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Faceoff - Neradi Modal

90s favourite movie staring Nicholas Cage faceoff.. sorry this is just inspirational story .. not exact story faceoff.. lot of interesting things.. read enjoy..

By Vinod Kumar.CPublished 4 months ago 8 min read

Starring ajay rao, prem, ananth nag and kishore
There was tense situation between law enforcers and criminals. Law enforcers were unable to punish criminals, either the criminals die before they are arrested or else they escape using bail from the case. This tense situation among law enforcer kishore(encounter specialist) starts the story with a encounter operation of prem( who is known as kamran, notaries criminal). Who is coming from tamkar road(tumkur national highway) to enter the city.

Here kishore and ajay(a traffic police named rajesh) team plan is to encounter kamran in the highway before he reaches city. But plan gets changed as kamrans bike nears to city; kishore asks rajesh to leave for now.
Here comes ananth nag(part of our national scientist team).
A nuclear deal happens between nations and some of the scientists team joins hand with terrorists and makes the dupe version of nuclear 2 test weapons using face identity technology. This will be not identified or destroyed other than the face identify person. This self controlled missile will explode with smoke killing human brain fungtion. In simple sense the aim was to bring bio war between nations. On other side corrupt politician of the country agree for the deal to earn big money and approves using second level scientist, breaking approval rules.
Ananth nag here is the third level scientist, these 2 missiles among 5 missiles for test was approved without his concern. He comes to know about this and also he gets to know that corrupt politicians without knowing effect of the missile. For their safety, they are encountering the face identity person kamran. Now, as ananth nag known to kishore. He tries to stop the encounter.
kamran reaches a Pub cum disco teak in interior of city, where kamran Friends use to gamble. kamran dint know this was trap by kishore and encounter team. kamran Friends and police get into gun firing and suddenly disco lights gets to malfunctions and darkness spreads all over. All in sudden a gun fire strikes kamran and he gets collapsed on the spot.
Kishore and Ananth nag shocked of the incident and plans to volunteer someone to break the missile test mission. But this can’t be happened without Kamran. So Ananth nag gives an idea of plastic surjurying Kamrans face to someone. Kishore searches for a face, who can be replaced the face of Kamran. Then Rajesh gets selected among 4 police men’s with the entire suitable category after medical examination.
As planed Rajesh gets replaced his face of kamran. Kamran was unconscious till, doctors thought he was dead. But in-between kamran gets missing. Kishore gets panicked and holds the plan, rajesh as kamran had been shown as arrested by police. Suddenly Kamran gets into picture by surgerying his face to Rajesh. He also gets promoted to higher division of police department; this gets shock to Kishore, Ananth nag and Rajesh who is in jail.
And other side of devolopement, a new bill was passed by government. To stop corruption in government named as ‘savidana suraksha act’. According to this, if any complaint comes against ruling government of corruption charges, the government will be dissolved and re-election will be conducted. With this changes there were changing of government every six months to one year. This was the development few years before. Now the same thing turned hell to people under criminal activities. The new government which formed to karvataka - Karnataka made a change in law and order. As they were feeling, if people are changing their view on government each month using savidana suraksha corruption chargers, why can’t we bring a stringent law control system to avoid this. Every government is not corrupt, until a corrupt group or society pushes them to change.
Government decides to bring law and open act, which will bring private agencies to be part of law and order activities. This also includes technology implements, privatized police force named like dhruv, chanakya, bhishma. These privatize agencies will work side by side with government police department and will make sure there is no injustice happens for people.
Kamran as Rajesh gets promoted to higher position using corrupt officials in police department and takes case of encountering Rajesh as Kamran. Kamran tries to encounter the jailed rajesh in remote place but Rajesh gets escaped as planned by kishore and his police team.
Than Rajesh starts the journey to reach the missile testing centre. To stop the test of those face identity lock missile, this was about to happen in 14 days. Here kishore was helpless and not able to control police as Rajesh was in face of Kamran. Kamran made changes in department and jailed culprits were given support from Kamran. Law and order was not maintained properly. Kamran also tried to divert Rajesh concentration by troubling his wife (actor – Kaniha). But she was intelligent, she escapes to her village with help of kishore team using Chinese nokia phone, which was not able to identify by gps device. Rajesh enters the place of friends of kamran, there were already informed about the replacement of Kamran face to Rajesh, they misguide and trouble Rajesh. Here he also meets Kamrans girl friend (Actor –ileana). Who misguides rajesh of telling secrets of kamran and kidnaps him. Kishore was eyeing these activities of Rajesh, but he couldn’t able to help. Until law and order act came to existence to help honest police men.

