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by J Carter 2 years ago in fiction
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Chapter 1

Photo by Durotan Mu on Unsplash

Detective Chief Constable Stewart Mason and Detective Sergeant James Scott had been on the road with their girlfriend’s, Becky and Katy, now for about 14 hours and the journey had started to take an effect on them. They finally were greeted by a road-sign reading “Welcome to Scotland”. Both James, Mason, Becky and Katy both perked up and slapped on their playlist they’d both created for their trip. The singing and laughter were contagious. Suddenly, James started cringing as Becky started singing along to, We Are The Champions by rock legends Queen. Her playlist was probably 90% Queen. It was safe to say she had an obsession.

James cringingly pulled out the auxiliary cable from her iPhone and plugged it into his phone for a slightly less deafening playlist. His playlist was a lot more of a variety of classics and not just one person or band repeatedly. They were probably singing for a good 100 miles and still belting out classics. This made the time go much quicker. They were blinded yet completely mesmerised by the oncoming sunset.

They finally arrived in Edinburgh. Mason and Katy stayed in the house that they used to live in before they left for London. It turns out that one of the colleagues who works for the nearest police station and agreed to lease it back to them. He managed to find a spare room at his best friend’s house. James lived with girlfriend, Becky, in a detached house in the Western Corner part of Edinburgh. Whilst, Stewart and Katy found a cosy, 3-bedroom, house in Broxburn. They unpacked the boxes from the car and went up to the bedroom to sleep. They were all asleep within about 30 minutes of entering their houses.

James awoke with the sudden sound of his phone ringing and vibrating on the mahogany beside table. He picked up his phone, unplugged it from the charging cable and was blinded by the screen brightness blasting him in the face. He accepted the call without looking at the caller ID. It was Stewart.

“There’s been a body found on Portobello Beach Promenade. The scene has been locked down, but I could use your assistance on this one. We have another weird one” Stewart informs James

“Okay. I’m on my way. Give me an hour. In the meantime, start doing interviews take all the cameras and cell phones in case someone caught who murdered him on their phone” replied the detective

As James approached the crime scene in his Matte Black Jeep Renegade, they were greeted and briefed by Sergeant Alex Murray and Detective Mason. Sergeant Murray had been working alongside the two detectives before they departed for Old London Town and have now been assigned to them.

The sergeant started to explain to the detective, the condition of the victim.

"Currently John Doe, Cause of Death was a heavy blow to the back of the head caused by a cylindrical heavy object. No wallet or phone was found on the body. We're starting to run the prints through the system"

“Have the interviews been done like I asked” queried James

“We’re just finishing them now. So far, all phones and contact details have been taken. I’m going to send the cameras and mobiles to the lab and see if they can get anything from them” replied the sergeant while glancing at his notepad.

“Good work. Let myself or Stewart know if they retrieve anything from the interviews and get the lab to call us with any updates” replied James

The detectives swivelled themselves and made their way back to the car, but, before they could get near their car, they were shouted upon by Sergeant Murray.

“Hey Mason… Scott… You’re going to want to look at this” shouted Murray

James and Stewart turned their heads around to face the Sergeant.

As the detectives cautiously made their way back to the deceased, they were fighting a bigger battle with the stronger-than-usual winds. Their jackets blew like a sky-dancer at a car dealership. Det. Scott’s thick, black curly hair battled was whisked all over the place, while Det. Mason had no problem with the wind battling with is hair as he was completely bald. His head on the other hand, had a glistening effect to it as the sun bounced off his scalp.

As they approached, Murray pointed with a pair of sterilized tweezers to the small zipped pocket on the victims’ jacket, revealing an object lodged. Murray pinched the object with his tweezers and slowly started to free it from the jackets’ grasp. James and Stewart glanced at the object with a puzzled look on their face. Handing the object to James, he flipped it over to reveal the Ace of Spades playing card.

Mason’s forefinger bounced up and down as if a lightbulb moment had just occurred.

