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Ed Ginn

by chandan chakraverty 2 months ago in fiction
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Ed Ginn Meet The Worlds Worst Serial Killer

You must have seen the classic horror movie like texas chain saw, psycho vanity, if yes then today I will tell you such a story. After listening to this, your creeps will stand. He had his own style of collecting a trophy for himself a murder a trophy.

Ed Ginn was born on 27 August 1906 in the world's most advanced and powerful country U.S. Ed Ginn's father was an alchoholic and Ed's mother loved him but he also had to listen to the street.

Ed grew up watching his parents' quarrels, which had a profound effect on his mind. The most attached to a child is with its mother. And somewhere in the midst of so many quarrels, Ed's mother loved him the most. When his mother passed away in 1945, he was ed and broken due to which he became mentally disturbed but still he never left home after his mother's departure.

He had kept his mother's room clean and decorated in the same way as his mother still lives there. He converted the rest of the rooms into small cellars. In the meantime, he started reading books on anatomy in medicine. Ed's odd behavior was very awkward for everyone. Then one thing came to the fore that the person whom ed had started going to regularly, they used to disappear gradually.

One such case came to the fore of Bernice warden. Actually on 16 nov 1957 a missing complaint of warden and his wife was registered. Warden was the owner of a hardware shop, the day Warden disappeared, the needle of his son's suspicion stopped going straight to Ed. Actually the warden's son Frank was a deputy sheriff. And after the disappearance of his father, he carried forward the investigation.

So his suspicion got deeper and deeper, in this investigation it was revealed that the people in whose touch the ed lived on a regular basis, the same people used to disappear gradually. The search warrant of Ed's house was taken out and raided. That night was a dreadful night for the entire police department.

Where he had gone only with the hope of proof, no one knew that he would get to see something like this. In fact, as soon as the police broke the door, they found a dead body hanging from the ceiling in the entrance of the house. In which his head was lying in a jar separate from his torso. That head was of warden and at the same time the head of his wife Marry Hogan had turned into a bowl of soup.

The skin was missing from the corpses of the victim, when the wardrob was opened, everyone was blown away. This rogue had made many dresses like suit coat overcoat from the victim's skin. When the house was searched after arranging good lighting, the sight that was there left everyone stunned.

He had decorated the furniture with the skin of another victim. And used to do experiments on the victim by removing the internal organ. Some people believed that ed used to enjoy removing the skin of living people, their screams brought comfort to ed.

As soon as all the evidence was in hand, the ed was presented in the court, where it was sent to the mental asylum, calling it a mental patient. Ed died on 26 July 1984 due to cancer. And thus came the end of the worst serial killer in history which killed a total of 11 victims in a horrific manner. If you like this story of haunted files then pls don't forget to like share and subscribe.


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chandan chakraverty

My name is Chandan Chakraverty. Founder of 1st Paranormal News Website I have been very fond of reading and writing about SERIAL KILLERS, HORROR PLACES, MYTHOLOGY and that's the reason I created World's 1st Paranormal News Website

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