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He Dismembered and Liquified Three People for Consumption: The Arkhangelsk K*ller

He k*lled three people after serving 13 years in prison on a double m*rder conviction

By True Crime WriterPublished 3 months ago Updated 30 days ago 3 min read

In September 2015, Eduard Velerevich Seleznev of Arkhangelsk, Russia, found himself back on the streets after serving a 13-year prison sentence for a 2002 double murder. Now homeless, the mentally disturbed man with a taste for blood chose to k*ll cats, dogs, and birds and eat their corpses. It soothed his need for blood, at least temporarily.

Out of Prison, On The Streets

Life on the streets is tough for anyone, especially someone like Seleznev, a disturbed man considered ‘slow’ by his peers. Content written by Criminal Matters. Although he occasionally slept at homeless shelters and inside unlocked basements, he spent most of his on the streets. Times certainly weren't easy.

Within six months, animals could no longer fulfill Seleznev’s need to k*ll. He would k*ll his first victim after his prison release in March 2016. The victim, a homeless man he met while staying at a shelter, was stabbed to death before Seleznev dismembered his body with an axe.

Seleznev drank alcohol with the man before the m*rder. Controlling another human being is much easier when they are intoxicated, just as killing is likely easier under those conditions.

After the corpse had decomposed, Seleznev liquified the remains and drank the concoction. Liquifing the remains made eating easier for Seleznev, who did not have any teeth. He tossed the organs and leftover body parts into the Volokhnitsa River in the Isagorsk district.

Seleznev Struck Again

Two years passed before Seleznev struck again, taking the life of another homeless man in March 2018. He committed the same ritual as he did with his first victim, only changing the dumpsite to Lake Butygino in the Mayskaya Gonksa District.

This time, Seleznev squatted inside the deceased man’s flat and found work at a meat packing plant. After weeks without word from their loved one, the man’s family visited the flat. Selevnez claimed he was the man’s roommate -until he relocated to St. Petersburg to take on a job that had “something to do with the forest.” The family asked to see identification; Seleznev claimed he did not have ID.

Skeptical of the story, the family asked Seleznev to clean up the mess he made while living in the home as they began searching through things. In the fridge, the family found several unmarked, unpackaged meat lying on a rack. Content written by Criminal Matters. Seleznev claimed the meat was raw fish. The family further inspected the home, finding a jacket with Selevnez’s passport and a bank card with a strange name inside the pocket.

Family Called Police; Seleznev Confessed to Three Murders

The concerned family contacted authorities. Police arrested Seleznev at the flat and took him to the station for questioning.

He eventually confessed to killing, dismembering, liquifying, and eating the remains of three people during the two years before the arrest. He told authorities he stabbed each victim in their sleep, chopped their bodies with an axe, and tossed the remains into rivers around Arkhangelsk.

Selevnez claimed that voices ordered him to kill and consume humans. Despite his claim, psychologists found him sane and capable of standing trial. He recanted his confession at his 2020 murder trial. He then demanded a jury trial. The jury found him guilty and sentenced him to life in prison in a regime colony.


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  • Susan Fourtané2 months ago

    Just when I thought I had heard all about weird people roaming the planet, this. This beast sounds like the reincarnation of a wild animal, something like coyote. He even has a weird face and looks like if he is out of a terror movie. I can't understand why they put him out on the streets. He went from prison to homeless to kill again. There was no chance he was going to become a good citizen with his taste for human smoothies for breakfast. My interest in true crime is in part to try to understand how a human being ends up doing the unimaginable. But some cases are simply to hard to even believe such individuals are walking the streets out there, and some might even be in your neighbourhood. It's terrifying. Now, this one should have marched to the death penalty. Why do you keep someone like this individual alive? There is no point to it. He's proven he's extremely dangerous and no human is safe when he has that need to be fed human flesh. What does he eat in prison? I wonder.

  • Robbie Newport3 months ago

    Pure evil.

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