"I’ve heard of this before… There’re a few cases on our data bank of the same style of killing but different places. One in Glasgow 12 months ago, 10 months ago in Melrose, 8 months ago in St Andrews, one in Berwick Upon Tweed 6 months ago, one in Dunblane 4 months ago and last one reported was in Peebles 2 months ago”

He went on to explain… “The killer always places an Ace of Spades playing card as a count or trophy. He also uses a murder weapon normally used in Cluedo Board Game. He was known as the “Ace of Spades Killer” but no one was ever charged or suspected. One of the departments biggest mysteries. He never leaves any fingerprints or DNA at the crime scene. He’s flawless”. Mason said explaining with a worried look on his face.

The two detectives drove off and pursued back to headquarters to gather all of the case files from these murders to see if they can find a link between the victims.

Back at headquarters, Mason worked on obtaining an ID for the victim while Scott investigated the previous murder victims to try and build up a profile of the killer.

James had found a vital pattern to these killings. He called Stewart over to his computer.

"You were right about this being another serial killer murder. The Medical Examiner got back to us, he said that the object used seemed to resemble a lead pipe. In my book, a lead pipe seems like a pre-meditated crime. No one usually carries around a lead pipe every day. The killings made so far were made with an antique candlestick, a military issue dagger, a spanner, typically used in DIY and construction and one shot with a M1907 Semi- Automatic Revolver. A couple of these murders were made with more than one object.

Det. Mason’s computer sounded an alert. An ID had been found for the victim. The two of them shuffled on their desk chairs to his computer station.

“Alright, meet our victim, Stephen Duncan. 31 years old from the area of Edinburgh. Divorced, No kids, and no partner on file. No prior arrests. Worked at a shop in Causeway Side Road. Next of kin listed on file as his sister, Miss Susan Clarke, 33 years of age. She, on the other hand, is on the system with a few teenage arrests, Possession of a Class A drug. Prostitution and Breaking and Entering. Released early on both charges for “exceptional” behaviour. She owns a re-homing pet shop in Stockbridge”

"What shop does the sister own? Asked Det. Scott

“It’s some sort of a cat and dog sanctuary, where pets are taken to if they receive calls suspecting that the pet may be in danger…” replied Mason

“Definitely worth a talk to. Let’s go meet her” said James. They grabbed their jackets off their chairs and walked with a purpose to the garage where their department issued, and personal cars are stored. They left their desks with such conviction that their chairs began to spin around on the spot from the momentum of the jackets. The weather had turned, as the detectives were walking down the staircase, they could hear that it was bouncing with rain. The repeated tapping on the windows was almost deafening. Luckily, they weren’t stepping out of their cars for more than 5 seconds.

They decided to take James’ car as it was faster and a little more stylish. As Mason was very tall, he didn’t enjoy getting into the car as he almost had to crawl into the car. As the car left the garage the rain began to thud off their windshield and they found that the road had becoming slippery and hazardous. Mason smuggingly turned to James as if to say, “I told you so”. Masons car was much better suited to this terrain and part of James should have taken his car as they already knew the severity of the weather.

It was getting very difficult to see the traffic lights and the road ahead. James turned on their wiper blades and put them to full power to even stand a chance of having visibility. As they arrived at the shop, they turned into a side street searched for a parking spot.

As the detectives exited the car, they pulled their jackets up over their head so that they wouldn’t get soaked. The rain was so loud that they had to shout at each other in order to understand what their saying. They took a quick glance at the shop. Stewart looked at James

“I bet you don’t miss Edinburgh now” Yelled Stewart. The rain was getting worse and worse by the minute.

As they opened the door, a bell above the door sounded. James gets startled and looks up at the tolling bell. Stewart startled laughing at James. He startled well. He used to be the centre of all prank-based jokes in the department. Everyone thought he wouldn’t mind but when he approached the persons involved, they didn’t bother him again. I don’t think any one really wanted to mess with a 6 foot 3 inches tall man who was built like a machine.

