How Marilyn Monroe Really Died

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How Marilyn Monroe Really Died
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I did a project back in 2015 for school on theories of how Marilyn Monroe died. This is based on the information I found making that project. This is just my personal theory that I can’t get out of my head.

Marilyn Monroe's (or Norma Jeane Mortenson's) death in 1962 was labeled as a suicide due to drug overdose. However, the drugs were administered up her buttocks, and she appears to be reaching for the phone in a picture of the scene. This clearly suggests she was murdered. Someone entered her room at night and used drugs to make her look like a suicide.

Marilyn was said to have depression and other mental illnesses. She had medication for these illnesses, but purposefully got more than she needed. She was said to be addicted to drugs and that's where it becomes a believable suicide. However, I think it is just part of her murderer's cover-up.

That was believable for them because Marilyn’s mother was thought to be crazy. She abused drugs and was an alcoholic. She made life very hard for her daughter. This made people think that Marilyn just followed into her mother’s foot septs. I don’t think she did because she tried to make something out of herself by becoming an actress.

Marilyn had relations with both Bobby and John F. Kennedy. (The Kennedys were known for having some women on the side.) I believe that Bobby got upset about Monroe's relationship with his brother, and wanted her gone as soon as he got the chance.

John would often sneak out to meet with Marilyn. They’d go out on dates and had weekend getaways. He made everything sound sweet and nice. JFK had a long-lasting relationship with her, and it seemed serious, at least for Marilyn. He told her that she was first lady material and he would leave his wife for her. John’s "promises" were just lies and it took Marilyn a while to realize that. When she did realize, she was upset about it. Robert knew that this was his chance.

Bobby had a CIA agent take Marilyn out. He said that she was a threat and was going to spill federal secrets. He knew Marilyn was upset and this made her telling secrets believable. There even was an agent who admitted to killing her while he was on his deathbed. His name was Normand Hodges. He was labeled as crazy, and fact checks are calling the news report fake.

This is how I believe Monroe's death went down in her hotel room. She was sleeping, and Normand entered her room. He took her various medications and administered them up her buttocks. She woke up during the process and started struggling. She tried calling for help. Normand had to knock her out, which is why she has bruises on her face. He then let the drugs work their magic and left. She gained a little consciousness and grabbed the phone. She just didn’t get to the phone in time.

The CIA asked Marilyn’s pharmacist to say she was a druggy. They told the people who know Marilyn to not say anything. They made her out to be a suicidal woman traumatized by the way her mother raised her. Then they just said it was a suicide so nobody would be suspicious.

That's just my theory on how she died. I could be wrong, and it could be a suicide or any other theory there is out there. I just came to that conclusion with the information I found. How do you think she died?

Kyla Lee
Kyla Lee
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