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Honeymoon Crime Mystery

True events

By Inspire mePublished 28 days ago 3 min read

the story that happened in Sudan in 2002. There was a young Sudanese man from a very respectable and well-off family. He was an architect, and after settling into his professional life and opening his own office, he took on projects and succeeded. Life was going well for him, so he decided to look for a wife. He asked his mother and sisters to help him find one. They immediately suggested a family they knew, a conservative family with two beautiful daughters, Aisha and Reem, who were twins. Both were almost the same age, beautiful, well-mannered, and well-educated. The marriage was arranged traditionally, and he married Aisha without ever seeing her beforehand, based on the description from his mother and sisters.

The marriage went smoothly, and Aisha and the architect, Jamal, moved into a beautiful apartment and had a wonderful honeymoon. However, a month later, tragedy struck. One day, Jamal returned home to find the apartment door open and inside, a horrific scene. His wife was lying on the floor, clothes torn, and she had been stabbed multiple times in the stomach, back, and head. Jamal screamed, and the neighbors gathered and called for an ambulance. When the police arrived, they found another body, a woman named Aya, Aisha’s neighbor who lived in the apartment above. Aya was a divorced woman with four children and had ongoing disputes with Aisha. Aya was found stabbed or struck from behind and was bleeding and unconscious.

Initially, the police thought both women were dead, but the medical examiners discovered Aya was still alive, though in a coma with a severe neck injury and a broken spine. Aya had had several arguments with Aisha over Aya’s behavior towards Jamal. Aisha often confronted Aya about why she always seemed to be around Jamal, trying to talk to him. The ongoing disputes and arguments between the two women were known to the neighbors.

The police were puzzled. Aya’s presence in Aisha’s apartment was unexplained. There were fingerprints of Aya on the murder weapon, a cleaver, found in Aisha’s apartment. Aya’s children identified the cleaver as theirs. The police concluded that Aya had attacked Aisha, but Aisha, despite her severe injuries, managed to inflict a serious wound on Aya before collapsing. The scenario still didn’t entirely make sense, especially considering the deep wounds Aisha had sustained.

The real tragedy was for Reem, Aisha’s twin sister, who was devastated by her sister’s murder. She was deeply affected and dedicated herself to finding out the truth, spending all her time at the police station, the forensic lab, and the hospital where Aya lay in a coma. She became obsessed with solving the mystery of her sister’s murder, rejecting a job promotion to stay close to the investigation.

Months passed, and despite the police's best efforts, the case remained unsolved. Jamal, wanting to move on with his life, proposed to Reem. He wanted to marry her and live in the same apartment where Aisha had lived, hoping they could both find some peace and keep searching for the truth together. Reem accepted the proposal but insisted on staying close to the apartment and hospital, refusing to move far away for any job.

One day at her new job as a school supervisor on the outskirts of Khartoum, Reem noticed a cleaner wearing a necklace that looked familiar. It had the name "Aisha" inscribed in beautiful Kufic script. Reem confirmed with her mother that this necklace had been specially made for Aisha. Convinced that it was the same necklace stolen from Aisha during the murder, Reem took the cleaner to the police.

The cleaner's husband was brought in for questioning and eventually confessed. He admitted to seeing Aisha’s beauty and wealth when he delivered a package to her a week before the murder. Tempted by her jewelry, he plotted with two friends to rob her. They broke into the apartment, intending to steal and assault her. During the struggle, Aya, who had come to help Aisha despite their arguments, was struck by the husband. The husband then attacked Aisha, trying to silence her screams.

The case was finally solved, thanks to Reem’s persistence. The husband and his accomplices were sentenced to death, and the third accomplice received a life sentence. Reem and Jamal could finally find some closure, knowing the truth about Aisha's tragic death.

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