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Drakeo the Ruler Stabbed until He was in the Arms of Abraham

The L.A. rapper received a fatal wound in the neck at a concert.

By Skyler SaundersPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Photograph by: simaom

For all of those about to holler to stop the violence and give peace a chance are not aware of human behavior. Rapper Drakeo the Ruler was ushered the way to dusty death via stab wounds at the Once Upon in L.A. concert.

He got stabbed because of the nature that was given to man. In the absence of reason and rationality, the start of brutal force will always occur.

When the knifeman ran down on Drakeo, it was just another wolf in the streets going after a plate. Streets gotta eat. Who was Drakeo not to receive the ugliness of the streets the last time he would perform?

This death will just be another in a long line of hip hop murders. While the incident is still under investigation, it is possible that whoever stabbed Drakeo is content with him or herself. Because it is possible that the assailant was a woman. Or perhaps a gay lover?

In the idea of speculation, who is to say that some transgender didn’t get back at Drakeo for not declaring their affair. Stabbing someone in the neck is an up close and personal way of killing someone usually reserved for estranged lovers and extremely bitter rivals.

The police will continue to do their jobs of detecting clues and interviewing witnesses. The shaky, out of focus video that has been circulating the Internet offers little to no leads and just shows people scattering like roaches when the lights get turned on in the kitchen.

Drakeo was a prolific artist who had amassed a following and had achieved the chance to rap in a concert that also featured megastars Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, and Ice Cube. He even recorded a work from prison awaiting trial related to a death. He was ultimately found not guilty of the charges.

For him to be so productive demonstrates the reality of how creative people can be destroyed by the blade of a murderer’s knife. Shakespeare could have been motivated to offer five acts to cover Drakeo’s untimely death. His ability on the mic garnered him attention and riches but did not prevent him from being laid down soul-brother style.

It cuts to the spirit to learn that a 28-year-old was just about to make the leap from relative obscurity to big time fame. The Los Angeles native even cut a record with rapper/actor superstar Drake. Maybe it was the closeness of the two rappers’ names that linked them up. Regardless, the Toronto rapper can do nothing for his collaborator but send condolences.

Reports say that Drakeo engaged in trying to break up a fight and then everything went sideways. According to the video, this is literally the case. Is this just another case of a good guy trying to do too much when he should have been minding his own business? If he had just discreetly moved in the direction of security personnel and/or police officers, would he still be alive today? This may be conjecture but to speculate on the nature of something so heinous is what results.

The sizable amount of people spectating know something. Dozens of people appear in the raw footage. While it may not seem cool, someone should start snitching to the law enforcement authorities. This will not bring closure but an element of integrity to the whole occurrence.

In order for some order and decency to be applied to this insane situation, it is important to know that an informant could bring a homicidal maniac to justice.

To snitch would permit the ability for Drakeo’s life to be remembered fully and for his death to not be in vain.

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