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How exciting are the private lives of the rich? Husband and wife both dead in the bedroom, mysterious "family entertainment group" is exposed

The serial murder victims are all rich families, and they were all killed while playing sports. How did the killer do it?

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At 9:00 a.m. on June 17, the police received a report of a murder in the rich community. I went to the scene with my master Randy and my colleague Vivian.

The rich community was a famous aristocratic community in the city. It was full of small single-family buildings with good security. The people who lived there were either rich or expensive. Literally, every security guard in this neighborhood is better equipped than me.

It's a small building on the edge of the West Side, single house, single yard, black iron gate, state-of-the-art fingerprint locks, no signs of vandalism. The interior is simple European style decoration, luxury and neat, but when walking to the bedroom door, a string of shocking bloody footprints destroyed this neat.

The footprints stretched from the bedroom to the bathroom, and even a novice like me could tell that the killer had probably killed someone and then gone to the bathroom to take a shower.

This is not a good sign.

It's usually hard to get a killer who washes off his tracks at the scene of a murder.

The bedroom was a mess, with bloody footprints everywhere and two human figures barely visible on the large European-style bed covered in sticky flesh.

This is the first time I've been in front of something so exciting.

I can't really describe it, but if I had to, have you ever had a beef burger?

A beef Patty in a beef burger. Do you know how to make it?

The selected beef is placed on the chopping board and hammered repeatedly with a hammer until all the blood is hammered out and the meat is soft and rotten...

That's what it feels like.

That day, I threw up outside the door for a long time.

Victim is Jack, male, 37 years old, manager of a construction company. Abby, 35, a bank executive, married to her husband.

The man who filed the complaint was the cleaning lady's son.

According to him, his mother goes to the villa every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am to clean. On Monday 17th, the aunt used her fingerprints to open the door of the villa as usual. When she went inside, she saw the bloody scene. She was so frightened that she almost had a heart attack on the spot.

I spotted a camera hanging brightly in front of the villa and hopefully contacted the company responsible for villa security, only to find that the cameras had been turned off since Saturday morning.

According to the security firm, the cameras are turned off from Saturday morning to weekend night.

To protect the owners' privacy, there are security patrols but no surveillance, except for a less-than-clear camera installed at the entrance.

The shortcuts are mostly blocked.

"What is clear is that there was no sign of damage to the security system of the villa, and there was no sign of a struggle inside the villa, so it is possible that the killer was an acquaintance of the victim who had access to the bedroom."

Randy holds the first case meeting in the conference room.

Medical Examiner Paul also reported on the preliminary autopsy results: "The cause of death for both victims was fractures of the skull, and the weapon used was likely a hammer larger than a fist. Apart from the head and face, the most severe injuries were to the lower body, with varying degrees of fracture to the chest and limbs."

"The time of death was between 10:00 and 12:00 on Sunday night."

"Since the body was naked, I first checked the body fluids and dopamine levels... In short, at the time of death, the two victims would have been engaged in conjugal sports."

The conclusion took everyone by surprise, and even Randy looked thoughtful.

Married couple killed while playing sports... How did the killer do it?

Vivian is the department's criminal psychologist, and she has her own interpretation of the scene.

"The fact that there was a significant amount of overkill suggests that the killer was very angry, very angry and could hardly control himself. Combined with the forensics, I suspect the killer was out of control during the killing. This degree of impulsivity is common in young men, and the murderer, in my opinion, is most likely under thirty-five, impulsive, irritable, unmarried, and generally suffering from a considerable degree of psychological depression, which does not preclude the possibility of mental illness."

"In addition, the bloody footprint at the scene was around a size of 41, which means the killer was not too tall."

Everyone nodded and recorded.

Randy looked at me again. "What about you? What have you found?"

I hesitated. "I checked the closet opposite the bed where the crime happened and found that the contents had been moved to make room enough for one person... And on the inside of the closet door, I found a curly hair that, through DNA, didn't belong to any of the victims. Combined with the medical examiner's findings, I believe that prior to the attack... The killer is probably hiding in the wardrobe."

