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Kyle Rittenhouse Flexes his White Privilege

by Liam M 10 days ago in guilty

America has a massive problem on its hands.

Kyle Rittenhouse Flexes his White Privilege
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

America has normalised white privilege; this court case has proven this to be fact. Therefore, you shouldn't be surprised at all by the result of this court case. For some reason, people born as "white" in America are deemed better than those of any other race. America has reinforced its love for those of "white" skin by letting this young murderer walk free.

Imagine if Kyle was a black man for a moment. If so, he wouldn't have made it to the protest before being pulled over and shot by police. Imagine if the said black man made it to the march past the police, he would not have made it into the trial. He would have been shot and killed on the spot. But this isn't the case; the young man in question is white and stinks of privilege.

If you don't see that this is a race issue, you are either from America or blind. If you think this was a case of self-defence, then you are insane. How can anyone claim self-defence when they travelled to a different state with a fucking automatic rifle, shoot and kill, then claim self-defence. Well, you can do that. But only if you're a white male. Otherwise, I don't think you have enough privilege points to stay alive and have your charges dropped without a slap on the wrist.

Victim state

Kyle cried as a "victim" for the majority of this court case. He is a child of America, born of privilege and freedom. Given his white card at birth and taught how to use and abuse his skin pigment. His feelings were only approved and groomed by the narcissistic orange man.

Trump created the epidemic of white privilege; he reinforced and encouraged it. He incited the January 6th Capitol attack whilst encouraging the angry white people of America to raise and fight the "man".

Trump's time in the Whitehouse has created people such as Kyle; America has created a disease of "white", a plague of pathetic people who claim to be the victim. These "victims" cry after massacring innocent people; they show no remorse for the real victims. They only fear spending their lives rotting in prison; this is why they cry. Not because they are sorry. They cry because America has taught them that white people are always the victim. No matter how heinous their crimes are. Now the judge has reinforced this notion, and we can expect many more cases like this in the near future.

Trump even went out of his way to congratulate Kyle for the outcome of the trial;

"Congratulations to Kyle Rittenhouse for being found INNOCENT of all charges, it's called being found NOT GUILTY - And by the way, if that's not self-defense, nothing is!"- Former president Trump

Proving that white power gives you the ability to manipulate and play with the laws and rules within the American justice system.

The reality of America

Grand Theft Auto is no longer a computer game; Fox news streams the events live every damn day.

Americans act like they're playing this game, running around with assault rifles, white privilege cards on show. If they are caught, they escape the charges, as if they just reloaded the fucking game from the best last save point. Free to walk away from the court house to continue life as before.

It's honestly insanity in action, and it is reality T.V gone wrong. It is white privilege in action, only getting reinforced with every other news event.

America has become a T.V show on steroids, guns and meth. This has to be a colossal joke, like the Truman show gone wrong. I can't believe what is happening.

It is no longer the land of the dreams, the land of the brave or free. It is a literal hell hole of poverty, death and white privilege. A place where other races are no longer safe. Where white people walk the streets with automatic rifles, kill people and get to carry on with life.

If Kyle can do this and get away with it, what's stopping other people from at least trying to? There are a lot of angry white men locked up in their mum's basements. They are angry at the world, they are annoyed that they're not rich. Pissed off because they're not sleeping with hundreds of hot women. Hating the world because they believe everyone is against them.

Believing they have the right to own a gun and kill people freely. Because they are white after all. It's because of this fact that white people can go onto the street, shoot and kill [insert minority here], and get away with it.

Cancel America

Now is the time to strip America of its power and put it in its place. Time to press the reset button, turn off the television and ignore their antics. There are enough celebrities being cancelled, why the fuck aren't we cancelling the whole damn place. Wipe it from the face of the earth, start afresh. Begin a new life tomorrow without the madness of America haunting us. With them forever invading our TV screens and freedom.

We don't want it anymore, we don't need more Kyles in the world. We no longer need America to be the powerhouse of the world. That experiment has been running for long enough and it's gone wrong, horribly wrong. Turn it off, reset, and forget it.

If you currently live in America, get the fuck out now. Leave them alone to enjoy their guns, freedom, and white privilege.

If you want to stay, then you need to address the issues that surround your country. There are a lot of them.


Liam M

** I am trash **

Brit living in Germany, living the sober life. Suicidal thoughts and organ failure brought me here, the lessons I learnt kept me here.

Writing about life, sobriety, money and all things inbetween

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Liam M
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