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Little Black Book

by good 8 months ago in fiction

Little Johnnie and the little black book

Little black book,

Little black book,

You’re as precious as diamonds are to a crook.

Little black book,

Little black book,

So many lives and dreams you took.

You were so dear to grandma,

And unforgiving and ruthless like karma.

Grandma was the youngest of eight,

Of an unfortunate family full of hate.

She was deprived of affection,

Starved of warmth and emotion.

Growing up, she knew what she had to do,

To make her life and fate not fall through.

She started working odd jobs as a kid.

Selling papers and scrubbing floors, she did.

Every single penny she earned,

Made her vicious, heartless and undeterred.

But after years of meager occupations,

She knew it wouldn’t’t help her achieve her ambitions.

She had to be smart and make use

Of her wits and allure to seduce.

That’s when she met the Waltons,

A family synonymous with riches and mansions.

She was hired to clean their stables,

And tend to the fine horses of Ms. Mabel.

She handled her tasks so well,

And in every single chore, she excelled.

Ms. Mabel believed in her so tremendously,

That she became the main help to the family.

This was the fatal mistake they made.

That ended and sealed their fate.

Half a century and five children later,

Grandma had twelve grandchildren that embraced her.

Every Christmas, she gathered them around,

And shared stories of treasures she found.

Stories of wild adventures she told,

Riches, wealth and others spoken in code.

She always read from this book;

A worn out, disheveled little black book.

No one really paid attention

To the vast wealth that she mentioned.

For they saw grandma as timid and soft spoken,

And to believe her wild stories, is to be mistaken.

But Little Johnnie was special,

The only kid grandma saw with a potential.

Little Johnnie was clever and wise,

A deceitful young rascal in disguise.

He was amazed by her stories,

And intrigued and captivated by their glories.

One night, grandma called the kids around

To share a story so profound.

She spoke about a family from the past,

A family entrenched with riches so vast.

Five pages from the little black book

told a story.

For each of the five members of the Walton family.

Baby Jane was only four,

When she was mauled by an alligator.

Ronald was the second son,

Supposedly struck by truck at twenty- one.

Jeremy was the first born,

He was destined to take over and be adorned.

At twenty- five, he was consumed by a bacteria

When he was traveling in the Americas.

Ms. Mabel was so devastated,

For she felt that their death had been premeditated.

She spent times at her stable,

Trying to figure it out, yet unable.

One day, she took her prized stallion for a ride,

Only for it to be spooked as she fell as it strides.

As she fell to the ground,

She saw grandma with a grin lurking around.

She hit her head and that led to her demise.

At forty- three, her battered body lies.

The next morning,

grandma welcomed the day with a new beginning.

She had choreographed these vicious crimes,

To perpetuate Mr. Walton’s evil and heedless designs.

He thought grandma yearned for him,

To share a passionate, undying love within.

But unbeknownst to him,

Grandma was after his wins,

She knew he had stashed away lumps of cash.

In their perfectly manicured grass.

That night she made him dig, dig and dig,

Until they hit a chest that felt really big,

Grandma was so delighted,

For this was the treasure she had long awaited.

As they opened the dilapidated chest,

A mere $20,000 it possessed.

Grandma was so infuriated,

For she thought this man was loaded.

Unfortunately, she was too preoccupied and blind,

To see that his finances had long been in decline.

That night, she ended it all.

With the last of the Waltons, fall.

After Grandma read this story,

All of the kids but Little Johnnie were snoring.

She knew that this was the kid,

That earned the treasure she hid.

She told Little Johnnie a secret,

A specific place where the money was at.

On the last page of this book, she told,

You will find a red house by the railroad.

There, you’ll see a lady with a book, she holds.

Once, she departs this earth she said,

Grab her book to uncover the treasure ahead.

Little Johnnie as the wise and clever kid,

Figured out the puzzled and was thrilled.

Grandma was the lady

who lived in a red house by the railroad.

Who possessed a book that holds

the secret of the treasure so old.

Little Johnnie was so ecstatic,

That he made a plan so tragic.

It was a peaceful, somber midnight,

When he plotted to end grandma’s light.

He offered to make grandma her tea,

As he added leaves from a poisonous tree.

With a devious smile and a plot so grim,

He handed her the tea as he beamed with excitement from within.

In a few moments she grasped for air,

And immediately collapsed and fell off her chair,

Little Johnnie quickly grabbed the little black book

And grazed the pages as he looked.

He then went to the last page as was told,

Where the location of the treasure was exposed.

On it said, “underneath where I rest,

Is where I kept the old treasure chest”.

Without guilt and hesitation,

Little Johnnie went and looked for the treasure.

After hours of searching

Little Johnnie finally found the money, teeming.

He left grandma’s house hastily,

As her dead body laid in the cold helplessly.

And as someone would plea,

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

- Little Johnnie



newbie writer and explorer

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