Father's Killer (Chapter 1)

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Chapter 1 - Death Anniversary

Father's Killer (Chapter 1)
Book written on Wattpad by Anna Luciano

I put my elbows on the bar top and place my head in my hands. I watch as the women strip on stage and money get's thrown at them. I used to do that for several years...

Don't get me wrong, the money was great! But every woman has a limit an I couldn't handle their filthy hands trying to touch my body—so I became a bartender.

But I am not just a normal bartender, I have a secret... When I was 14 I watched as men barge into my family home...

"Come mai ogni persona sa cosa succede quando si rompe Omertà, ma la gente lo fa ancora?" ("How come everyone knows what happens when you break Omertà, yet people still do it?") The young man yells holding a gun to my fathers head, snickering.

"Non uccidermi davanti a mia famiglia. Per favore. I did it for them." ("Don't kill me in front of my family. Please.") My father pleads, looking to my mom an I then back to the man holding the gun.

"Bene, alzarsi e camminare davanti alla porta." ("Fine, get up and walk to the front door.") The man says while pointing the gun at my father; then to the front door.

"Ti amo, my little dove." ("I love you.") My father states while walking to the front door. The man holding the gun glances back at me with the look of guilt in his dark blue eyes.

I never saw my father again. My mother said he was taken and murdered for breaking some code of silence.

At the time, I didn't really understand the reason for my father's murder... One day we were playing football than the next day he was gone. But, I will never forget the moment he told me his murder's name.

When we get done playing football we come inside to get ready for dinner.

"Little dove," I hear my dad's voice, as I sit on the sofa. I look up at him, waiting for him to continue.

"If anything happens to me, I want you to know that Valentino's son had to do it."

"Cristiano Morelli—" He pauses, shaking his head not sure what to say, "He is a kill- A monster." He grabs my hands, closing his eyes for a few seconds "But you cannot tell anyone. Do you understand, Sofia?"

I stay quiet, staring into my dad's big brown eyes.

"Sofia! Do you understand?" my father yells, making me jump.


After he was murdered, we moved to Ohio to be with my Aunt. My mother said we had to change our last names and move forward. Never to speak of what happened.

I am pulled out of my thoughts when someone snaps their fingers in front of my face.


"Gimmé a beer." Steve, our regular creep, gets close to my face his breath smelling like tobacco and alcohol.

"Are you going to ask nicely this time, Steve?"

"Come on, Darlin' Gimmé me the beer." He leans in, breathing on my face.

"Fine." I shook my head, turning around to the nozzles. When I bend over to get a glass, I feel a hand grope my ass. I take a deep breath and turn around handing him the glass. He hands me crumpled up money and before I can go to the register he grabs my wrist.

"Next time you decide to be rude to me. I'll teach you some respect, Darlin'." My arm quickly flies out of his reach making him laugh. He staggers away, going up to one of the strippers. I take a few deep breaths and put the money in the register. I lean back against the wall and remember my Aunt.

I was seventeen when my Aunt got killed in a hit and run. They never found the other driver. It was a closed casket funeral, and only seven people showed up. I thought there would be more, but my grandparents are dead and my Uncle Stefano died when I was 8. It is just my mom an I left.

I zone in watching Hayley get hit on by a customer. My scar itching on the top of my head.

It feels just like yesterday when I got it—

We left the funeral after it started pouring. We step inside the front door of my aunt's empty house and take off our coats. My mom drapes hers on the stand near the front door an I do the same. She walks to the kitchen, stopping in front of the back door.

I make my way into the kitchen, waiting for her to say something. But she's completely silent—

I take that as my cue... I turn around to walk up the stairs but she clears her throat. I turn back around to face her an I am greeted with a vase of dead roses.

I fall to the floor, feeling broken glass beneath me. An intense pain rushes through my head.

"What the hell?"

"Why can't you mourn for once, Sofia?" she yells, pulling at her hair.

"Because my father murdered!" I yell, trying to push myself off the ground. Glass cutting my hands, I feel liquid trickling down my face.

"Well, my brother, husband and sister were taken from me!" she screams at the top of her lungs,

"I never signed up for this—" she whispers.

"I need you to leave before they find you, Now!"

"What—never mind. Fine!" I throw my hands up in the air, completely drained. I make my way to the front door. Grabbing my coat and my bag on the way out.

"I never want to see you again." she says as she slams the door in my face. That was the last time I saw my mother...

I was kicked out of the only family I had, but I had Noah. I walked over to his house, all covered in blood.

Noah, my friend since Freshmen year took me straight to the Emergency Room where I had to get glass taken out of my head, arms, and hands. I left the hospital with stitches in my head and knowing I can never go home. A few weeks later, I turned 18, got a bus ticket for New York, and arrived in Brooklyn nights later.

"Sof!" I hear my name being called. But I dismiss it, still reflecting on how I got here.

"Sofia!" I hear my name again and finally stop zoning out. I turn to look at Hayley.


"You okay?" Hayley asks while pouring shots for a group of men.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I look at the clock behind the bar, 3:00 AM.

It's Friday, October 13th. Ten years since my Father was murdered...

"My shift is over. I will see you at home!" I walk to the locker room and grab my purse. I change into jeans and put the bottom half of my uniform into my purse. I pull Noah's old shirt over my head and put my jacket on. I hate walking through the floor in my uniform... I hate walking through the floor in my uniform... The strippers, I can understand their uniform. A bra and panties they wear for less than ten minutes. But the bartenders have to wear a red corset top, with black spandex shorts that ride up our asses and platform boots going over our knees.

I head to the club with my body completely covered and I wave bye to Hayley. I walk out of the double doors and onto the sidewalk running directly into someone's solid chest.

My purse falls to the ground and I feel my body falling backward. Luckily, I am rescued by a man's strong tattooed hands gripping my arms.

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Anna Luciano
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