600. So now in my bank account was the $1600 plus the money I had in there $1960. This money was what me and my son use to live off of for the whole month.

I wake up the next morning to find my bank account has been wiped clean and reflecting negative $1100. I called the bank and a women named Maria says one of the checks was a fraud. I start crying you are kidding me. I asked her what happens now. She doesn't tell me anything other than someone will call you. No one calls me. I wait a week and each day call to see if someone will tell me something. Nearly a week later I receive a letter saying I have to wait a week to gain access to my bank account. The letter says I won't have any bank over drafts or charges and I am not responsible for the amount of the fraud check. Two days after that I get another letter that there was one fraud check and I am out the money for it plus the charges. Two days after that I get a letter that now all the checks are frauds and I am responsible for the balance of all the checks. This is nearly $10,000. I am waiting to the first of July to find out what my bank account is going to say because I don't know at this point. I had three direct deposits set up into that back. Two of which I could change and one I have to wait until August.

What I think needs to happen to make Banks safe and better: 1. What ever you put in it is what remains in it. 2. Checks should be verified before they are cashed. 3. No fees or overdrafts should take place. 4. When you debit a transaction it should reflect immediately. 5. No Bank worker should abuse their power when it comes to your money in your account. 6. The rules on the bank should be the same for everybody. 7. Everybody should only get to spend the money they have and not go over more than $500. 8. I think checks as currency should be obsolete.

product review

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Katherine Valdez

I am a mom and housewife. I am 41 years old and I live in Fort Worth, Texas. I just finished my Associates degree in Social Work. I have just recently attempted to get back into the workforce. I hope I can find a regular paying job.

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