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If you enter you will not leave at a hotel "Murder Castle" Part 1

Murder Castle

By top7best7Published 5 months ago 3 min read

Here in Chigago, terror chose to invest in a prey reception hotel. He set the geometry of its floors, alleged "murder castle" included a labyrinth of hidden passageways, fake floors, trap doors, and soundproof rooms fitted with vents through which he would deliver poison gas to asphyxiate his visitors.

He would send the bodies to a makeshift morgue in the basement where he would dispose of his victims, only to later sell their skeletons.

The Chicagoans who read the newspapers that morning had already dealt with the first significant piece about an otherworldly guy known as the terrifyingly terrible man, in one of those strange coincidences that can occasionally make history sound like quantum physics. The lengthy report claimed that the worried investor was defrauding his creditors by using secret chambers and labyrinthine hallways in his hotel.

Some descriptions and events

He was a little over thirty years old, and had been in Chicago not long. He was a trained physician and apothecary by trade, and was later described as "a man of medium stature, slight build, and of a very nervous temper. He has a habit of curling his fingers together while speaking. He has a small black mustache and a pair of cold blue eyes, one of which, like his record, Not straight." No one could write a better description of this villain

Soon, people called the building the "Murder Castle". Although subsequent investigations there failed to turn up much of what was particularly damning, an untrained and unqualified new chief of police convinced himself - that he had unearthed a building that would unravel the mystery of every unsolved murder.

By the 21st century, the villain had become famous though as he had built a hotel full of torture chambers to exploit the visitors who came to it and possibly killed hundreds of people, making him the first and most feared serial killer in Chicago. The man was already known as the "King of Criminals" before he was formally charged with murder, but now he has become a true villain.

You can follow the development of the narrative to learn how many of the most well-known anecdotes about him were only the result of idle rumors being disseminated. However, no one has done more than the man himself to turn rumors into myth. Unquestionably, the man was a horrible liar. He lied to all of his spouses, as well as to his friends, lawyers, staff, investigators, reporters, and just about everyone else.

It was a realistic mystery, and everyone tried to find out what the man was doing in that building, and what happened to the people who had disappeared from the place.

How did people talk about him in Chicago?

In Chicago, where a man awaits trial, there are daring detectives, vindictive insurance companies, a brilliant neighborhood attorney, a rising legal star, mad scientists, and conniving reporters. There was even a bumbling lawyer who managed to become the bad guy's lawyer via a cheap ruse - and found himself way in over his head.

Elsewhere in the country, there were more deceived victims, former cellmates, relatives of missing persons, old classmates, and family members who all had something to say about the man.

And in the midst of it all sat the criminal, a frail little man in a prison cell spinning leads for the press and sending detectives on his heels.

Perhaps you have some questions about the story of the victims of the criminal man and how he disposed of their corpses, so let us continue his story in the second part

READ MORE : Part 2.

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