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Blessings and welcome to Breaking The Matrix Podcast, where no topic is off limits, no matter how controversial. The goal is to foster independent critical thinking and question the status quo of the corrupt criminal power structure. Call me MorpheuX (pronounced ‘Morfy-X’) and I’ll be your humble guide down this strange rabbit hole to breaking the matrix together.

We got much to cover so let’s get started, shall we?

In the weeks leading up to the recording of this episode, Fakestream Media aka Mainstream Media reported that Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested on July 2nd at a New Hampshire estate. For those who are still living under a rock --no offense intended but DAMN y’all gotta wake up before it’s too late-- Ghislaine Maxwell is known as Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend and accomplice. Here’s my analysis of this whole sordid sick situation involving these two disgusting individuals.

First and foremost, I’m not going to go into all the specifics and details of who Jeffrey Epstein is and what he did, plenty of info out there. In short, a pedophile of the highest order. My take and I will continue to maintain the assertion that Epstein did NOT commit suicide, he was either executed/assassinated by parties looking to remain in the shadows and keep him silent, OR, most likely, he was extracted back to Israel because allegedly he was a high-level Mossad operative who used his wealth to gain access to powerful men of great influence in key positions and lured them to his estates and infamous Pedo Island where they were captured in photos and videos in compromising situations with minors and children (classic Honey Pot Entrapment tactics used by intelligence agencies), thus blackmailing them to do whatever he and/or Mossad and/or The Ruling Class of Psychotic Criminal Bankers wanted --y’all know whom I’m referring to).

This is not a claim I make lightly, as I understand it could put my life in great danger. However, should anything happen to me, just know it wasn’t suicide and it definintely isn’t related to COVID-19. That said, in the now infamously soft plea deal Alexander Acosta made with Epstein’s attorney’s, it was revealed that Epstein might be a part of an intelligence agency. Hmmmm, wonder which one that could be?! Okay, freeze that thought in your mind. Let’s look at his accomplice.

Ghislaine Maxwell is often referred to as a socialite. UGH! Gimme a break. In reality, she’s a Madame who recruited all the underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein, groomed them and even participated with him in the sexual assault and abuse. A close examination of her background, and with simple queries on DuckDuckGo or other search engines, you’ll come to find out that her dad, Robert Maxwell, was a Mossad agent, there’s even a book about it: Israel’s SuperSpy, look it up.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, or a genius, or even a ‘conspiracy theorist’ to connect the dots here and see the bigger picture. Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell both were intelligence operatives working for Mossad who gathered dirt and intel on people in positions of power, to use it against them as blackmail, in order to secure Israel’s best interest no matter what and at any cost, irregardless of the traumatizing toll it took on the lives of hundreds -perhaps thousands of innocent girls. That’s the sick world we live in. That’s the low-frequency-bandwith ways of the Draco-Reptilian Ruling Class.

Here comes a serious question for you to consider and contemplate: have you (or anyone you know) seen any footage or mug shots or any photographic evidence to prove that Ghislaine Maxwell was placed under arrest by the FBI??? I’ve searched high and low and all over, and as of the date of the recording of this episode, have yet to find any evidence to substantiate the MSM’s claim that Ghislaine Maxwell is currently in FBI custody. Where’s the proof? How come not one single picture has emerged of this low-life sociopath in handcuffs or being escorted to jail??? Lemme know if YOU find something, but tell you what, I won’t be holding my breath.

The suspicious circumstances surrounding Epstein’s supposed ‘suicide’ and Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest, not withstanding the mystery of his wealth and her dad’s ties to Mossad, makes me doubt EVERYTHING that comes from any lamestream media outlet. They will not report the unbiased unfettered truth because they’re not allowed to. Any sane logical person who digs enough into this whole Jeffrey Epstein pedophile ring will come to the same conclusion: they operated honeypot entrapment operations luring men into compromising situations with children and minors which in turn they used against them in order to execute a pro-Israel agenda.

It remains to be seen whether they’ll even be a trial for Ghislaine Maxwell, or will she too be Jeffrey Epstein’ed (i.e. “die” under very questionable circumstances). There was a post I saw and reposted on Instagram of a BBC News’ article which purportedly stated Ghislaine Maxwell got the coronavirus, but get this, it was dated July 11th (which as of the date of this recording is still a few days away). BBC News is also the outlet which stated LIVE ON AIR that the WTC Building 7 collapsed on 9/11, before it actually happened. So, do they know things we don’t, or is it just another hoax, someone photoshopped the article? I’ll leave you to decide that on your own.

