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Jealousy Ignites Drama: Florida Woman’s Extreme Reaction to Husband’s Old Flame

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By Matthew JackPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
Jealousy Ignites Drama: Florida Woman’s Extreme Reaction to Husband’s Old Flame
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Can a harmless postcard from the past lead to a shocking murder attempt? Well, yes, it can. Meet Bertha Yalter, a 71-year-old woman from North Miami, Florida, who was arrested for trying to kill her husband after he received a postcard from an ex-girlfriend he dated 60 years ago before their marriage. The incident has shaken the community and ignited discussions about the dark side of relationships and the lingering impact of past romances. What drove Bertha to the extreme? Let’s explore the bizarro details of this incident and delve into the complexities of domestic violence.

The Incident and Police Response

The incident unfolded in the neighborhood of Eastern Shores. It was here that chaos erupted, prompting an emergency call to the police. As the call came through, a man, with fear and desperation in his voice, relayed the shocking details of his harrowing experience: he claimed that his wife had attempted to end his life.

The catalyst for this shocking act of violence? A seemingly innocuous postcard. The husband had received a postcard from a woman he had once dated before his marriage. Little did he know that this nostalgic memento from the past would unleash a torrent of fury from his spouse, Bertha Yalter.

Local law enforcement quickly sprung into action, responding to the distress call. Upon arrival, they were presented with a critical piece of evidence — cellphone footage capturing the brutal attack. The footage served as evidence of the husband’s ordeal, showcasing the gravity of the injuries he had sustained.

The husband’s injuries were nothing short of horrific — bruises, lacerations, and unmistakable bite marks made it abundantly clear that he had suffered greatly at the hands of his wife. The fragile state in which he was found underscored the severity of the assault.

Based on the evidence and the husband’s account, Bertha Yalter was charged with a litany of crimes: attempted murder, aggravated battery against an elderly person, and tampering with a witness or victim.

Background and Relationship History

Bertha Yalter and her husband married for nearly 52 years when the incident occurred. The attack allegedly happened after the husband received a postcard from a woman he dated in the 1960s.

The exact contents of the postcard are unknown, but it greatly angered Yalter and led to a violent confrontation. Yalter’s lawyer stated that the couple had been married for 51 years and that the husband claimed to be okay and regretted the argument. However, Yalter was arrested and charged based on the evidence and the husband’s injuries.

Even though the relationship between Yalter and her husband spans over five decades, the unexpected appearance of the postcard from the husband’s ex-girlfriend ignited a firestorm of emotions, culminating in the assault.

Evidence and Confessions

In the case of Bertha Yalter’s attack on her husband, investigators had a key piece of evidence — cellphone footage. Detectives carefully analyzed the footage, looking for additional clues to shed light on the motive behind the attack.

But the evidence didn’t stop there. During an interview with law enforcement, Bertha Yalter allegedly confessed to depriving her husband of his cell phone and committing the attack. Her confession and the cellphone footage made a strong case against her. However, Yalter’s lawyer vehemently denied the claims of assault and argued that the attempted murder charge was “absurd.”

Despite the lawyer’s defense, the evidence presented, including the cellphone footage and Yalter’s confession, solidified the charges against her.

Legal Proceedings and Charges

Bertha Yalter has been charged with one count each of attempted murder in the second degree, aggravated battery against an elderly person, and tampering with a witness or victim.

In addition to the charges, Yalter has also been ordered to have no contact with her husband during the legal proceedings. Her lawyer, however, remains hopeful that the case can be resolved quickly and in her favor.

A public defender assigned to her case has put forth an argument to downgrade the charge of attempted murder to a domestic battery by way of a strangulation charge. However, prosecutors contend that the alleged attempt to smother her husband with a pillow constitutes attempted murder.


The bizarre case of Bertha Yalter’s attempted murder of her husband over a postcard from his ex-girlfriend underscores the prevalence of domestic violence and its profound long-term effects. This incident serves as a reminder that unresolved emotions and past traumas can resurface years later, leading to dangerous and violent situations. Individuals must address their emotional wounds and seek support to prevent such tragic outcomes.

The ongoing criminal investigation into this case may uncover further evidence and shed light on the extent of the violence and the motives behind it. As the legal proceedings progress, communities must rally around and support domestic violence victims, providing them with the resources they need to escape abusive situations and ensure their safety.

The Bertha Yalter case serves as a reminder of the importance of recognizing the signs of domestic violence and intervening before it escalates to such extreme levels.


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