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Michigan Woman Bit Another Woman's Ear Off Because She Believes She's A Wolf Attacking A Vampire

Victim Testified The Woman Acted Like She Was Going To Kiss Her, Then She Savaged Her Ear and Body

By Jasper WolfPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Allison Weaver

Inside of Rochester Hill's apartment complex, Allison Weaver was found covered in blood. Weaver is not the victim. Her unnamed friend accused Weaver of attacking her.

The two were assumingly getting ready to kiss. The victim states that Weaver was on all fours, leaning in to kiss when she savaged her face and ear. She also stated she even attacked her body. The victim also states that before the attack, Weaver told her she was going to die that day.

Reports say that she had bitten off the victim's ear as well was "munching" on her face. Police was alerted to the scene when a neighbor stated the two women where "fighting".

Allison Weaver

Police arrived, and outside the apartment they heard someone moaning for help. Police state they entered the unlock door and went into the Master Bedroom where both women were partially nude, wearing only a pair of underwear. Weaver was "Hovering" over her victim.

Next to the bed is where the two women laid covered in blood, dazed and confused. During the questioning, Weaver states the two were having consensual sex. She continued to say that her victim was the vampire and she was the wolf.

Deputies did learn that Weaver and her victim were neighbors. Weaver did make sexual advances toward her victim which got them in the situation that occurred. The victim continued to state that Weaver had kissed her with an open mouth, but she just laughed and brushed it off as nothing.

Weaver At Court

The Victim continued her side of the story stating that she told Weaver she was not interested in any sexual romance that evening. Shortly after that, Weave jumped on the bed on all fours and giving the victim an "evil look". She tried saying, "Allison, what's wrong? What are you doing?" That's when the victim says she looked "feral" and jumped on her for the attack.

Police state that the victim was in and out of consciousness. Her ear was gushing blood and Her body was riddled with bites. She stated she could feel that her cheek and ear were gone. She did also know that she was bitten in her breast, stomach, and groin.

Weaver denied the blood was real. She spoke to the authorities as if the two were just roleplaying. Police do believe that Weaver was drunk and was stuck into the local hospital drunk tank to sober up.

The victim's official statement to the court was, "My whole neck was strangled," the victim said. "I was on the floor. I could feel -- I can still feel every single moment of it -- the pain of it, losing consciousness, not being able to breathe, how badly it hurt everything, the bruising on it -- that was there forever. My neck was so swollen my chin couldn't meet my chest and I lost some kind of consciousness during this. Next thing I remember after her strangling me -- I only remember a couple of things -- I remember her strangling me. The next thing I remember is trying to get away and hearing her, as clear as day, with no reflection in her tone, just saying, 'Sorry (name), but you're gonna have to die today. I just started screaming bloody murder and banging on the floor, (saying), 'No, no, no. I can't believe I'm going to die like this. Someone come and please help, help, help.'"​​​​​​​

This case is unlike any other case the police have ever witnessed. Weaver was set with $75,000 bond. But Weaver has to wear a GPS on her tether.

Weaver was released because her lawyer stated to courts that she should be released due to being single mother.


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