James brushed his hair through his thick curly hair as he tried to tame his frizz that had occurred

“Heeelllooo” shouted Mason

“I’ll be out in a minute” shouts a lady from the back

The lady walked out from the back of the store and approached the detectives. “Can I help you find something”

The detectives showed their badges to the lady. A surprised look arose on her face.

“Are you Susan Clarke?” Asked Det. Mason

“Yes. And who are you” replied the store assistant

“Detective Chief Constable Stewart Mason and Detective Sergeant James Scott. Metropolitan Homicide Department. I’m sorry to have to tell you this but at 06:30am this morning, your brother, Joey, was found murdered on Portobello Beach Promenade” Mason explained apologetically

Miss Clarke pressed her hands over her mouth and began to cry loudly.

Before he knew it, a cold shiver had raced through her body and Miss Clarke’s appearance seemed to have morphed from this innocent woman who was grieving for her brother, into what looked like a fox type creature. Her nose turned from a slightly red into a wet black colour. Bright tones of orange and white hair appeared all over her. Her eyes were golden and her ears had peaked at the top. She morphed into the most beautiful and majestic being James had ever set eyes on.

Although, for some reason, Stewart didn't look as if he could see the creature as if Miss Clarke still looked human

Det. Scott looked startled and scared. He jerked backwards as he didn’t know what he had just witnessed. Miss Clarke saw the look in his eyes. She stepped backwards and backed away from the detective. Another shiver ran through her body and she changed back into human form.

“Hey, I’m not going to hurt you” said James

“All I want to do is find out who killed your brother”

“We need to ask you a few questions if you’re feeling up to it” asked Det. Mason. A nervous Miss Clarke nodded her head slightly in agreeance. Her eyes widened

“Did your brother have any enemies or anyone that he had an argument with lately?” questioned Det. Scott

“No, we run a business where we help cats and dogs in need. He didn’t have any debts. We take cats and dogs away from their owners so there are some angry customers but none of them act on it”

James asks Stewart to go door to door to see if anyone knew the victim and if they have seen or heard of anything suspicious. Mason exited the store into the pouring rain.

As Mason was walking out of the store, Det. Scott whipped out his notebook from his back left trouser pocket and continued to ask Susan Clarke questions…

Susan interrupted and said “I have never met a person with your abilities before. I’ve only ever heard of stories of your sort of people” said Susan

“What are you talking about” replied James with a puzzled look on his face

“There’s people out there that can see what we really are… We call you Visualites” explained Susan

“What stories” asked James

“Another name for Visualites is Un Capatary, your ancestors used to kill those who weren’t purely human” explained Susan

James went closer to Miss Clarke, leaned over and pointed his finger out to Susan while saying “Well that’s not me... I’m a cop trying to do his job, which is finding your brothers killer. My partner will not take this well, he’s doesn’t take bad or surprising news very well so please do not tell him” said James

“Don’t worry, I don’t want to tell anyone about this” huffed Susan, still a bit startled

Stewart enters the store again after finishing his door-to-door duty and updates Det. Scott.

“Nothing out of the ordinary, no one had seen anything suspicious either. A couple of noise complaints but nothing out of the ordinary”

Det. Scott turned to Miss Clarke and stated “We have no more questions, but if you do think of anything else, please give me a call”

The two detectives approached and exited the store.

Back at headquarters, James’ computer alerted him of a possible new lead.

“Looks like our victim was a known associate of the “Capatary Seekers Gang”

“Who are the “Capatary Seekers Gang?” asked Mason with a puzzled look on his face

“The Capatary Seekers are a street gang who mainly hang around the Royal Mile. Dealing drugs and causing a lot of trouble. Their motto is “Not pure human = Extinction” said James

“He didn’t seem like the type of person to hang around with these thugs!” argued Mason

"Who's noted down as the leader of this gang of thugs" asked Stewart to James

"Leader listed as one Daniel "Danny Boy" Garcia. He's a thug. Note on his file of a distinctive tattoo of a Spider on the back left side of his neck" explained Det. Scott

"I think it's time we paid "Danny Boy" a little visit" suggested James

The two detectives grabbed their jackets from the back of their chairs and raced out the door. The doors of the car slammed. This time it was time to take Mason’s Jeep. The Jeep’s tyres screeched as it raced out of the station garage.