Some people credit (mainly the Q Anon community), they credit Donald Trump for exposing this underground international pedophile ring that involves high ranking government officials, members of royal families, and famous celebrities, but I’m not going to go that far. If he really wanted to expose them, he would’ve made 100% sure that Jeffrey Epstein was placed under 24/7 surveillance in a maximum security prison and made it to trial to testify against Bill Clinton and Bill Gates and others whose name appears on the Lolita Express manifest, OR... maybe he made a secret deal to release Epstein in exchange for favors or for his own protection. Who knows, anything’s possible.

If you wanna dig further into this strange rabbit hole, and connect more dots, check out the post on July 6th, on my website, the one about Laura Silsby, and the Clinton Foundation and Child Trafficking out of Haiti. The Elites are truly a bunch of sick demented fucks.

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Welcome back.

Keeping with the central topic of disgusting pedophiles, a major bizarre story broke out in the truth community which allegedly involves child trafficking and a major online furniture website. I repeat, this is all based on independent research, and of course, the company in question has refuted and denied all claims of child trafficking. Talking about the Wayfair-Gate scandal.

A user on the site 4Chan came upon this it seems totally by accident. They came across certain pieces of furniture on Wayfair like pillows and cabinets, which were listed with ridiculous price tags in the tens of thousands of dollars. Pillows for 14 G’s? Yeah, highly suspect. What’s bizarre is that these listed items had names that didn’t make sense like for example, Cody Pillows or Samantha cabinet. The names happen to coincide coincidentally with the names of MISSING CHILDREN. Told you it’s bizarre. Now, whether or not management at Wayfair are involved or not, it remains to be seen, but as mentioned, they categorically reject any claims of child trafficking.

Honestly, how can you NOT be aware that some items are listed with outrageous price tags? Isn’t there some kind of verification/approval process when you list items??? Also, digital soldiers have discovered that there are perhaps similar cases on Amazon and Etsy. So, is there a child trafficking ring operating on the surface web using major websites and cloaking their trafficked victims as pieces of furniture with exorbitant prices, and only those ‘in the know’ are aware about it and know where to look and order these ‘special pieces of furniture’ knowing fully well that it’s not cabinets or pillows they’re ordering, but young boys or girls? Is that a slight possibility? Sadly, we live in a fucked up world, so yeah, I hate to say it, it is a realistic possibility. UGH, it makes me sick just thinking about it.

Why isn’t any MSM outlet doing some type of investigative journalistic report on this bizarre case? Why do they quickly dismiss it as ‘conspiracy theory’? Maybe because they’re told they’re not allowed to because the dots that would be connected would involve high level officials, royals, and executives in the fakestream media world, in Washington, in Hollywood? Sadly, higher degree members of secret societies and pedophilia are intertwined, that’s why Hollywood has been mute and silent about child trafficking and child sexual abuse, it’s part of their rituals to initiate actors, artists, directors, singers, you name it, into their fucked up demonic cult. Corey Feldman has plenty of horror stories to share, maybe if he’s listening, who knows it’s possible, but if he is, I’d like to have him as a special guest on the podcast.

I don’t get why so many people are enamored by Hollywood celebrities, when a bunch of their idols are sadly, nothing but disgusting degenerates who use dark comedy, to cover up any evidence of their (possible) pedophilia allegedly. Like Chrissy Teigen for example. She went on a delete rampage removing old tweets that are extremely inappropriate. Who, in their right mind, would say a baby looks like a porn star? Or another tweet from Teigen: I’m about to Anthony Weiner this kid (go to to see those screenshot of tweets which have since been deleted). WHAT THE SERIOUS ACTUAL FUCK?! Come on, don’t tell me, it’s dark humor or comedy or whatever, there’s absolutely nothing funny about such a dumbass perverted statement. That’s just one example, there’s plenty more, from her, from Sarah Silverman, and others.

Alright enough with this dark stuff for the time being. I don’t want to put more negativity into the world, it’s just to expose what’s really going on behind the scenes so people are aware and don’t worship these false idols.

