Killer Candy

by Bonnie Black 2 years ago in guilty

Poison in a Colored Paper

Killer Candy

Candy, also called sweets or lollies, is a confection that features sugar as a principal ingredient. Also known as: poison in a colored paper. I can't stand candy. The last time I had candy was when I was five years old. I almost died from choking on a small-ish piece. Every Halloween I pass goodie bags of pencils, small notepads with characters on them, a small bag of mini cheese balls, and a small toy. Candy is not tolerated in my house. Sure you can hate me all you want but I will never give in. I'm not a health freak either. I'm Emilia Grey. A teacher at Candran Elementary school.

It's October and the kids are very excited for Halloween, for costumes and of course candy. The children tell each other the kinds of candy that the hope they get. Big and small. Chocolate or gum. Sweet or sour. Hard or chewable. But for my class, the classroom has rules about food in my room. NO CANDY. They must save it in their lunch bag for lunch or keep it at home.

"Miss Grey?" asked one of my students.

"Yes my dear?" I replied.

"Why can't we have candy in the classroom?"

I look up to see Halo. A young seven-year-old girl with brown hair, a bright smile, and blue eyes that could change anyone's heart.

"Well, it's a distraction to the other students who are learning and it's not fair to the others," I tell her in a polite matter.

"Boris said that you hate candy, Miss Grey."

I stare at her with a blank face and then look at the young boy behind her sitting on a chair by the bookshelf. Boris. A seven-year-old boy. Troublemaker and had been sent home four times last year because of bad behavior.

I look back at Halo with a smile and say, "It's none of Boris' business. Just keep to your own thought of mind and you don't have to worry, ok my dear?"

"Yes, Miss Grey," she answers.

Weeks go by and it's finally Halloween. But within the last couple of weeks things got out of hand. Boris, being a little rebel, brought candy in. He passed it out to his friends in class and they all ate it during a lesson I was teaching. Anyway, Halloween is here and by the time the holiday came around I lost my mind. I bought a big bag of candy and I started tapering it. Razor blades, needles, poison, etc. But I didn't think it was enough. Later that night I went out and I started to kill children who I knew from my class. One by one. But around 1:00 in the morning I was caught.

"Police have documented a case of Emilia Grey randomly distributing poisoned goodies to children on Halloween and then later murdering them." The report on the prison TV had played. "The only surviving child from this woman's class at Candran Elementary school is young seven-year-old Halo R. Gazrima."

My inmate looks at me with a sad face."You ruined my child's life," she says. "And you ruined yourself too. They won't keep you here for long. They'll take you away and kill you for your crime."

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