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by The Author Blogger about a year ago in fiction
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Chapter Seven

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Hey guys, the author blogger again. So, how's it going? Ya, ya you probably must be thinking 'bro you need a new punchline' but sadly I am out of ideas. Right down below is chapter seven of my book and if you haven't read my chapter six yet please, please click here.



It was idiotic, of all the things that Jason had done this was one of them that had deserved an Oscar for stupidity. He had noticed a couple of men staring at them intently, there were five of them and yet he ignored them. On top of all that, instead of firing back or ducking for cover he just stood there frozen in shock for the second time of the day. Fortunately, Jane pushed their table against the shots and ducked behind it, pulling him on the way. When Jason snapped back into his senses, he took out his gun and started firing but his bullets never found their target. He knew they couldn’t fight them even by a long shot. He looked around desperately trying to find a shimmer of hope, while Jane tried to shoot them with a gun, which she produced from her handbag.

Then Jason’s eyes rested on the exit. Yes, that was the only way.

He spoke, “Hey, listen! There…..”

She interrupted, “If you’re gonna say some kind of last words or something, Cleeves, you better shut up.”

He reddened, “No I have a plan.”

“Ok. That I can do.”

“There is only one exit, I want you to run all the way there while I cover you…”

She tried to interrupt, but he continued, “Once you are there I want to you cover me while I run. Ok?”

He knew it might be foolishness to trust her but there was no other way and this was also the only way he could know whether to trust her. She nodded.

“Ok, on my mark, 1..2..3!

She ran as if her life depended on it while Jason provided cover for her. Once there, she started firing giving cover for him while he ran like anything. When he was, only two steps from the door a bullet hit him on his back and he fell on to his head and blacked out.


When Jason opened his eyes, he was in the backseat of a car. He looked around and saw that it was his rented car. He saw Jane reading something from a brochure in the driver’s seat. He could still feel the pain from his bullet wound but it was much better than when it had entered his body.

Suddenly Jane said, not taking her eyes from the brochure, “Hello Sleeping Beauty!”

“Hey! How long was I out? What happened?”

“You were out for a couple of hours. After you made it through the party, I found your car keys in your pockets and I knew we weren’t safe there. So I drove away.”

Jason nodded, “Thank you!”

“No problems, just don’t expect it always”, she replied with a sly smile.

“You weren’t done with your story…” he trailed off.

“Ya, well… after I was assigned to the mission I knew it was just at trick to get me away from camp but what could I do, I couldn’t disobey orders so I went in search for you. But the next day itself I got a message from a friend at camp that I was declared enemy and that’s when I got his game. But why he selected you in this game I didn’t know.”

Even Jason didn’t know why. John was his closest friend and why should such a man order his death. He felt a stab of pain at the thought. The man who he had called a brother, whom he had trusted had betrayed him. Jason didn’t know what to feel. But what is she is lying, no he couldn’t trust her not yet anyway. Now a new thought arose in him, is it possible that John was the reason for Shoun’s death but could he do that. Shoun was like a father to him. When Jason talked about his suspicion to Jane. She said, “Yes, my friend informed me about it and also I feel that John has something to do with it.”

Jason noticed tears in her eyes and he quickly changed the subject, “So what’s the plan?”

“We need to find the relation between John and the Exousia and also their plans on mission Doomsday, for that we need head to Russia, the main base of the Exousia.”


Hope you like this chapter. If you require the full book you can find it here on Amazon. And I would really like to hear your comments on my book so comment your thoughts on my YouTube channel.

See ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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