As the detectives approached North Bridge, they spotted a large group of boys that were aged to be late teenagers or early 20’s. As they were getting closer, Det. Scott switched on the sirens which seemed to startle as the gang jerked split. The suspect jumped into his nearby 2019 Ford Focus and raced away to try and escape the detectives.

Yet another chase was afoot. Stewart put his foot down which made the tyres give off a deafening screech. It had been a while they had been in a high-speed pursuit.

As Danny Boy's car got to the bottom of North Bridge, James shifted into fifth gear and the force of the car pushed the detectives to the back of their seat. They were side-by-side with the suspect’s car. As a result of the potholes on the road, James’ car drove ahead while Danny Boy’s car slowed down a bit. He jerked the steering wheel and slammed on the brakes to curb side of the road.

The two detectives jumped out of the stationery car and pointed their standard issue Glock 17¬ pistols at the car

“Get out of the car with your hands in the air. Do it now” screamed Detective Scott.

Fumes were still coming from the wheels of the two cars.

The detectives could see the door opening and the suspects foot come out of the open doored Ford. The detectives tightened their grip on their pistols. The suspect got out of the car with their back facing them with his hands up in the air. He turned around.

Detective Scott’s face changed from a look of intimidation to a look of surprise and shock. He began to lower his weapon.

“What are you doing, Detective” asked Detective Mason

Stuttering James replied “Detective Mason, I want you to meet Daniel Scott… My little brother… Or “Danny Boy” should I say” with a very concerned look

James turned to Gary and asked “Why are you hanging around with people like The Capatary Seekers. They are very bad people”

No reply was given by Gary. He kneeled slowly on the ground with a smug expression written all over his face. Det. Mason stuck Gary in restraints and stood him up and lead him to the assisting patrol car where he would be placed under arrest and had his rights read to him.

As the two detectives got back to their car, James put his back against the door to the car and let out a big sigh with his hands covering his face. Stewart looked at James to make sure he was feeling okay. James looked at Stewart and said “Do you want to grab a coffee. I’m parched and there’s a lovely coffee shop down the road. The two detectives got into their car and drove down Leith Street towards the coffee shop.

With coffee in hand, they walked slowly to the exit and made their way back to their car. As they perched on the bonnet, they took a sip from their cups. A beautiful woman walked past.

She was wearing a professional suit so she must have been a lawyer or an executive or something. She had luscious long blonde hair and slim. James couldn’t believe what he witnessed when this random woman seemed to shiver and morph just like Miss Clarke.

It was a different kind of creature this time. It was grotesque. Her skin almost looked like it was decaying away. The skin turned into a rotten-brown colour. James was so scared, he stood up off the bonnet of the car and his eyes widened. Mason was still none-the-wiser as he started smiling at her and went into some sort of day-dreaming state. Trust me when I say that if Mason could see her true form, he would be so scared he would grab his weapon and point it at this innocent woman who was probably on her way to work.

Stewart’s head shook as he came out of this day-dreaming state. He looked right at me as if he was about to say something highly inappropriate.

“Are you okay there James” sincerely said Stewart

“Yeah, just a bit tired. That’s all” replied James. His eyes did not leave the woman as she kept walked completely unaware that two cops were staring at her.

They walked round the side view mirrors and stepped into the car. He headed back to HQ

James and Stewart walked back into the squad room and went straight to his desk. He turned to Stewart and said “Excuse me a minute. I just need to make a quick phone call”

He walked into the corridor and got his phone out his front right jean pocket. He got out his notepad from his back pocket sifted through the pages to find Miss Clarke’s phone number. He found it, dialled and held the phone up to his ear.