As per law and open act, there was private agency appointed for building database app for police and according to this where ever police are finding notaries criminals who involved in certain amount of cases and still doing criminal activities should be killed in encounter. Using the database, where kamran plans private police dhruv team to encounter rajesh. But kishores team bhishma enters and makes Rajesh escape from there and kills kamran friends in encounter.
As there were 6 days left kishore makes rajesh to reside in a safe village. The villagers were against corruption and moral policing of people. If anyone tries to argue in name of influencing people, village people will punish him without any regret. So here it was safe for rajesh to leave for 4 days, till kishore makes some arrangement for rajesh reaching the missile testing centre.

Now kamran was not able to near rajesh in the village and moreover there is encounter going on every where finding old criminals. Kamran can’t hire anyone to kill rajesh nor he was influence from the village using political power. In between as it was said ‘you dare I kill’ for the mission of encountering old criminals also there was one more mission created for new born criminals or someone behaving odd in society by creating small quarrel, troubling people. Even these people will be encountered using ‘Action before Crime’ ABC act. This indirectly says to punish any crime maker before he commits crime, using circumstance and facts in society. Kamran also lost power here of influencing new criminals or building new criminals, who can kill rajesh in the village.
Here on other side scientist ananth nag meets higher officials of government and informs about the whole mischief happened in the missile deal. In between kamran tries to kidnap scientist ananth nag by arresting him. Here kishore enters and stops this, saying the new law and order open act implementation of camera recording mandatory by police in time of any enquiry or arrest.
3 days was left, one more obstacle came. Here the old security system at missile test centre were changed and scientist ananth nag or kishore cant influence the new security system as there were working under command of corrupt politicians. Who made the changes as ananth nag wanted to punish them. Ananth nag asks for plan change and asks kishore to meet actor vijay sedhubathi who is creating new automated weapon that is installed in police vehicles. Who is also son of ritired military engineer.
Vijay sedhubathi, introduces kishore with his vehicles which was used in recent sand mining mission by police department. Here some of the old vehicles used by police department were converted into armor which can move on any type of landscape and use the automated weapons in emergency situation. Kishore gets two vehicle from sedhubathi, one without jammer signal identifier old Mahindra jeep and another was hyndai car. These vehicles were used to steal missiles from missile testing centre.

Here karvataka was changed into technology based crime reducing place. Where every road had a jammer machine to stop speeding vehicles. Kishore and team were successful of robbing the 5 missiles from missile testing centre. Rajesh was caring two in his hyndai car and other team in Mahindra jeep with three missiles to reach the place within a day as arrangement made by scientist ananth nag. Here there was one day left for the mission. The both team have to speed up to reach the place for dismantling both the missile using face of kamran now in rajeshs body.
Kishores Mahindra jeep team nearly reaches the city, where ananth nag set a plant for dismantling missile. But here as the vehicle was speeding and not having jammer signal identifier installed. This vehicle was caught by sponge jammer and according to law and order open act. All the vehicles which is not having jammer signal attached should be seized and crushed for not using them again. Same was done to Mahindra jeep. But not missile, the items in the vehicles is removed before it gets into crushing machine and the seized missile was not the faulty missile. Kamran gets to know this and sends team to chase rajesh and stop him to meet ananth nag to dismantle the two missiles.
But rajesh here drives fast and enters a street which was fitted with jammer and the jammer stops both kamrans mens and rajeshs hyndai car. Here kishore plans to send one more vehicle and this time it was ambulance. As it was 40 mins left, karvataka was having ambulance lane for emergency purpose in certain roads. Ambulance was best vehicle to reach the place of ananth nag. As planned the 2 missiles reach the place and it gets dismantled using kamrans face.
On other side the corrupt politician, scientist and other officials gets punished for their crime. Kamran here wanted to destroy rajeshs face and replace with some other. But kishore and team replaces kamran face with his old face, when he becomes unconscious in the lab for replacing his face and he was put in jail. Rajesh comes with his original face and asks kamran, what is your last wish – today is your last day to leave. According to ‘you dare I kill’ mission and ‘action before crime’ you people should be punished. This is encounter to stop crime and you like criminals should not be alive and then Rajesh shoots kamran in encounter.


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