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Grey Mouse country

Grey Mouse country

By JOSEPH WARDPublished 7 days ago 10 min read

Once upon a time, there was a mouse named Dalong. He lived on a hill near the prairie.

One day, when he went for a walk in the grassland, he saw elephants besieging a leopard, which was eventually killed by the elephants. But the elephants were not at all interested in the meat and scattered. Tai Lung rushed over to taste the leopard's meat. Unexpectedly, Tai lung had not begun to eat, there appeared a group of wolves, Tai lung diao a red, soft thing to run. As soon as he got home, Tai Lung began to eat the food and said, "I didn't expect leopard meat to be so delicious. I will go to the grassland to see if there is such delicious leopard meat." He doesn't know. In fact, it's called leopard gall.

These days, the rat country and the Grey Mouse country to fight, the rat king posted a recruitment, Dalong also confidently signed up. The battlefield shouted into the sky, and the two armies fought each other. Tai Lung did not know where to find the courage to kill several enemy soldiers in succession, and even jumped directly at the enemy general with a foot, and then immediately fell on the Gray Mouse and grabbed his throat. The Gray Mouse was killed.

After the war, the Rat King rewarded Tai Lung by giving him two needles as weapons. He also named him a general and gave him the name Zi Long. Dalong asked, "My name is Dalong, isn't it good? Why change it to Zi long?" The Mouse King said, "Zhuge Liang once said, Zilong is really full of gall, and you are also full of gall. The name Zilong fits you very well."

The cat often harassed the mouse country, the mouse king let Zi long against the cat. See Zi long let out a loud, desperate to rush to the past. The cat thought the mouse had a secret weapon. Why else would it rush at all costs? The cat was scared to death for fear that the mouse had a "secret weapon". The king promoted Zi Long to the rank of senior official.

The rat country and the rat country have quarreled again these days, ready to fight again. Since Zi Long was already a general, winning the Grey Rat country was like pinching the whelk with three fingers -- a sure thing. It's easier to shake a cat than to shake a dragon, says the army of Grey Rats.

Zi Long won every battle and guarded the home of the mice, which was passed down from generation to generation.

Legend has it that there was a king in the East named Shanrual who was cruel and jealous and killed his queen because he suspected her of being unfaithful. From then on, he married a young girl every day, and after a night, he killed her in the morning. Many women have suffered as a result. The people were terrified and fled with their daughters. But the king still ordered his prime minister to send a girl to the palace every day. That day the prime minister searched all over the city, but did not find a woman, so he could only go home full of sorrow.

The chancellor had two daughters, the elder named Scheherazod and the younger named Dunazod. The eldest daughter, Scheherazade, was young and beautiful, learned and witty. When she learned the truth, determined to save the lives of all the sisters, she volunteered to marry the king. She took her sister with her to the palace. Every evening Scheherazade told his sister a story and made the king sit on the sidelines. Every morning, when Scheherazade was about to be put to death, the story reached its most touching and interesting point, and the king could not help but hear more, so he allowed her to live one more day. And so she went on for a thousand and one nights. After hearing many stories, the king finally came to his senses. Instead of killing Scheherazade, he made her his queen and lived with her lovingly.

Here is a story told by Scheherazade called "The Fisherman's Tale."

There was once an old fisherman who earned his living by fishing. He had a habit of catching only four nets a day, and was content to do no more. One day, he went to the seaside fishing, the first net caught a dead donkey, the second net caught a broken urn, the third net is some broken glass and shells. He looked up at the sky and said, "God, give me the fish!" Then the fisherman cast his fourth net. But when he drew in his net, he found a gallbladder - shaped copper jar, sealed with tin.

Looking at the jar, the fisherman smiled and said: "If you take this jar to the market, you can sell it for ten gold pieces." He held the bottle and shook it. It felt heavy. It seemed to be full. He said to himself, "What is in this bottle? I'm going to open it up and look at it before I sell it." Then he took out the knife which was by his side, pried the tin from the mouth of the bottle, and put it down to see what came out.

After a while, a plume of smoke came out of the bottle and floated into the air. The smoke gradually gathered into a cloud and finally became a devil. The devil had a head like a castle, arms like iron forks, a mouth like a cave, teeth like stones, and eyes like lanterns. The devil bared his teeth and threatened the fisherman: "You listen, I will kill you! Tell me, how would you like to die? '

The fisherman was frightened and said, "I let you out of the bottle and saved you. Why do you want to kill me?"