“Miss Clarke, It’s Detective Scott. Myself and my partner spoke to you earlier this morning. I need to talk to you. Urgently. Can I swing by the shop?” queried James hoping she would be able to talk to him

“Yes, of course. I’m out now but should be back in about twenty minutes, if that works for you” replied Susan

“Yes that’s fine. I’ll be there” stated James. He hung up the phone.

James put his phone back into his pocket and took a deep breath and walked to his chair where Mason was waiting for him

He put his jacket back onto the back of his chair and headed straight for the interview room. Stewart saw exactly where he was heading and began to jog to catch up with him. He pulled his shoulder which spun James 180 degrees.

“What are you doing man. You can’t go in there. You’re too close to this guy” argued Stewart

“I need to do my job. I’m a cop. Right now I don’t care that he is my brother, all I care about is finding out who murdered Joey Clarke” replied James in a quiet but angry tone

“Fine but when you go in, just sit there and listen. I will do all the talking. No interfering or it could ruin our chances of getting to the bottom of this murder” Stewart ordered James

Stewart walked past James and walked up to the door of the interview room. Stewart walked into the room and slammed the case file in the middle of the table. “Danny Boy” was still cuffed.

“What have you been up to lately Danny Boy” questioned Mason.

Danny did not reply a word. The same smug expression was still painted on his face. Under the table, Mason saw James’ hands roll into a fist. Stewart could see that James wanted to reach over the table, grab Gary by the throat and slam him against the wall until he’s unconscious. Det. Mason tapped James to make him aware that he could see him. They slightly gazed at each other and Mason shook his head slightly to James. Mason’s eyes were widened a little to James. He turned to look back at Gary.

“Can you tell me where you were in the early hours of this morning” Mason questioned Gary

Gary stayed silent.

“You know, I’m getting really tired of hearing your voice” said Mason with a smirk on his face.

“You know what, If you’re not going to talk. Write it down”. Det. Mason grabbed his notebook from his pocket and slid it across the table towards Gary, along with a ballpoint pen.

Gary hesitated for a minute before dragging his arm into the middle of the table and grabbed the notebook and pen. He flipped open the notebook to a fresh page and uncapped the pen. He was finished writing awfully quickly. Gary closed the pad and put the cap back onto the pen and chucked the two items back to Det. Mason. He opened the pad to find that he wrote down ‘lawyer’ on his lined page. Gary looked back at the detectives and smiled. Mason took ripped out the piece of paper, scrunched it up into a ball and lobbed it on the interrogation table.

Detective Scott hesitated after Mason stood up and just sat there staring at Gary. He slowly got up out of his chair and headed for the door. He still didn’t take his eyes off him.

Mason held the interview room door open for James as he slowly exited the room. As James exited, Stewart followed. Stewart paused to talk to James but James had other ideas. He angrily kept walking and headed for the staircase. Stewart tried to go after him but he had already left the floor before he had a chance to catch up with him.

Thankfully, the rain had gone but the ground was stick soaking wet and puddling still forms everywhere. As James was walking out the staff entrance, he reached into his front right pocket in his dark denim jeans and took out his cigarettes and lighter. He took out a cigarette and lit it.

Back in the department, Mason is trying to determine where the suspect was in the early hours of this morning around the Time Of Death. The only way they could see if anyone suspicious is to get camera footage from the shop around the crime scene in case they saw anything untoward. Mason worked on getting a warrant from the courts to get a hold of the camera footage from the shops.

James came back from having his cigarette and stormed to his desk. He pulled out his chair and sat on it. He put his elbows on the table and put his face in his hands. He let out a big sigh.

"Are you okay?" asked a concerned Stewart

"Yeah I'm good. Just need to catch this killer" replied James in a tiring tone

Det. Mason leaned in towards Det Scott and suggested "Maybe you should sit out on this case for now"

"No I'm fine. Honestly" James said arguing back at Stewart

James’ phone started ringing. Caller ID came up as ‘Unknown’ but did show that it was an Edinburgh registered mobile number. He answered the call.

“Detective Scott, Metropolitan Police Homicide Department” stated James as he answered.

