Jodi Arias and the 10 Year Anniversary of Her Crime

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Jodi Arias and the 10 Year Anniversary of Her Crime

I remember hearing about Jodi Arias in 2008 after she made headlines for the brutal murder of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander. He was stabbed 27 times, shot in the head, and had his throat slit. I remember I couldn't believe a "hot blonde" with "innocent eyes" could be capable of such a serial killer-like action. Especially when she lied to the public, not once, not twice, but a handful of times to try and clear her name. Although none of her attempts were successful, why did she continue to lie? What did she get out of the whole thing? But most importantly, why did she commit one of the most brutal crimes known to mankind?

If you watched her 48 Hours interview, you noticed how "well" Jodi tried to play the victim card. She made a whole story up about two intruders trying to rob them, escaping, and leaving Travis behind to die. After that, (a recurring phrase throughout the trial) everything was a "blur." When evidence surfaced, (photographic, I might add) Jodi was set to let the truth break free. Yet, Jodi continued to do what she did best. Lie.

She accused Travis of being a pedophile, owning the gun, and being abusive. She claimed his death was unintentional, as it was an act of "self-defense." Yet, these were all lies sprinkled on to the cake, right in front of his family. Keep in mind Travis was a Mormon and a motivational speaker, his loved ones nor the public believed it one bit. But I guess when you're trying to avoid the death penalty (even though you...umm...) you'll say anything to save yourself. And that's exactly what she did.

In the end, Jodi was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without parole. Justice was served seven years later, yet, the question we all wondered still hasn't been answered. Why did she really do it?

Could you possibly love someone so much it leads you to do the unthinkable? Was she really that in love with him? Were there mental illnesses/demons she was dealing with no one else knew about? Did Travis say/push her to a point of no return?

Jodi was obsessed with Travis. She converted to his religious affiliation, she endlessly stalked him, and she caused damage to his car. When the 9-1-1 call was made after his friends found his body, the first person they mentioned was Jodi.

I guess we will never really know. Jodi could come out with a book or really any other medium with her truth, but will it be true?

Maybe this is one she'll take with her to her grave. Maybe one day she'll find peace.

As for Travis's family, they may never. I mean how can you when you have to live with the images of the gruesome murder of your loved one all over the trial, all over the internet?

If you want to look more into the case (it's very interesting all around), I suggest watching the Lifetime movie if you can find it (I'm not too sure if Netflix still has it). I'm not a big fan of Lifetime movies, but this one was spot on. It even made you feel a tad bit sorry for her before she went psycho. They really did a great job with it.

If you would rather not watch the movie or can't find it, well you're in luck. YouTube is filled with videos from the trial, her 48 Hours interview, news reports, and more. Keep in mind it is a very gruesome case, so warning if you have a weak stomach.

May Travis Alexander rest in peace.

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