"I'll tell you my story. I am a devil, caught by the Great Saint of Suliman and put in this bottle, sealed it with tin, sealed it with a seal, and thrown into the sea. When I spent my first century in the sea, I thought that if anyone rescued me, I would repay him and give him a lifetime of happiness. A hundred years passed, but no one came to save me. When the second century came, I vowed that whoever saved me, I would exploit the hidden treasure for him. But still no one came to my rescue. Then the third century came, and I vowed to repay my benefactor better by granting him any three wishes he wished. But four hundred years passed, and no one came to my rescue. I was so angry that I decided to kill whoever freed me, but allowed him to choose how he would die. Now that you've saved me, say, how do you want to die?"

"Devil, how can you repay kindness for my kindness?" "Said the fisherman, afraid and angry.

'Say no more, you must die anyway!

The fisherman thought to himself, am I no match for a devil? So he said to the devil, "I don't understand something. Can't I die before I know the truth?"

"Go ahead, but keep it simple."

"The bottle is too small to hold one of your fingers. How can it hold your giant body?"

"Don't you believe I lived in this bottle?"

"I can't believe it until I see it."

At this time, the devil twisted his body into a mass of smoke, then shrank into a wisp, very magical into the bottle. The fisherman waited until all the smoke was in the bottle. He quickly picked up the tin seal and shut the jar shut. Then he cried out: "Devil! How would you like to die? I will throw you far into the sea and never let you out!"

This time it was the devil's turn to beg: "Good fisherman, forgive me, I was joking with you. If you let me out, I will repay you twice as much!"

"Vile devil, you are nothing but lies! I won't let you lie any more."

Then the fisherman picked up the jar and threw it into the sea far away.

The following is a "Tale of the Knave and the Cook".

Once upon a time there was a rascal who was so poor that he was cold and hungry. One day, he slept until midnight and got up, hungry. But not a penny. So he wandered aimlessly into the street, and stopped at a restaurant. Seeing the hot pot in the restaurant and the delicious smell of the meat, he walked into the restaurant with great swagger, hailed the cook and said, "Give me fifty cents for the meat and fifty cents for the food."

The cook weighed the meat, prepared the meal, and presented it to the scoundrel. He ate and drank until every drop was gone. He was full, but he felt embarrassed and wondered how he would pay the bill. He turned his eyes here and there, and at last he saw an overturned stove. Out of curiosity, he reached for the stove and saw a bloody horse's tail sticking out from underneath. He discovered the cook's secret of mixing horse meat with beef. He nodded confidently and walked calmly out of the hotel.

The cook, seeing that he had eaten without paying, ran away and shouted, "Stop, you bastard! You ate our food and left as if nothing had happened?"

"You're the bastard! That's nonsense!"

The cook seized the scoundrel by the collar and shouted, "Boys! Come and see, I met this poor fellow, ate, and left without paying."

The people gathered around the cook and the scoundrel. They complained about the scoundrel and said, "Pay him for what you have eaten."

"I paid a dollar before I came in."

"If you pay half a cent, my hotel will burn down!"

"You fool, actually I gave you a dollar." The scoundrels shouted abuse at the cook, and the cook quarreled with him, and in the end there was a fist fight between you and me. People were busy trying to break up the fight. Someone asked, "Why are you fighting? What's the reason?"

"Hum! "Said the scoundrel." There is a reason, of course, for the sake of a tail."

When the scoundrel lifted his tail, the cook understood at once why, and said, "Oh! You remind me, you did pay a dollar. I forgot. Come on, I'll give you the rest."


The stories of the Arabian Nights are diverse, varied and fascinating, mostly based on the folk myths and legends of ancient Persia, Egypt and Iraq. It began in the eighth century, after many people recorded, refined processing, before and after 700 or 800 years, to the 16th century was compiled into a book. It reflects the social life of the Arab region in the Middle Ages, shows the wisdom and imagination of the ancient Arab people, has a strong breath of life, is the crystallization of Islamic culture.

In ancient China, the area around Mecca, the holy land of Islam, was called "Heaven", so the Arabian Nights was translated as "Arabian Nights".

These are the short stories for you: Arabian Nights.

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