“Hello Detective, It’s Susan Clarke. I have just returned at the shop. When can I expect you?” stated Miss Clarke

“I’ll make my way over now. I can be there in ten minutes” replied Det. Scott

He hung up the phone, stood up and grabbed his jacket from his chair. He turned to Stewart and said “I’ve got a personal errand to make. I’ll be back in a few hours. He grabbed his keys from his top desk drawer and headed for the door. Stewart continued to work at his computer glancing between his computer and a pile of case files.

Detective Scott’s car pulled up at the pet sanctuary. He walked from his car, across the road and entered the shop.

“Susan!” shouted James

Susan walked up to the front of the store with a pile of really old appearing books in her hands. She put the books on the countertop that landed with a big thud. She walked to the front door and flipped over the ‘OPEN’ sign to ‘CLOSED’

“What are these books for” James queried

“It’s your ancestors’ history of who you really are” replied Susan with a sigh

He cautiously walked up to the pile of books, grabbed the top book and silently placed it on the counter. Susan also grabbed a book and started to flick through the pages. She stopped flicking through the pages and landed on one page in particular. She inhaled loudly. She turned the book around so that James could see it.

James took the nearest chair he could see and sat down in shock. The book had pages and pages of pictures and really old-style writing that appeared to be journal entries throughout the past few centuries. Susan is known as ‘Vixenious’ or ‘Vixenousen’ for plural. At the top of the page was a picture of what Susan seemed to have morphed into. All of these pages were in black and white, but the resemblance was uncanny. The entries were in different languages. The earliest listed entry was in the 1500’s. Some entries were anonymous, but some were not. This book was now more precious than before. There was entries in Gaelic, Greek, Spanish, Russian, Egyptian Hieroglyphics and a few were in English. One read ‘In the Edinburgh region of Edinburgh I stumbled upon a shop owner who soon turned into the Vixenious. They are considered the friendliest kind but only aggressive if provoked by an endangered loved one or they feel threatened’. James let out a big sigh of relief as he realised he was not seeing things. This world is real but only a select few know about it. James kept flicking through the pages.

He stumbled upon one ghastly being that he had met before. A creature called the ‘Hagbeist’. The picture resembled perfectly what he saw the woman outside Starbucks morphed into. The skin looked like it was decaying. Her skin turned brown and her hair turned white. When she morphed I could definitely smell something that was not normal. Her skin sagging and wrinkled.

“Have you seen one of these before” asked Susan in a slight scared tone in her voice

“Yes… Earlier today on Leith Street after we caught a suspect in your brothers murder. She looked exactly like that when she... morphed...” explained James

“And also… We don’t 'morph'. We call it a ‘Shift’ explained Susan

“The Hagbeist’s are basically the witches. Do not get on the wrong side of them. They are not a force to be reckoned with” warned Susan

“Can I have these?” asked James

“You can have them if you store them in a secure location. I promised your mother to keep them safe” explained Susan. This was an appeal to James of just how valuable these books are.

“My mother… What has my mother got to do with this” asked James worryingly

Susan soon realised she had put her foot in it. She flicked back to the page about the vixeniousen pointed to the last entry made. This anonymous entry was actually made by your mother about a year before she died. Your mother was a visualite too. Past down genetically but the change in your body does not usually happen until the person has become a full adult and their body has matured” stated Susan.

James’ eyes widened. He put his face in his hands as he tried to take in all the information.

“Please take a book and read more about it” stated Susan as she pushed a few books into his possession. She took a store bag for life from behind the counter and put them in a bag for James.

He turned to Susan said sincerely “Thank you. Honestly. It means a lot”

As he exited the store, he took out a cigarette and lit one up. He got into his car, he put the bag onto the passenger seat of his car. He put his hands on the wheel and wrapped them around. He took a deep breath and gained his composure. He put his keys in the ignition and turned them to start the engine. James began to drive off.