A picture is popping up in everyone's head.

A couple in what should be the safest home, unsuspecting embrace, kiss, say the most intimate words to bed, happy together love. Next to the wardrobe, but there is a pair of dark eyes always staring at them, eyes.

At the height of their excitement, the wardrobe door suddenly opened! A man rushes out of the closet with a hammer held high, and blood splatters everywhere.

It was chilling.

Generally speaking, no matter how familiar people, will not at such a time, let others hide in the closet, unless there is a special interest.

So at first, we tend to be invaded by strangers.

The fingerprint lock of the villa only recorded the prints of Jack and his wife and the cleaning lady, and over the weekend, there was no record of the cleaning lady opening the door, which can rule her out as a suspect.

So, either Jack and his wife opened the door. Or the killer used some special means to bypass fingerprint locks and security systems,

The security firm insists the latter is impossible.

"The house we specially sent people to do security, the Windows are alloy combination lock, closed after the default lock, can only be opened from the inside."

The Windows at the crime scene were all closed.

"The door is even more impossible. Our fingerprint lock uses the most advanced fingerprint recognition technology in the world. After 32 procedures of encryption, it is networked with the headquarters server in M country. At the very least, even if someone could hack it, it would leave a trail on the server!"

That rules out an outside intrusion, leaving only one possibility: Jack and his wife brought the killer to the house.

The victim turned off the cameras every weekend, apparently on a special schedule. Security guards patrolling the park said that on weekends, the couple often hosted family parties at their home, inviting one or two other families and having barbecues in the yard, which caused complaints from neighbors.

What if someone at the party didn't leave when it was over?

I checked the victim's communication records and found that Jack had a frequent contact with a young man named Leon. Both of them were married and the two families were close.

This weekend, Jack and his wife arranged a party with Mr. And Mrs. Leon. The place was Jack's home!

I immediately tried to contact Leon, but still could not get in touch. Randy sent several armed police officers to me and asked me to take someone to the house to find someone.

Leon lives in another aristocratic community with similar environment and security as Jack's. Even the big iron gate outside the yard and the camera flashing red light on the gate are identical.

I had a bad feeling when I rang the doorbell and no one answered. Around the back, the curtains of the bedroom were drawn, and through the slits looked the color of blood.

Someone from the security company soon arrives and opens the door. The scene is almost exactly the same as the last one. There are bloody footprints everywhere, mangled bodies, and signs of use in the bathroom.

Serial killer.

I sighed. This time I was in big trouble.

Given the likelihood that a serial killer will continue to hunt for similar targets, Randy marshals the entire police force to investigate the case and find a common thread between the two families.

According to the investigation, the two families who were killed are both rich families, living in tight security and excellent privacy of the aristocratic community, with a separate courtyard and living space, the husband and wife are between 30 and 45 years old, no children.

According to colleagues and relatives of the deceased, the couple were outgoing, had many friends and were fun-loving and traveled extensively.

It's a low-risk population in every way.

Forensic tests put the Leons' time of death between 10:00 and 12:00 p.m. Saturday, which means they were actually the first victims.

They never went to Jack's house.

Unlike Jack's, there's no closet in the bedroom, not even a place to hide. The bloody footprints started on the bed and continued outside.

"How on earth did this murderer appear? Or where is he hiding?" Randy was puzzled.

I coughed and said what I was thinking. "Is it possible... The killer was in the bed from the beginning?"

Randy was shocked. "You mean..."

I nodded. "Yes, a threesome."

Randy nodded thoughtfully. He was too old to think about it.

"... This hypothesis perfectly explains the invasion. It seems that the deceased did have a special taste."

I continued, "So it seems that the traces in Jack and his wife's closet may also be a special hobby... They knew there was someone in there, or they let the killer hide in there! I've heard that some people just like to be watched playing sports."

Randy was speechless. "... Young people's world, I don't understand."


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