Elisa Lam and Kenneka Jenkins

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Two Sad Cases

Elisa Lam and Kenneka Jenkins

I wanted to tell these stories together because they are so similar. There is so much information out there but I will try to tell as much as possible here and tell what I think about these cases. I just want to present the information to you.

Kenneka Jenkins was 19 when she was found dead in a freezer at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. One of the last places she was seen alive was at a party, which was the reason she was at the hotel. She was later seen on the security cameras stumbling out of the elevator and down the hall. She was either drunk or on something. Then she was reported missing and the next day she was found dead. One theory is that the hotel she was at was known for organ trafficking. Another theory was that she wasn't killed for her organs but that she had a heart attack while being raped and then when the staff found out, they put her in the freezer to harvest her organs later. While I was doing my research, I did see where someone did say she was raped on Facebook live. There is even a theory that her friends set her up.

Now the way the security footage is I think that someone doesn't want her murderer to be exposed. Cover-ups are big in business when things go wrong. But the way she was found leads us to believe that she was murdered and didn't just die in the freezer. Her cause of death was ruled as hypothermia.

The other young lady, Elisa Lam, was also found murdered and in an odd place in a hotel. The main differences are the hotel and where they were found at the hotel. She was found in water tank atop the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. Similar to Kenneka she was seen acting odd on security footage. Elisa was acting like she was being followed and hiding from someone. She was also seen talking and gesturing to someone in the hall. A few theories had surfaced about her behavior ranging from bipolar disorder to paranormal to the video being edited. The Cecil Hotel is known for other deaths and murders sadly Elisa is now on that list. She was supposed to check out the day her parents called the police because they had not heard from her. Weeks later the hotel had gotten complaints about the water pressure and the water being black. So hotel staff went to check on the water tower and found Elisa naked in the tower with her clothes and belongs floating around her. Her death was later ruled accidental.

With this case, it is weird she was acting like she was being followed then was found dead. I think there is a severe cover-up up in this case as well. I think someone at the hotel knew something or did something and that's why they really aren't saying anything.

In both cases, there is cover-up and video that has been altered. They have been found in weird places with such normal cause of death. They were also both found naked or had their cloths tampered with. Both hotels were known for murders or something else sinister. Both girls had arrived at the hotel alone, one was even staying alone. There is something weird and bigger going on at both hotels.

I hope you guys enjoy my true crime case post. I will try to do more as they come to me. My email is in my bio and on my page if you have questions or requests.

Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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