This, understandably, was a lot of information to take in at once so James headed to a quiet spot and had his lunch break. He would always spend a few minutes at this place whenever he needed to clear his thoughts. He drank his coffee and ate his sandwich that he had previously bought at the corner shop. He lit up another cigarette and stood up as he was finishing off his lunch.He began to walk down some steps and head back to the car so he could get back to his day job.

After he got back to his desk, he received an update from Det. Mason. “Coroner Report just came in. Time of Death was around 5am and 7am this morning. Murder weapon was a metallic cylindrical object. Shrapnel transfer from the wound came from a aluminium or carbon steel quality” He went on to mention “The only thing that was probably missed at the crime scene was that a chunk of skin was bitten from his leg. This very piece of skin was found lodged in his throat. James’ mouth widened in shock and he exhaled quickly.

“Just when I thought this killer could not get any more of a physco, he does this. Let’s catch this psychopath and lock his ass up forever” said James in a threatening tone to Stewart.

Let’s all we can do for tonight I think, let’s go home and get some sleep and come back at it with a fresh head tomorrow” stated James as he stood up and grabbed his jacket.

Stewart quickly agreed and he, also, grabbed his jacket and walked briskly towards the door. The two of them got into their cars and drove off home.

As James walked in his house door, he was presented with a homemade dinner from his girlfriend. James and his girlfriend, Becky, have been dating for around 5 years now but have not even thought about marriage. She loved her job and so did James. They met at a friends birthday party and they hit it off instantly. They moved in together around 3 years ago and haven’t looked back since. Becky works as a veterinarian and cares after the neighbourhoods’ pet. Her job is her dream to her.

She placed the dinner on the table and gave a kiss to James.

“This looks great” James said ecstatically

“Thanks, I made it all myself” replied Becky

They sat down at the table, placed the napkins on their laps and began to eat the meal.

As he put the first bite in his mouth, James began to chew slowly in surprise. He closed his eyes and had a look on his face like he had just arrived in heaven.

“This tastes absolutely amazing babe”

“How was your day honey” asked Becky

James swallowed the food in his mouth, took a deep breath and looked at her

“Weird…” replied James

He continued with… “A body was found on Portobello Promenade and the victim had a chunk of skin bitten out of his leg and stuffed and lodged in his throat. Another weird thing is that a playing card was found in jacket and it turns out, it is a count for a serial killer who goes by the name “Ace of Spades Killer”

“God. That does sound very weird. You must be exhausted….” replied a startled Becky

“Yeah… I am. How was your day” asked James as he looked at Becky

“Yeah my day was great. I stitched up this Alaskan Malamute called Stephanie after it picked a fight with a Bulldog… It looked very painful but he was very brave and when the dog woke up from the stitch up, she licked my hand and when she was fully recovered, she came back in and ran up to me and gave me a hug. It was very adorable.” explained Becky

As they finished their meal, they took their plates to the kitchen and headed up to bed as they had both had a long day.

As they went up to their room, they changed into their pyjamas and tucked themselves into bed. They kissed each other and got comfortable in bed and went to sleep.

As James was getting in bed, Stewart was only just arriving back at his house. Stewart lived in a semi-detached house in Hawick, on the Scottish border. He lives with his girlfriend, Katy. Katy is a gorgeous, shoulder length straight brunette hair and is always energetic. She is a 27 year old woman who works as a lawyer at one of Scotland’s leading law firms.

As Stewart Mason was approaching the driveway in his Black Chevrolet Camaro, he could see that Katy was home as her car was also in the driveway. When he saw her car, he knew that Katy would probably be in bed so he became extra cautious of sound. As he got in the house and closed the door, he placed his sports holdall bag by the door and made sure he didn’t awake Katy. He put his keys on the sideboard in the hallway and saw a yellow post-it-note on the top of the sideboard in Katy’s handwriting. It read;

“Already in bed

Hope work was okay

Had a long day

Love you


He placed the note carefully back on the sideboard and silently as possible, made his way up to the bedroom. He placed his badge with his identification card and gun on the bedside table on his side of his kingsize bed and slowly got into bed and snuggled up with Katy.


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