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Elisa Lam Found Naked And Dead Inside Hotel Water Tank On Roof, Cause of Death: Drowning??

Student Elisa Lam Mysteriously Found Dead Inside Of A L.A. Hotel's Water Tank.

By Jasper WolfPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Elisa Lam is the daughter of Chinese Immigrants. Originally from Hong Kong, her family moved to British Columbia to open a store and live a better life.

Lam was a student at the University of British Columbia. She decided to take a trip to Los Angeles, California. She visited the San Diego Zoo, where she took many pictures and posted them on Social Media.

She chose the Hotel Cecil of Los Angeles for her stay. She was given a shared room. Her roommates described her as strange and had strange behavior. She was later moved to her own room.

The hotel goes back to the time of the depression, where it suffered financially. Many of Los Angeles's notorious murders and suicides happened behind its doors and on its grounds.

Lam suffered from Bi-Polar disorder. Reportedly her doctor had her taking Wellbutrin, Lamictal, Seroquel, and Effexor. Her family stated that she kept her disorder under wraps and had no history of suicide attempts or ideas.

Her family said Lam would call daily while in Los Angeles, and when they didn't hear from her on her last day, that's when they decided to call the police.

The Lam family flew to California to help the authorities in the search for their daughter. They could never imagine what they were about to find.

Police searched the hotel within the legal limits. They searched her room and even up to the roof. The canines didn't find her scent. Although the police couldn't locate her, they did locate a piece of evidence that would soon go viral even today.

This piece of video shows Elisa Lam entering the elevator. She looks frightened with her back against the wall. Pressing multiple buttons, the elevator doors stay open.

The scared Lam keeps peeking into the hallway as if she is being followed. She would jump back in and put her back against the wall. A short time later, she walks into the hallway. You then see Lam making strange gestures as if she is communicating with someone. She then walks away. The doors then shut.

During the search for the missing student, the hotel started getting phone calls about low water pressure. Some of the residents of the hotel complain of black water coming from their faucets. Others complain of it tasting strange.

These claims lead authorities to the roof of the hotel where the four water canisters are held. The water tanks stood 8 ft high and 4 four wide. They had the hotel maitenance man open the hatch. There the authorities discovered the naked body of Elisa Lam.

Both Authorities and Maintenance wonder how the young student ended up inside of the canister. If someone meant to get inside of them, it would be a complicated task.

Reports state that clothes similar to what she was wearing in the elevator video were found near her in the water. Also, her room key and watch were found on her.

Her body was moderately decomposed and bloated. Also, greenish in color. No evidence of physical trauma or suicide. Toxicology showed incomplete, but traces of her medication were shown, and a minimal amount of alcohol in her blood.

The autopsy stated that her cause of death was drowning due to mysterious circumstances. Questions remain unanswered still today. The case remains unsolved. How did the student get into the water tank? Why was she naked? Why have the authorities left the case cold? Should the police reopen her case?

What we do know is that Elisa Lam became a victim of the hotel. Adding to the haunting checkered past of the infamous hotel. Foul play was initially investigated, but the coroner ruled her death was "accidental."

Will we ever know what happened to Elisa Lam?


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