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Welcome back

I wanted to take time to talk about a growing pandemic in the internet world. CENSORSHIP. More specifically YouTube’s censorship. Now I realize you’re probably listening or watching this episode from the world’s largest video streaming platform, and that speaking out against this techno-tyranny will probably get me banned or de-platformed but it’s a risk I’m willing to take. In recent weeks, I’ve had several videos pulled down from YouTube, citing the specific uploads as ‘inappropriate content’, when it is only exposing lies, and deceit. The videos in question all relate to COVID-19, and question the legitimacy of face masks in preventing or slowing down the pandemic, or how masks decrease oxygen levels. No one is calling the coronavirus a hoax. A planned psyops false flag operation, yes, but hoax it is not. That’s not the issue here. The issue is the Orwellian/Draconian laws being passed to impose the will of the deep state upon the population. The issue is scientific data and medical professional whistleblowers being suppressed because they undermine the whole mainstream fabricated narrative to manufacture fear and induce a snitching culture agenda. The issue is that they’re trying to control what we’re allowed to listen to or watch because it is deemed a threat to the NWO / Bill Gates/ GAVI/ Anthony Fauci/ WHO / Mandatory Chipped Vaccination/ ID2020 agenda. Are people NOT allowed to watch videos, and make up their own minds??? Why the Censorship Gestapo then, what does it prove? It proves those who think outside the mainstream box, the box built by the Corrupt Criminal Ruling Class to imprison our minds, it proves the ones who question the status quo are the true unsung heroes of our times.

YouTube is on the wrong side of history here. The side of history which most closely resembles the burning of books. Freedom of Thought is currently under attack. Freedom of Expression should always be used responsibly, however, when that freedom is used to speak truth to power, to expose lies and deception, it should NOT be deemed ‘inappropriate content’. Alas, it’s a private company, they’re allowed to do whatever the fuck they want, I get it. However, I simply disagree with their techno-fascist policies, and that’s why there are more and more social media platforms and video streaming sites popping up which do not censor the cold hard truth. Sites like Minds, BitChute and Parler for example are growing rapidly, all thanks to the YouTube Censorship Gestapo. I’ll continue posting to YT for the time being, but eventually, all of us from The Great Universal Spiritual Ascension Awakening community will be driven out of sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. So, if you still wanna post, upload, read or follow independent content that encourage critical thinking, if you VALUE Freedom of Thought and Expression, then you should start looking into non-mainstream sites like the ones I just mentioned.

In a final note, I want to make it perfectly clear that I do not endorse any political party, my allegiance is and will always be to humanity, and to Intelligent Infinity (what many refer to as ‘God’). I serve the Divine Living Cosmos by being a vessel of love, tough love when it needs be, but a vessel of Universal Love nonetheless. I am blessed with certain intuitive gifts, such as Claircognizance (ie knowing certain information without really knowing how I know it, I just simply do, it’s downloaded automatically to my conscience) and Clairvoyance (ie the ability to foresee certain events before they happen and/or to tap into energies and read auras around people). I am not here for fame or popularity or vanity, this isn’t about me, that’s why I will not show my face, because I do not want neither ego nor pride to take over. I will do everything in my power to protect the sanctity of the message of Universal Oneness Awareness through Higher Consciousness. This isn’t about getting accolades or raking up a huge number of followers on social media. This is about being of service to the Divine Living Cosmos, and being an instrument in the awakening of humanity’s collective consciousness, as we all ascend and TRANSCEND into the next phase of our spiritual evolution, unto the next density of our existence, in this Great Universal Spiritual Ascension Awakening.

I want to once again thank all my loyal patrons on Patreon, it truly means a lot that you’re supporting an independent content creator such as myself. If you’re not on there yet, make sure to check out for exclusive content and lots of freebies as well as advanced access to episode releases. Feel free to share this podcast on your social media networks.

Take care of yourself. Be good to others. Stay humble, stay focused, it’s the 99% v the 1%, strive for unity, we’re stronger than what we’ve been indoctrinated to believe.

Till next time,

One Love… BLESS.

MorpheuX MaximuS

Copyright (C)2020-infinity MorpheuX / All Rights Reserved.

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BreakingTheMatrix /MorpheuX
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