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Elizabeth Bathory: The Top Serial Killer

She bathed in blood to perpetuate her beauty

By Mehedi Hasan ShawonPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Elizabeth Bathory: The Top Serial Killer
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Elizabeth Bathory was considered one of the most beautiful women in Europe during her time. But her behavior and character were very interesting Today we are going to tell you the history of the infamous murder of Elizabeth Bathory. In ancient times European monarchs gave the title of 'Countess' to their wealthy subjects and landlords.

Elizabeth Bathory was an educated Hungarian countess. But she eventually became one of the most feared serial killers in the history of the world. She killed more than 600 virgin women. She used to bathe with the blood of those virgin girls. She believed that bathing in the blood of virgins would keep the body like a young girl forever. The Early Life of Elizabeth Bathory Elizabeth Bathory was born on August 7, 1560, in Nirbator, in the northeastern region of Hungary, to a wealthy family. Her father's name was George and her mother's name was Anna Bathory, they were influential people in Transylvania at the time.

Not much is known about her early life. However, Elizabeth Bathory and her mother's family were Protestant Christians. Hungarian aristocracy followed this initiation as a ritual and reformation. Elizabeth's father was an epilepsy patient. So he inherited the disease from his father. As a child, this caused her to have several severe seizures. She was also very angry and bad-tempered.

Elizabeth Bathory was used to seeing all the terrible tortures from her childhood. One of the gruesome scenes involved cutting open the belly of a live horse, inserting a criminal inside and sewing it up. Wait until the horse and the criminal are dead. She had seen many other such terrible scenes. Being used to seeing such terrible scenes only increased the violence inside her. Even at the age of 13 she gave birth to a bastard child. She was married to an army commander in 1575 at the age of 15.

She is also rumored to have been extremely violent This commander used to torture common people captured in the war. The newlyweds settled in 'Castle Kachtis' but left the place in 1585. Bathory has already given birth to 4 children. Since then the brutal murder of Elizabeth Bathory began. After several years of killings, rumors started spreading in her name. Her actions were later proven to be true and people dubbed him 'bloodthirsty'.

How did she become bloodthirsty?

Elizabeth Bathory was a homosexual. Her lover's name was 'Anna Durvolya' and a young man named Janos Ujvari. She used to torture and kill court staff and young women. A strange thought filled Elizabeth Bathory's head. She began to strongly believe that bathing in and drinking the blood of young and virgin girls would give her eternal youth. There is also a story that in 1585 a young maid accidentally brushed Bathory's hair too hard. She was very angry and slapped the maid on the cheek. She noticed that the maid's face turned red.

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She also noticed that the girl looked more youthful. Because he believed that bathing in the blood and drinking the blood of virgins would give him eternal youth. So she ordered some of his trusted servants to cut the girl and bring her blood. Then she bathed in the girl's blood. After that, her brutal killing continued for many years. In 1609, her longtime lover 'Anna Durbholya' died. After killing poor girls for a long time, she now started targeting girls from middle class and rich families.

As a result, all of Elizabeth Bathory's sins were exposed Because no one looked out for the poor or helped them. But the middle class and wealthy families did not sit quietly. They continue to search and investigate these matters. The last murder that comes to mind for him is the killing of the head girl of a music group.


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